TWO MONTH update

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

BIG BOY: our little guy is packing on the winter weight which means, smell ya later newborn nappies and preemie onesies. According to our super scientific method of weighing him - where we step on the scale first and then add Gabe to the mix - our baby boy is a whopping 11.5 lbs... weigh way to go buddy!

SNACK TIME: feeds are on demand and boy-oh-boy is our boy ever demanding... somedays I find myself nursing every hour or even every 1/2 hour! Yes Mr. Gabriel is a snacker {and a puker} and likes to fall asleep at the breast. I'm starting to feel like 5 star resort with an around the clock buffet and feather pillows. P.S. - Gabe's aversion to milk continues and so I dutifully bypass all eggnog displays and ixnayed my daily white hot chocolate regime... oh the things we do for our children.

SLEEPY TIME: Gabe cat naps throughout the day with a longer stretch of slumber in the afternoon. While I ahh-bsolutely love the closeness of co-sleeping, our itty baby takes up A LOT of space making our queen-size bed feel more like a twin. We've started putting him in his crib at bedtime and he's surprised us by staying in there for a good 6 hours before waking for his 4am feed. Truth be told my body aches for him when he's not tucked in beside me {I check on him incessantly}, but at least Trev & I are sleeping comfortably again.

OUTFIT OF THE MONTH: my wonderful friends & family must have read my I LOVE STRIPES blog memo because 90% of the outfits gifted to Gabe are just that, striped. When this oh-so-soft little Gap number - with matching cap - showed up in the mail courtesy of my dear friend Kate I was in horizontal heaven... 
yes that is a Costco dog bed that he's lying on; we actually bought it for Gabe and not the pets... it's truly the perfect baby hang out and makes for a nice photo backdrop as well. Trev & I joke that we're going to buy a whole bunch of them at $20, add some bogus baby label and resell them for a tidy profit... I think we're onto something.

TRYING MOMENTS: shrill: /SHril/ high-pitched and piercing in tone or sound... the very definition of Gabriel's cry along with loud and heartbreaking. Gabe did a fair bit of fussing in his 2nd month and let's just say it wasn't fun. I had a couple conversations with God that went a bit like this, "seriously?".

MEMORABLE MOMENTS & MILESONES: not hating the crib was a big discovery as was finding out that he LOVES showers as much as his baths. There's nothing cuter than our little ginger leaning back so the water can get at his head - he looks like a different baby with slicked back wet hair.

Other November accomplishments included: snuggling with Santa {actually Mrs. Claus}, being out in his first snowfall, taking in not 1 but 2 light up festivals, supervising the holiday decorating, joining mom & dad on a lunch date, hitting up Princess Auto & Costco in Kelowna, going to a chiropractor {more on that in a sec} and getting his first bruise thanks to Saige dropping the phone on his head which was a total accident but hurt nonetheless.

Gabe's farts are rancid and he still spits up - A LOT - so much so that we've nicknamed him Chuck. The midwife thought his puke problem might be affecting his weight gain and recommended an infant chiropractor. Never again. I think we were there for a total of 20 minutes {including our time in the wait room}, the guy barely touched Gabe, suggested we come back for weekly sessions and then charged us $60! Pretty steep. He'll have to put that money towards his dry cleaning bill caus our lil' Chuck upchucked all over his fancy doctor shirt.

We have an actual doctor's appointment next week to discuss Gabe's frequent spit ups, goopy left eye and his startle type motion that's hard to explain but cause of minor concern... I'll keep you posted.
So there you have it. MONTH #2 was full of burping, farting, puking and fussing {he's such a little boy already} but it also brought us smiles, coos, kissable kissy lips and ahh-dorable yawns. There's just so much to love and that we do... we LOVE our smiley, smelly little fella so very much.



Brianne G said...

and he puts up with strangers holding him even when he would rather be with mom!

Tracey Fisher said...

You have a beautiful family. It is so cute to take the same picture at different stages to see how much has changed. I have done that with my daughters at a certain location over the years - wished I done it during their first year. And the dog bed is a great idea - he looks very happy and cozy there.

ana {bluebirdkisses} said...

I feel like I was JUST THERE with baby J! ahh but that burping, farting, puking, and constant nursing gives them that sweet baby smell that I was secretly obsessed with when J was that little. Time goes so fast.

Oh and like Tracey, I also love love love that dog bed idea...nevermind that my mom and brother have the same one for their dogs. Next baby around I'm getting one too...and maybe giving one out at the next baby shower I attend too :)

Edins House said...

Little Gabe is just such a sweetie! He's gorgeous, and I love his smile!! I enjoyed reading your 2 month update, and I'll definitely be checking back to hear that Gabe continues to be healthy despite his spitting & farting! LOL!! :-)

farras shop said...
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