a birth story.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2.5 hours people!! From start to finish - the start of my first contraction to holding Gabriel in my arms - two and a half hours.


I assumed I'd have another fast labour, but I certainly wasn't expecting things to progress that quickly. When Saige was born Dr. Waida advised that I camp out in the hospital parking lot a week before my next due date {talking about a second pregnancy minutes after giving birth is a bit presumptuous don't ya think?} ANYWAYS back to Gabe's birth story...

* the details are mainly for my benefit as I don't want to forget a single thing. My apologies in advance for the T.M.I. content {reader discretion is advised} *

Thursday, September 22nd

{11:00 am} - as you may recall, Trev & I got to see Gabe via ultrasound for a third and final time which confirmed he was indeed measuring teeny. My amniotic fluid and placenta looked "decent" so we left thinking that an induction wouldn't be necessary after all.

{11:45 am} - lunch at Little Italy Deli... so yummy.

{12:30 pm} - came home to a clean house courtesy of our new ahh-mazing housekeeper Linda who unbeknownst to me had accidently knocked the phone jack out of its socket during her frantic wall washing.

{3:00 pm} - still no word from our midwife; tried calling out only to discover the phone had been disconnected all day. Sorted out that conundrum and left a message for Sylvia.

{3:15 pm} - naptime.

{4:00 pm} - call from Sylvia who took the liberty of arranging us a non-stress for the following morning. Because Gabe was flagged a 'small baby' she {a} kiboshed the home birth and {b} predicted the OB-GYN would recommend an induction. Her exact words were, "bring your hospital bag tomorrow".

{8:00 pm} - did some last minute organizing, showered, re-packed our hospital bag, barely slept a wink...
Friday, September 23rd

{39 weeks + 5 days}

{9:30 am} - dropped Saige off at daycare along with her overnight bag for Gramma & Papa's.

{10:00 am} - spoke with the OB-GYN prior to our scheduled non-stress test. Looks like a morning induction is on the agenda. Stayed on the monitor for about an hour before heading home to "ripen" in comfort.

{11:30 am} - went to Superstore to pick up some new pajamas and rechargeable batteries. Struck out on finding jammies but I at least got to tour around JOE's baby boy section {much to Trev's dismay}.

{noon} - enjoyed a hearty bowl of Baba's borscht, hung out, watched tv, surfed the net, napped, bounced hard on the exercise ball... nothing.

{3:30 pm} - walked to the mall where Trev and I looked at diamond earrings and Willow Tree ornaments {random}. Bought ingredients to make a carrot cake with cream cheese icing and then walked home... nothing.

{5:30 pm} - baked my favourite dessert, tidied the kitchen, updated the blog... nothing.

{7:00 pm} - Sylvia made a house call to see how things were progressing aaaand they weren't {insert sad face}. I was only 1 cm dilated so we figured I'd have to go in the following morning for an oxytocin drip. We reviewed the 5-1-1 rule: contractions every 5 minutes, 1 minute in length and lasting for full hour.

(8:30 pm} - good night. I went upstairs to listen to some deep breathing/relaxation CD I borrowed from Sylvia's lending library... it was a total snooze fest and had me sleeping in no time.

Saturday, September 24th

{midnight} - eyes wide open for NO apparent reason - no cramping, no contractions, no nothing. I made my way downstairs, watched a taped episode of "America's Next Top Model" and then proceeded to play around on Etsy making random treasuries and adding items to my 'favorites' list.

{2:30 am} - OUCH! hold up, was that just a contraction? holy crap!

{2:35 am} - OUCH! one whole minute of cramps... OMG, OMG, OMG is this is really happening?! 

{2:40 am} - OUCH! I think I'm in labour. I didn't realize the 5-1-1 pattern would happen right away.

{3:45 am} - sweet mother of OUCH! "ummm sweetie I think we should page Sylvia and make our way to the hospital". 

{4:15 am} - we show up at the admitting desk and I can barely talk let alone walk through the contractions - they were getting a bit ridiculous. The clerk kept asking if I wanted a wheelchair but I was like "oh that's okay, it's only been 2 hours being and I think being on my feet will help bring the baby down".

{4:20 am} - Trev & I make the long walk to 3-North with me keeling over in agony every 10 steps. We take the rickety old elevator up to the maternity ward and meet up with Sylvia who's at the end of another loooong hall.

{4:25 am} - I'm 6 centimeters, exhaling like a hot air balloon and worried that I'm going to poop on the table.

{4:30 am} - I get escorted to the 2 ft x 2 ft bathroom feeling VERY nauseous and as if my insides are being twisted into one giant intestinal knot.

{4:35 am} - my stomach jerks involuntarily and my body starts convulsing without my permission. I call out from behind the closed door, "I feel like I need to push". Trevor comes to my rescue as I hear the nurse call out to my midwife - who just left to do some 'charting' - "Sylvia come back here unless you want me to deliver this baby on my own". I need to stop halfway through my shuffle back to bed courtesy of another overwhelming contraction.

{4:40 am} - I'm 10 centimeters, allowed to push and in my head I'm chanting 'please don't tear, please don't tear, please don't tear'. I push once on my back before asking to go on all fours; Sylvia recommended that position as being perineum-friendly. I flip over onto my hands & knees in between contractions.

{4:45 am} - I push again but this time in my new I-so-don't-want-to-rip 'tabletop pose'. I know something's wrong because when I last opened my eyes there were only 4 people in the room {including Trev & I} and now there are 8!

{4:48 am} - One of these 4 new people is right by my head and warning - in a slightly panicked whisper - "there's not enough time, there's not enough time". I then hear Sylvia say, "Sara we need to get you lying back down, baby doesn't like this position"... apparently I was taking too long and got one of these, "you need to go NOW".

{4:50 am} - I'm now on my side with Trev holding my right leg high in the air {glamorous}. I'm told to concentrate on Sylvia's voice and she asks if I want to touch Gabe's head - "umm no thanks" - I think she was trying to ease some of my anxiety but I just wanted him out and for the burning sensation to cease & desist.

 {4:52 am} - I push for a second time on my back and overhear, "sorry dad" which I assume means Trev's not allowed to cut the cord. I'm asked to push one final time...

{4:55 am} - "he's here and he's a red head!" - they don't put him in my arms right away like they did with Saige, instead they whisk him over to the 'warming station' where he finally makes his first sound... a very loud and hearty cry which seems odd coming from such a tiny being. Trev & I breathe a big sigh of relief and reach out for each other's hands... "he's here and he's beautiful".
our beautifully loud baby boy

** It turns out that the umbilical cord was a tad short and wrapped around Gabe's teeny neck; it tightened as he descended down the birth canal causing his heart rate to drop. Another thing that dropped was my blood pressure following his delivery... it got pretty low and I got pretty disoriented and cranky :S

It was nice to spend the rest of Gabe's birth day snuggling in our semi-private room - just the 3 of us {we missed the new hospital and its luxury LDRP suites by just 24 hours}. We decided to have no visitors for the first 12 hours so we met up with Saige and both sets of grandparents later that day when we were discharged and settled.

It's crazy what the human body can do - or should I say what a woman's body can do? amazing really. Almost as amazing as my beautiful little family...



Sherri said...

Congratulations! So beautiful! Very nice blog! I'm so happy to find another Canadian blogger!

sherri from SHERRI AMOUR

christine, just bella said...

2.5 hours!?? I'm speechless. Congrats on such a cute little guy!!

andrea said...

ahhh, congratulations! i totally cried reading this. (and 2.5 hours is insane! holy moly!)

ana {bluebirdkisses} said...

wow mama you cleared 4 cm in 20min! that's amazing! you are my hero. My mom had uber short labours with both my brother and I so I naturally assumed I would too....but then I didn't...:(

Hannah said...

wow im due in about 16 days and I can not wait to tell my story and hold my new baby boy in my arms. (= thanks for sharing I love reading your blog.

Tayllar said...

I was doing a little " stalking " through your old posts and came across this! I loved reading it and you even managed to make me laugh multiple times! I never thought a birth story could be funny! Such an adorable family (:

farras shop said...
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