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Thursday, October 27, 2011

this blog is so all over the map that i'm having trouble keeping up. my solution? commit to NOTHING. yup I'm leaving the 'photo a day' challenge to the professional, i'm only doing giveaways & etsy features when i feel like it and if I want to take a 2+ week blogging hiatus, i will. 

going to bed feeling guilty over a silly blog is just that... silly. some days it felt like i was neglecting my adorable children {see below} in order to pay attention to my blog which is totally back-assward.
* what a difference a year makes *
yesterday when i started writing this 'blogging sometimes sucks' post i was seriously contemplating pulling the plug on {Saige Wisdom} and then i got this email...
someone nominated {Saige Wisdom} to the Top 25 Canadian Mom Blog list on Circle of Moms! i have to give a big thank you to whoever paid me such a huge compliment, it was just the ego boost i needed to carry on.

you can vote for me everyday until November 17th by clicking on this button found on my sidebar... don't worry if you forget {I'll remind you}

and don't get me wrong, i do love my blog {and now i know at least one of you enjoys reading it}. i just think i need my little place in cyber space to be fun again instead of an obligation.
* born to be cool *
cause we're all about fun over here at casa knol... massive photo dump coming soon sooner or later ;)


hardydanielle said...

So cute!! Love the photos :)

christine, just bella said...

yay, congrats on the nomination! That's my philosophy on blogging - do when you want, what you want and if it makes you happy. Otherwise, what's the point? It should be fun, right!?

Sarah said...

I find I go through spurt where I love my blog and can't write enough and times when I dread even opening my laptop because my blog was my homepage. I've spent the last half-hour reading thru your posts and love your blog!

irawan loris said...
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farras shop said...
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