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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's 2:24 pm on Movember 1st, the kidlets are napping and I'm still in my Class of 2001 sweats, eating handfuls of Gaytan cheezies thinking "I really should have taken a nap myself today". I've been a bit of a 'work widow' these past few weeks and let's just say the days leading up to Hallow's Eve did a number on single parent me. Thank goodness for grandparents and Nadine & Byron who are more like Saige's co-parents than daycare providers.

We can all credit Gabriel's late night gassiness for this low energy day... his poor tummy has been his main only complaint which is why I'm STILL off the milk.

Here's how our Halloween went down:

* Sully & Mike Knol *

* we decided to forgo traditional trick-or-treating and took our sugar crazed monster & dragon along Main Street instead... the downtown merchants host an annual Treat Trail *

So I really need to give Auntie Becca a big cyber hug for allowing mom & I to take the cousins treating while she worked late {boo to jobs getting in the way of fun}. Trev also missed out on the Saige & Caleb show {ie. squealing for suckers}, but he made it home in time to watch Saige give mittfuls of candy to the lucky few who came to our front door. I think handing out mini-chocolate bars was the highlight of her night; a couple treaters even ran back to their chaperones shouting, "that baby gave me candy!" - haha... except she's not a baby anymore.

No we left our baby with Granny Knol while we walked with Dean & Byron to the BX Fire Hall for their big bonfire and fireworks display.  

*I love that I look like I'm on fire {and that you're all thinking up some clever redhead joke right now} *

* it was cold and loud and awesome all at the same time... *

I was pretty much done by 9, but Mister Man was just getting started and that my friends is why I have these über attractive bags under my eyes.

If you're bored you can click HERE to vote for Saige Wisdom... the nomination has really brought out the competitor in me - big surprise.


hardydanielle said...

Oh my word thats adourable!!! Such a cute post :)

Heather B {dreaming big} said...

Just found your blog through the Top 25 Canadian Mom blog! I love finding awesome Cnd blogs and I'm excited to follow your blog!

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