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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our crazy week was just a warm up to our even crazier Hallow'eekend and to make room on the ol' memory cards, you get a Saturday afternoon 'photo dump'. I'll let the pictures do the talking...
* toppling towers *
I couldn't be more happy with our semi-planned kid spacing; 2 years & 9 months turned out to be the perfect age gap for our eldest. We've yet to experience any jealousy and have benefited from her willingness to help and ability to play independently... it's not all roses but we prepared for much worse.

Heather {right} is off on her 2 month Honduras honeymoon, but before she jet-setted, Lori {left} organized a little good-bye luncheon for our 3.5-some which morphed into a Starbucks snuggle fest.

Saige shares my love of all things Autumn and according to Trev has perfected my Sara scowl... I couldn't be more proud.

Our family hearts Polson Park and the ducks heart our stale bread.

* so glad I didn't miss 'goggle day' at swim lessons last Saturday *

Tagging along on daycare outings satisfies the wanna-be kindergarten teacher in me. This week we went to Davidson's Orchard, Ya Ya's Play Centre and Red Robin for a special lunch. I don't know how Dean does it, but I'm in total awe.

* weeeee! *

 Photos of Saige's pumpkins all carved up are on my other memory card {yes I broke down and bought a second Lumix for the diaper bag - point & shoots are waaay more convenient}

* a snapshot of our bedtime routine *

Angel baby is baaaack! Looks like Gabe's fussy baby act last weekend was just a minor blip in his perfect baby track record.

Caleb and fam came for dinner and yes Saige is wearing a random Lightning McQueen pull-up over her jeans... we don't even try to figure her out.

I couldn't hate the Movember mustache more and the fact that he cheated by growing it before November 1st makes me unable to look at him. Gross facial hair aside, I love my boys.
happy trick-or-treating!!


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