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Sunday, November 20, 2011

this is a total scottyboy & katygirl knock off but since I don't have the time or desire to blog everyday I'm trying to find someway to some up life in one post. 


.Gabe's KINA slippers. I'm tempted to buy a few more pairs - one for every stage.

.my morning WHITE hot chocolate from Tim Horton's. These last 10 pounds may be hanging around for awhile yet. between them and, my Christmas shopping list is 90% covered. I think I need a badge that reads "I heart online shopping" because I do.

.the chocolate covered açai and blueberries from Brookside Foods - to.die.for - sure the snack packs are only 90 calories, but when you eat 3 in one sitting you can't expect to fit back into your 'skinny' jeans, Sara.

.Saige Marie & Gabriel Arthur, enough said.

.the friends and family members who insist on holding my baby no matter how fussy or pukey. I'm in total awe of them; they never raise the white flag and won't give Gabe back until he's wearing a clean diaper and peaceful smile. You ladies rock... visit ANY time.

.fleece sheets {thanks Costco}.

.the pizza from Little Italy Market & Deli. If you're ever in or around Vernon, B.C. you need to look them up... it's that good.

.Jillian & Ken's July 2012 nuptials. Pretending to be their wedding planner is ridiculously fun and makes me want to get married for a second time to the same man.

.'Breaking Dawn (part 1)' - Bella's a mom and Taylor Lautner's hotter than ever... sure did go with the girls on opening night.

.Rebecca's April baby is a gonna be a GIRL!
.I tried to wear my fresh-out-of-the-dryer favourite pair of pre-pregnancy jeans and in my attempt to stretch them out via aerobic lunges/squats I heard a deafening 'rrrrrRIP!'... I was seriously this close to crying.

.Trev's Movember mustache is kinda growing on me, but let's keep that on the down low.

.I've been letting Gabe sleep on his tummy... cue the collective *gasp*.

.I find it very hard not to laugh and/or cave when issuing 'time outs' to Saige as she's quite dramatic & her Oscar winning performances have the ability to win me over. Is it wrong that I kinda love her sass? Mid-tears she'll say things like, "no you need a time out! you're not using your listening ears to me". Or the one that totally gets me is, "I promise I'll be a good girl"... heartbreaking {like I have tears in my eyes right now}. See why I'm so obsessed?
Saige is big into bananas again... I think she's eating one in every picture I took of her this week :S

.the Christmas CD's have been on repeat ever since yesterday and our artificial tree is up just waiting on decorations.

.the house a few streets down received a major facelift/addition and I loved the end result so much that I actually pulled over when the homeowner was shoveling his driveway. My intentions were to just get the builder's contact information but I found myself asking some pretty personal questions like how they financed it and how much it cost! - who does that? apparently me! -fortunately he didn't take offense and we have the designer coming later this week!!

.I spend too much time on the computer and often find myself reading ahh-mazing blogs that leave me feeling inadequate... some women do it all - and better - all the while sporting flawless make-up, great hair and a wardrobe straight from J.Crew's catalogue.... sigh... why do I torture myself?


Doni said...

Oh, Sara... And, when other women read your blog, that is probably how many of them feel! You are ahhhmazing!

Randalin. said...

ohhh - i love fleece sheets too! Perhaps the only thing I do love about winter....

K2B2 said...

First... think of all those healthy anti-oxidants you are getting in the Brookside's. That is how I justify it to myself (love 'em). Second, Bryley often sleeps on her tummy, too (gasp!). I forgive you. Thirdly, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks a teenager is hawt!! It creeps me out but why is Taylor Lautner so damn cute?? Lastly, I noticed Gabe has a sleep sheep ~ luv them. Oh, and thanks for the Kina website. Man, now I have to go buy more shoes......

E said...

I love this post... SO glad you linked back to it! Thanks!

AND... I LOVE Gabe's bedding. Can't believe he is here and the room is all done - it seems like just yesterday you were winning the Tuftlove giveaway on my blog.

More pictures? I'm about to go stalk your blog!

Sarah said...

Nobody does it all and looks good. Except those with a team surrounding them. (that's what I tell myself anyway). And Saige's face!!! I love it:) Oh, and Zach always slept on his stomach. Will refuses but if he'd let me, I'd have him on his stomach in a heart-beat!

Sangger Lah said...
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farras shop said...
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