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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


This morning I ate cookies for breakfast.

As of 3 seconds ago today became "Pajama Day". It may sound like fun - like when your elementary school would host Tuesday "Twin Days" or "Wacky Hair" Wednesdays - but it's really just a lame excuse for Gabe & I to stay in our cozies all day long.

I pretended I was feeding Gabe while Trev swept, vacuumed and folded laundry the other day; he actually just fell asleep at the boob, but I didn't want to help so I milked it {pun intended}.

I broke down and gave Saige's closet it's Christmas presents early... I didn't want to waste time wrapping clothes my child would have no interest in opening.

I crank the furnace when Trev's not home.

I'm too lazy to upload pictures so this post isn't getting any.

I lied. You get 2 off if Trev's phone.

I used to be quite the 5-pin bowler back in the day. My dad enrolled Jill & I in a league when we were small and I even had bowling balls with my name engraved in them {nerd alert}. Trev & I took Saige this weekend and let's just say for her sake and mine, 'thank goodness for gutter guards'.


The no-bake cookies Saige & I made last night that are sitting on the counter {calling to me}.

The fragrance 'Love Spell' by Victoria Secret. I'm not sure what I love more, the scent or the price tag.

Cranberry gingerale. It's hard to to find so stock up when you do.

These "Favourite Things" parties I've been hearing/reading all about where guests bring multiples of their favourite thing{s} and share them with others. It's very Oprah. I wanna host one of these bad boys fo sho but since I missed the Christmas boat, I was thinking maybe a "Things I Love" party near Valentine's.

My mom. She's a great mom.

Lingonberry Jam. I can't wait for post-Christmas dinner turkey sandwiches now that I have this Swedish import that tastes like cranberries... seriously yum. 

Gabriel's loooong naps that take place in his crib without a fight... baby Saige wouldn't hear of such a thing.

The Christmas countdown...


emily said...

I'm going to remember to do the "fake" feeding to get out of housework thing! Genius!

The Favorites party sounds like a fun thing to do! Maybe next year...

Your little girl is precious!!

Sandra Kohlmann said...

I ate chocolate truffles for breakfast today. I blame it on Christmas. I love cranberry ginger ale. Also, a couple days ago I asked my mom if we were having cranberry sauce with Christmas dinner, but I only want it for leftover Tofurky sandwiches. Lingonberry jam sounds even better. Yum!

Randalin. said...

Yup, I totally crank the furnace when Kris isn't home too!

E said...

I LOVE that you do confessions and obsessions - wish I'd thought of that. Cranberry gingerale is the BEST and pretending to feed baby so your husband had to do chores is GENIUS. Love it! :)

Sarah said...

I ate icecream for dinner and I crank the heat like no one's business. I can't stand gingerale (even cranberry) because it reminds me of being sick:( (ps- I did my own mid-week confessions- such a good idea, thanks!!)

ana {bluebirdkisses} said...

oh man! I sometimes pretend to nurse too haha! and I also ate cookies for breakfast...and then later on for dinner ,..and then I wonder why these last 10lbs aren't coming off

Kate said...

Re: your pyjama day - does this mean you're supposed to get your second (and first, for that matter!)child dressed everyday, even if you're not leaving the house?! Oops! These days, we're having more pyjama days than not! :)

Danielle Hardy said...

hahaha.. this made my LOL.. a lot..

farras shop said...
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