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Friday, November 11, 2011

It's been over a month and a half and I'm just mailing off Gabe's birth announcements and thank you cards; if you haven't received yours yet it's probably enroute... sorry for the delay, I'm blaming it on our cute wittle baby.

Things have been a tinge crazy around here. Trev's B.F.F. Sean and his ha-larious wife Brianne have recently relocated from Ontario so we've been relishing in our close proximity.

Sometimes, if I need my arms baby-free for a few moments, I'll plunk Gabe in front of the fire and he'll either be {a} be enthralled or {b} lulled to sleep. Trev says I'm encouraging our son to become an arsonist, but I say "whatever, momma's pipes need a break". 

I promise I didn't leave him unattended on top of our pellet stove {aka the makeshift change table}; Trev was off in the shadows while I played brutally amateur photographer.

Wednesday was our final appointment with Sylvia - boo - I'm so going to miss not seeing her every few weeks. Honestly you have no idea how happy I am/was that she agreed to take us on this time round because with Saige we got shot down. I literally called Sylvia hours after the pee stick read "positive" but my due date {Jan 13/09} interfered with her holiday plans so it was a big N-O... double boo.

At six and a half weeks Gabriel now weighs 9 lbs 1 oz and measures 21.25 inches in length - I just love my wee 12th percentile babe. I am however looking forward to him outgrowing his tiny {in both size and quantity} newborn wardrobe... I simply can't wait any longer for him to get longer and fit into the drawers {yes plural} full of ahh-dorable 0-3 month outfits.

** there's only 7 days left to VOTE and the competition is getting fierce y'all **


Randalin. said...

That birth announcement is incredible! What a beautiful photo.

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