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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Life right now revolves around boobs, food and sleep {I sound like a 13 year old boy}. My appetite - which was non-existent throughout the entire pregnancy - has finally shown show up to the party and this wouldn't be such a bad thing if I hadn't just sworn off dairy 4 days ago! Yes poor Gabe has tummy issues so I did the ol' omit lactose from my diet experiment and fortunately for him/unfortunately for me it seems to be helping the gas & gurgles.

The timing couldn't be any worse as eggnog just hit supermarket shelves everywhere! I've had to pair my morning granola with Saige's almond milk - a taste I'm beginning to acquire.

Aside from upset stomachs and milk withdrawals things have been pretty low-key around here and we haven't strayed too far from home. Gabe's favourite place to be is in my arms - which I can't really complain about - so there's not a whole lot getting done around the casa {or blog}. 

Thinking about the 8+ baskets of clean, yet to be folded laundry I have going on is truly giving me a self-induced headache. I can't imagine what life would be like without my freezer full of premade dinners - best decision EVER {well that and keeping Saige in daycare}.

I thought I'd be taking A LOT more photos of my little man during the day, but they all look the same as he literally wears the same outfit everyday and gives me the same pose day in, day out - eyes closed, serene expression, hands by face. I'm definitely not brave enough to mess with a sleeping baby like my newborn photographer friends so I just stopped taking them.
... doesn't he look so itty in Trev's big paws? ...

So I received my disc of images today {see above} - the package was sitting in my mailbox following a rather disasterous playdate. Words of wisdom: children born 24 hours apart are way too similar to become besties for life no matter how much their moms will it to be.
Since I'm not 100% certain which photo{s} I'll be using for Gabe's birth announcement, I'm only posting a couple images; just trust me when I say Lisa is ahh-mazing {and you have no idea how HOT she keeps her studio for her newborn sessions... i.was.dying}. I sure wish Saige had been a bit a lot more co-operative, but who am I kidding? It probably didn't help that Gabe pooped on her. true story.

Anyways this post is starting to read like my emails = one giant run-on sentence. We somehow ended up with not one, but two little monkeys in our queen-size bed last night and I'm running on empty.

So thankful for the lasagna defrosting in my sink and the fact Grey's is on tonight... hooray for being lazy!


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