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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I probably couldn't love my girl anymore than I already do. She's so unbelievably sweet in her interactions with Gabe that I forget how sour she can be {especially on non-napping days}.

I guess it's time I introduce you to the 5th member of our family... JAMIE. I would show you a picture of him except he doesn't actually exist; he's our daughter's imaginary friend.

Saige first started talking about JAMIE a couple months ago... she has no one by that name in her social circle - and neither do we - so we did A LOT of prying.

Somedays JAMIE is a grown up and other days he's a toddler sleeping in a "Toy Story 1" bed that Saige helps potty train. According to Saige, JAMIE is responsible for 90% of her bruises; he's ALWAYS hurting her and he's usually "at work" when Trev or I want to have a word with him. She even pointed out his office the other day which is just some random downtown building.

Oh and this past weekend JAMIE was in the hospital after "falling down a flight of stairs" and we needed to "bring him medicine".

Saige is so consistent when she describes her "very best friend" JAMIE that I'm slightly creeped out by it... I truly hope JAMIE is just a figment of her imagination and not some spooky ghost.

I'm sure you'll be hearing lots more about JAMIE since he doesn't appear to be going anywhere. Please tell me phantom friends are totally normal at this age.


hart365 said...

Oh my gawd...purely awesome

andrea said...

jamie was MY invisible friend as a toddler too!!!

farras shop said...
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