baby visitors {part II}

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dr. Meg & speech path Sash weren't the only ones to visit this weekend, Auntie Jill & Uncle Ken blew into town to do some dress shopping, poker playing and baby snuggling {in that order}.

I don't think Gabriel's head rested on a non-human surface for the entire 3 days thanks to his Aunties, Gramma & Baba.  

BIG MOMENT: Gabriel wore his first pair of jeans on Sunday; there's something about babies in denim that makes my heart go pitter-patter. That rule doesn't apply to overalls, but it does apply to jean jackets {a staple in my both my kids' wardrobes}. 

Yup, there's no denying Gabe's mine. We went to Kelowna on Monday and were treated like circus freaks. Only a brave few actually approached us while the rest of the Costco crowd kept their distance while pointing and loudly whispering, "would you look at that, mother and baby with matching red hair".

Being a redhead all my life {28+ years} I'm used to my hair colour getting a lot of attention, but Monday's shopping experience was a whole new level of ridiculousness. It was slightly uncomfortable as the 'gawkers' weren't actually talking TO us just ABOUT us and I had to pretend I didn't hear all the ginger comments... did you know we're almost extinct? Like I haven't heard that 1,000 times before, but it's okay.

Trev has a Gabe story of his own, apparently 3 women circled him at Ya Ya's Play Centre on Wednesday and asked if they could smell our baby. True story.

People are so funny when it comes to babies and I admit when I don't have a baby of my own, I do a lot of "awww, she's beautiful, how old?" when I stalk bump into newborns and new parents in Walmart shopping aisles.

{yes I shop at Walmart, get over it}.


Sarah said...

ugh. Wait til Gabe is a bit older. I have been stopped and cornered more times than I care to talk about just so people could stare at Zach's hair. It's the ones that try to touch him that really bother me.

ana {bluebirdkisses} said...

My husband has red hair and I secretly wished that our son would have taken after him :( he's also 6' he gets so many stares and comments..not only is he tall but he's a red head too...ppl are ridiculous!!

Amanda of Urchin Knits said...

haha, your 'ginger' story made me chuckle- and I for one love the shade of y'alls hair (is y'alls a word?)


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