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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

 Good-bye Movember!

We have a family shave on tonight's agenda... that and watching Grey's which hasn't been on the PVR rotation for 2 whole weeks!! What's up with that ABC??

{holiday WISHLIST} seventh

... 7th on the HoLidaY WiShlisT ...

I've worn
diamond studs
for as long as I can
I'm hoping
to class things up
a bit
with some
classy pearls

TWO MONTH update

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

BIG BOY: our little guy is packing on the winter weight which means, smell ya later newborn nappies and preemie onesies. According to our super scientific method of weighing him - where we step on the scale first and then add Gabe to the mix - our baby boy is a whopping 11.5 lbs... weigh way to go buddy!

SNACK TIME: feeds are on demand and boy-oh-boy is our boy ever demanding... somedays I find myself nursing every hour or even every 1/2 hour! Yes Mr. Gabriel is a snacker {and a puker} and likes to fall asleep at the breast. I'm starting to feel like 5 star resort with an around the clock buffet and feather pillows. P.S. - Gabe's aversion to milk continues and so I dutifully bypass all eggnog displays and ixnayed my daily white hot chocolate regime... oh the things we do for our children.

SLEEPY TIME: Gabe cat naps throughout the day with a longer stretch of slumber in the afternoon. While I ahh-bsolutely love the closeness of co-sleeping, our itty baby takes up A LOT of space making our queen-size bed feel more like a twin. We've started putting him in his crib at bedtime and he's surprised us by staying in there for a good 6 hours before waking for his 4am feed. Truth be told my body aches for him when he's not tucked in beside me {I check on him incessantly}, but at least Trev & I are sleeping comfortably again.

OUTFIT OF THE MONTH: my wonderful friends & family must have read my I LOVE STRIPES blog memo because 90% of the outfits gifted to Gabe are just that, striped. When this oh-so-soft little Gap number - with matching cap - showed up in the mail courtesy of my dear friend Kate I was in horizontal heaven... 
yes that is a Costco dog bed that he's lying on; we actually bought it for Gabe and not the pets... it's truly the perfect baby hang out and makes for a nice photo backdrop as well. Trev & I joke that we're going to buy a whole bunch of them at $20, add some bogus baby label and resell them for a tidy profit... I think we're onto something.

TRYING MOMENTS: shrill: /SHril/ high-pitched and piercing in tone or sound... the very definition of Gabriel's cry along with loud and heartbreaking. Gabe did a fair bit of fussing in his 2nd month and let's just say it wasn't fun. I had a couple conversations with God that went a bit like this, "seriously?".

MEMORABLE MOMENTS & MILESONES: not hating the crib was a big discovery as was finding out that he LOVES showers as much as his baths. There's nothing cuter than our little ginger leaning back so the water can get at his head - he looks like a different baby with slicked back wet hair.

Other November accomplishments included: snuggling with Santa {actually Mrs. Claus}, being out in his first snowfall, taking in not 1 but 2 light up festivals, supervising the holiday decorating, joining mom & dad on a lunch date, hitting up Princess Auto & Costco in Kelowna, going to a chiropractor {more on that in a sec} and getting his first bruise thanks to Saige dropping the phone on his head which was a total accident but hurt nonetheless.

Gabe's farts are rancid and he still spits up - A LOT - so much so that we've nicknamed him Chuck. The midwife thought his puke problem might be affecting his weight gain and recommended an infant chiropractor. Never again. I think we were there for a total of 20 minutes {including our time in the wait room}, the guy barely touched Gabe, suggested we come back for weekly sessions and then charged us $60! Pretty steep. He'll have to put that money towards his dry cleaning bill caus our lil' Chuck upchucked all over his fancy doctor shirt.

We have an actual doctor's appointment next week to discuss Gabe's frequent spit ups, goopy left eye and his startle type motion that's hard to explain but cause of minor concern... I'll keep you posted.
So there you have it. MONTH #2 was full of burping, farting, puking and fussing {he's such a little boy already} but it also brought us smiles, coos, kissable kissy lips and ahh-dorable yawns. There's just so much to love and that we do... we LOVE our smiley, smelly little fella so very much.


hip-hop happenings.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Another photo dump for you to enjoy while we spend our day crafting, baking and singing "happy birthday" to our little man who turns 2 months today...

* first snowfall * letters to santa * fuzzy new toques * naked babies * painting for hours * mommy & son stripes * underwhelmed by ol saint nick * daddy time * playing dress-up with Gabe * light up @ predator ridge * sweet smiles *

{holiday WISHLIST} sixth

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

... 6th on the HoLidaY WiShlisT ...

big comfy wrap sweaters
& capes
the ones that let you
nurse anywhere
eat anything
& wear pre-pregnancy
denim despite the oh-so attractive
muffin topping

obsessions & confessions.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

this is a total scottyboy & katygirl knock off but since I don't have the time or desire to blog everyday I'm trying to find someway to some up life in one post. 


.Gabe's KINA slippers. I'm tempted to buy a few more pairs - one for every stage.

.my morning WHITE hot chocolate from Tim Horton's. These last 10 pounds may be hanging around for awhile yet. between them and, my Christmas shopping list is 90% covered. I think I need a badge that reads "I heart online shopping" because I do.

.the chocolate covered açai and blueberries from Brookside Foods - to.die.for - sure the snack packs are only 90 calories, but when you eat 3 in one sitting you can't expect to fit back into your 'skinny' jeans, Sara.

.Saige Marie & Gabriel Arthur, enough said.

.the friends and family members who insist on holding my baby no matter how fussy or pukey. I'm in total awe of them; they never raise the white flag and won't give Gabe back until he's wearing a clean diaper and peaceful smile. You ladies rock... visit ANY time.

.fleece sheets {thanks Costco}.

.the pizza from Little Italy Market & Deli. If you're ever in or around Vernon, B.C. you need to look them up... it's that good.

.Jillian & Ken's July 2012 nuptials. Pretending to be their wedding planner is ridiculously fun and makes me want to get married for a second time to the same man.

.'Breaking Dawn (part 1)' - Bella's a mom and Taylor Lautner's hotter than ever... sure did go with the girls on opening night.

.Rebecca's April baby is a gonna be a GIRL!
.I tried to wear my fresh-out-of-the-dryer favourite pair of pre-pregnancy jeans and in my attempt to stretch them out via aerobic lunges/squats I heard a deafening 'rrrrrRIP!'... I was seriously this close to crying.

.Trev's Movember mustache is kinda growing on me, but let's keep that on the down low.

.I've been letting Gabe sleep on his tummy... cue the collective *gasp*.

.I find it very hard not to laugh and/or cave when issuing 'time outs' to Saige as she's quite dramatic & her Oscar winning performances have the ability to win me over. Is it wrong that I kinda love her sass? Mid-tears she'll say things like, "no you need a time out! you're not using your listening ears to me". Or the one that totally gets me is, "I promise I'll be a good girl"... heartbreaking {like I have tears in my eyes right now}. See why I'm so obsessed?
Saige is big into bananas again... I think she's eating one in every picture I took of her this week :S

.the Christmas CD's have been on repeat ever since yesterday and our artificial tree is up just waiting on decorations.

.the house a few streets down received a major facelift/addition and I loved the end result so much that I actually pulled over when the homeowner was shoveling his driveway. My intentions were to just get the builder's contact information but I found myself asking some pretty personal questions like how they financed it and how much it cost! - who does that? apparently me! -fortunately he didn't take offense and we have the designer coming later this week!!

.I spend too much time on the computer and often find myself reading ahh-mazing blogs that leave me feeling inadequate... some women do it all - and better - all the while sporting flawless make-up, great hair and a wardrobe straight from J.Crew's catalogue.... sigh... why do I torture myself?

{holiday WISHLIST} fifth

Saturday, November 19, 2011

... 5th on the HoLidaY WiShlisT ...

an iPad 2 with free engraving
and a bunch of Apple and Etsy accessories

aside from
an ancient Dell laptop
a hand-me-down Blackberry
and a basic PVR
I own nothing

I've never
used iTunes
downloaded an app
played angry bird

my time is now Santa
my time is now

* I'm soliciting iPad advice including app recommendations and must-have accessories.


I hosted my 2nd {TREASURY HUNT} giveaway over on 'A Little Etsy Love' this week.

While krmuir {#1} was our lucky winner - CONGRATS! - goldiez receives 'treasury of the month' for her babyburrito inspired collection...

baby visitors {part II}

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dr. Meg & speech path Sash weren't the only ones to visit this weekend, Auntie Jill & Uncle Ken blew into town to do some dress shopping, poker playing and baby snuggling {in that order}.

I don't think Gabriel's head rested on a non-human surface for the entire 3 days thanks to his Aunties, Gramma & Baba.  

BIG MOMENT: Gabriel wore his first pair of jeans on Sunday; there's something about babies in denim that makes my heart go pitter-patter. That rule doesn't apply to overalls, but it does apply to jean jackets {a staple in my both my kids' wardrobes}. 

Yup, there's no denying Gabe's mine. We went to Kelowna on Monday and were treated like circus freaks. Only a brave few actually approached us while the rest of the Costco crowd kept their distance while pointing and loudly whispering, "would you look at that, mother and baby with matching red hair".

Being a redhead all my life {28+ years} I'm used to my hair colour getting a lot of attention, but Monday's shopping experience was a whole new level of ridiculousness. It was slightly uncomfortable as the 'gawkers' weren't actually talking TO us just ABOUT us and I had to pretend I didn't hear all the ginger comments... did you know we're almost extinct? Like I haven't heard that 1,000 times before, but it's okay.

Trev has a Gabe story of his own, apparently 3 women circled him at Ya Ya's Play Centre on Wednesday and asked if they could smell our baby. True story.

People are so funny when it comes to babies and I admit when I don't have a baby of my own, I do a lot of "awww, she's beautiful, how old?" when I stalk bump into newborns and new parents in Walmart shopping aisles.

{yes I shop at Walmart, get over it}.

{holiday WISHLIST} fourth

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

... 4th on the HoLidaY WiShlisT ...

the new ADELE21 cd
I don't own a single
Apple product
& without an
 my music
comes from
compact discs
no itunes for me

** don't forget to VOTE...

baby visitors {part I}

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Two of my most favourite people in the whole wide world came to visit this weekend. They came bearing Munsch books, pumpkin loaf recipes, medical advice and comedic relief.

Believe it or not this was Megan's first time meeting Gabriel.. AND Saige. Usually shy around new  people Saige surprised us all by climbing onto Meg's lap after 5 seconds of introductions. You know you're special when Saige doesn't require her obligatory 2 hour warming up period. 

Saige adores Sasha as much as I do. I often look at Saige and am reminded of Sash {aka Natalie Portman look-alike}, maybe it's their matching hair or their larger than life personalities.

As for Gabe - aside from a few lung exercises - he was cute and content sleeping in our newest visitors' arms.


Speaking of cute, sleeping babies SO many of the blogs I stalk are having and/or preparing for wee ones...

... Fashionista Sydney from The Daybook recently introduced baby Everett on her super popular site.

... Christine from Just Bella welcomed her first baby, ahh-dorable Alice - check out the nursery reveal, it's ahh-mazing.

... and Andrea, Nicole, Brianna and Bess are all waiting for their own bundles to arrive {as is my friend Caitlin}.


{GREAT GIVEAWAY} babyburrito

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm over on 'a little etsy love' today hosting my 2nd {TREASURY HUNT} and you'll never believe what we're giving away.

I don't want to spoil it, but I can tell you that the prize comes from one of my favourite CANADIAN baby gear websites.

You might remember babyburrito from this {Friday Finds} post. When Lianne heard we were expecting baby #2 she sent a lovely and unexpected gift for our new arrival... this gorgeous baby blanket {see below}. Not only was I overwhelmed by the company's generosity, I felt like a big-time celebrity receiving  one-of-a-kind Oscar gowns from world famous runway designers.

Gabriel and I ahh-dore it and I know I said we didn't need anymore baby blankets, but I take that back. Gabe will happily accept anything from the babyburrito online store including another super soft, super modern minky.

I'm lovin' their new baby collection so much that I think I'll be adding the  babyburrito sling to my 2011 {holiday WISHLIST} . You just can't beat the price - $29.99 on sale.

only 5 days left 2 vote 4 me...

{holiday WISHLIST} third

... 3rd on the HoLidaY WiShlisT ...

a custom stamp by notetrunk
I love sending mail
as much as
I love receiving it
except bills
& junk mail
so these would sure help
my holiday
return address writing
hand cramp

holy dinah...

Friday, November 11, 2011

It's been over a month and a half and I'm just mailing off Gabe's birth announcements and thank you cards; if you haven't received yours yet it's probably enroute... sorry for the delay, I'm blaming it on our cute wittle baby.

Things have been a tinge crazy around here. Trev's B.F.F. Sean and his ha-larious wife Brianne have recently relocated from Ontario so we've been relishing in our close proximity.

Sometimes, if I need my arms baby-free for a few moments, I'll plunk Gabe in front of the fire and he'll either be {a} be enthralled or {b} lulled to sleep. Trev says I'm encouraging our son to become an arsonist, but I say "whatever, momma's pipes need a break". 

I promise I didn't leave him unattended on top of our pellet stove {aka the makeshift change table}; Trev was off in the shadows while I played brutally amateur photographer.

Wednesday was our final appointment with Sylvia - boo - I'm so going to miss not seeing her every few weeks. Honestly you have no idea how happy I am/was that she agreed to take us on this time round because with Saige we got shot down. I literally called Sylvia hours after the pee stick read "positive" but my due date {Jan 13/09} interfered with her holiday plans so it was a big N-O... double boo.

At six and a half weeks Gabriel now weighs 9 lbs 1 oz and measures 21.25 inches in length - I just love my wee 12th percentile babe. I am however looking forward to him outgrowing his tiny {in both size and quantity} newborn wardrobe... I simply can't wait any longer for him to get longer and fit into the drawers {yes plural} full of ahh-dorable 0-3 month outfits.

** there's only 7 days left to VOTE and the competition is getting fierce y'all **

{holiday WISHLIST} second

Thursday, November 10, 2011

... 2nd on the HoLidaY WiShlisT ...

a new wallet by fossil
my chocolate & turquoise
faux crocodile
2003 Winner's special
isn't cutting it anymore
my pennies need to be stored
in style

{holiday WISHLIST} first

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

... 1st on the HoLidaY WiShlisT ...

'index steel chopping board' by joseph joseph
prepare vegetables
raw meat &
cooked food
safely & separately

*** while I love all the items I'll be posting on my {holiday WISHLIST} including this one... I'm featuring them merely for fun. I am not hinting or expecting them as gifts; honestly this house cannot handle anymore of anything pre-addition. *** 
I will, however, accept cash for Christmas.
I'm kidding.
or am I?

a welcome surprise...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Just when I think I couldn't possibly love these 2 anymore, my heart rents out more space for my kiddos.
We've had a few 'trying crying days' - note the extra emphasis on trying - but there have also been quiet, tender moments between Saige & Gabe that literally take my breath away.
I don't think any of us expected Saige to be this nurturing & gentle when it came to her baby brother. We still can't believe how easy it was for her to give up the title of "baby" in exchange for her "big sister" badge. Oh and apparently she wants more of these siblings...

Saige: I want my other brother now.
Me: you don't want Gabe anymore?
Saige: yes, I want my other brother too.
Trev: you want another brother?
Saige: I want this many {holding up 3 fingers}
Me: you want 3 brothers?!
Saige: 3 or 4 or 5...
 and a sister.

Don't hold your breath kid. My uterus is flashing a 'no vacancy' sign at the moment. I think 2 is definitely good... for now.


Not sure what to get me for Christmas? Well you can give me {A}the gift of a vote everyday for the next 9 days
by clicking * HERE *


{B} buy me something off my HoLidaY WiShlisT which I'll be revealing in bit & pieces right up until Santa's sleigh hits the skies.

pssst... option {A} is cheaper.

{ Operation Purge }

Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's amazing how much stuff a person can accumulate over the years {especially when that someone has something of a shopping addiction}.

Being on mat leave and at home 24/7 forces a person {aka "me"} to take inventory of all their accumulated stuff  and shake their head in overwhelmed disbelief. This small house of ours has huge storage issues and it's high time I did something about it. 

Operation Purge has officially commenced.

Every few years I catch the "declutter bug" and pretend I'm on an episode of TLC's 'Clean Sweep'; Operation Purge is similar, but on a much larger scale - it's more of an "organization epidemic". I'm rallying the troops -, and the Big Brother Renew Crew.

OUT with the old and NO more new!!

Jen from IHEART Organizing is my inspiration...

So while I'm limiting what comes into the house... starting now... we happily purchased a pair of used gender neutral ice skates for our Saiger who insists on wearing them EVERYWHERE - well the inserts anyways. She even sleeps in her booties which makes me think "perhaps I have a future figure skater on my hands".  

She's as CraZy as her hair looks and her beloved butterfly necklace came from Dean because "I'm special"... confidence is clearly not an issue for our girl.

tricking & treating...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's 2:24 pm on Movember 1st, the kidlets are napping and I'm still in my Class of 2001 sweats, eating handfuls of Gaytan cheezies thinking "I really should have taken a nap myself today". I've been a bit of a 'work widow' these past few weeks and let's just say the days leading up to Hallow's Eve did a number on single parent me. Thank goodness for grandparents and Nadine & Byron who are more like Saige's co-parents than daycare providers.

We can all credit Gabriel's late night gassiness for this low energy day... his poor tummy has been his main only complaint which is why I'm STILL off the milk.

Here's how our Halloween went down:

* Sully & Mike Knol *

* we decided to forgo traditional trick-or-treating and took our sugar crazed monster & dragon along Main Street instead... the downtown merchants host an annual Treat Trail *

So I really need to give Auntie Becca a big cyber hug for allowing mom & I to take the cousins treating while she worked late {boo to jobs getting in the way of fun}. Trev also missed out on the Saige & Caleb show {ie. squealing for suckers}, but he made it home in time to watch Saige give mittfuls of candy to the lucky few who came to our front door. I think handing out mini-chocolate bars was the highlight of her night; a couple treaters even ran back to their chaperones shouting, "that baby gave me candy!" - haha... except she's not a baby anymore.

No we left our baby with Granny Knol while we walked with Dean & Byron to the BX Fire Hall for their big bonfire and fireworks display.  

*I love that I look like I'm on fire {and that you're all thinking up some clever redhead joke right now} *

* it was cold and loud and awesome all at the same time... *

I was pretty much done by 9, but Mister Man was just getting started and that my friends is why I have these über attractive bags under my eyes.

If you're bored you can click HERE to vote for Saige Wisdom... the nomination has really brought out the competitor in me - big surprise.

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