September 20th - Waiting Game

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

to grandmother's house we go...

only a few more days left of being a mother to one. i don't think i could possibly love saige any more, but i can't imagine loving baby k any less.

i remember my own mom saying she loved jill so much that she worried she'd have nothing left to give when i came along. fortunately for me that wasn't the case and her heart just magically doubled in size; then tripled when becs arrived.

saige is tres exctied for her teeny tiny brother to show up on our doorstep. we've been doing a lot of 'reflecting' on the past 3 years and have been hearing a lot of "when I was a baby..."

trev's personal fave came last night when saige points to my chest and asks,

saige: "baby will drink your boobies?"

me: {trying not to die from embarassment & awkwardness} "yes baby will get his milk from mommy."

saige: "when I was a baby I drink your boobies."

me: "yes, when you were a baby."

{insert change of topic}

* why i'm so uncomfortable with these kind of talks is beyond me.

i seriously cannot wait to see my 2 kidlets together and post photos of the ahh-dorableness. i'm pretty sure the blog is going to have much less commentary and way more photos once little man comes along. who really wants to hear me talk anyways...

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