ONE MONTH update

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So Baby G - as in Gabriel and not the watch brand - is officially ONE MONTH old... crazy right? Before I get to his ONE MONTH update I need to apologize for all the emails I've been sending out that are super delayed and completely void of any punctuation, capitalization and substance. Obviously typing with one hand is going to take some practice.

* cars instead of cupcakes *

BIG BOY: last weigh in... 7 lbs 13 oz. His cheeks are definitely filling out which makes him look less like a little old man and more like a squishy baby.

SNACK TIME: now that we've got our latching issues under control, we're completely off the bottle and eating every 2-3 hours. My body must think I'm nursing twins or something because I have so much milk that Gabe literally drowns in it {and then spits it back up again... lovely}.

SLEEPY TIME: he's definitely a carseat napper; easily soothed by vehicles, strollers and noisy crowds. At home he's a bit more alert - and cranky - unless he's being snuggled and/or in his baby bjorn/ergo carrier. Fortunately he's a better, more consistent sleeper at bedtime. We typically call it a night at 9:30 pm and will get 3-4 hour stretches in between his feeds. The combination of bedsharing + side lying nursing has me feeling rested when Saige wakes he & I up at 7:15 am {ie. hollers "yoo-hoo" in the baby monitor}.

OUTFIT OF THE MONTH: the only thing cuter than baby clothes is baby clothes with horizontal stripes. When Saige was a wee one I fell in love with 'baby gowns'; they make midnight diaper changes far less challenging than fighting with newborn legs and sleeper snaps. These reasons make Gabe's stripey nightgowns/day gowns my favourite ONE MONTH outfit...
Saige & Gabe
September 2011

Brooke & Saige
January 2009
TRYING MOMENTS: last Saturday was by far our hardest day with baby Gabe who cried and cried and then cried some more. Let's just say inconsolable babies have the potential to wreak havoc on marriages {ours in particular}. My midwife did remind me about the purple crying period but since Gabe has been such a chill baby I thought "oh I can handle an increase in crying"; over the course of the weekend Mister Man went from virtually no crying to non-stop crying which left me wanting to cry}. Thank heavens his wailing has subsided and our baby angel is back... for now.

MEMORABLE MOMENTS & MILESONES: honest to goodness we had to wait 4+ months before Saige graced us with her first smile; with Gabe we only had to wait 4 days. He smiles in his sleep and just recently he started smiling when I kiss his chubby cheeks or rub his button nose with my non-button nose. It's probably just his nervous system reacting but I'll take it. 

I wish I had video of Saige communicating with Gabe... it's simply ridiculous; she copies Trev and I, but puts her own Saige spin on it {ie. drama}. My favourite is when she gushes, "awwwwww look - he's so cute & cuddly" and she says it with this pained expression on her face. An actress in the making. I'll try to capture it on my flip the next time, but just know she's Gabriel's biggest fan and calls him Gabey every so often.

Gabriel's other nicknames thus far: Gabe, red, monster, mister man, Baby G, handsome and hiccup. As you can tell we're pretty smitten with our ginger baby and looking forward to month #2.

Happy 1 Month Little Man!


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