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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas is so 3 days ago, but for your viewing pleasure - and my failing memory - here's a little photo collage of our excessive, exhausting and extra special holiday weekend...
It's a good thing Santa's not a germaphobe because these cookies were everything but food safe.
Christmas Eve is kind of a big deal and so after a fun night with Trev's LARGE extended family we headed home and kept tradition alive with: 
{1} the annual unwrapping of Christmas Eve jammies
{2} the offering of milk and goodies to Santa & Rudolf - we opted for almond milk this year.
{3} the boisterous singing of Jingle Bells
{4} a stumble through reading of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'
** the key is for Santa to let himself in as we don't have a useable chimney **

Saige and Gabe crawled into bed with us at 3:30 am!! After two hours of begging/threatening I finally convinced our over excited, almost 3 year old to fall back asleep. Needless to say our morning 'Spoil Fest' started a wee bit late and I spent the better part of Saturday yawning my face off.

Becs & D wanted to host Christmas dinner in their new digs but that didn't stop my mom from PVR'ing Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Christmas so we could cook a turkey just like Mister 'Hell's Kitchen' himself.
A Boxing Day brunch {mmm... crepes} and a final gift opening with Trev's parents was the cherry to our Christmas cupcake. Busyness and sleep deprivation aside, Christmas 2011 gets a spot in my Top 3.

As predicted Buzz & Woody stole the show...
{Saige asked me to take this photo of "her babies" she posed them and everything}.
But I was pretty smitten with this quilt set my mom whipped up for our newest Toy Story additions. Watching Saige tuck her Woody in at bedtime is beyond... as Rachel Zoe and her wannabe fans would say {aka Becs & I}, "I die".

Before I can switch gears and start planning Saiger's 'no gifts allowed' January birthday party, I first need to find homes for 3/4 of these presents! Thanks y'all for making our home look more like a toy store ;)


Randalin. said...

It looks like you guys had a great holiday! It's kind of funny how I'm seeing a christmas theme of "exhausting and overwhelming" in all the blogs I read of parents with toddlers :)
I can totally relate to the need for extra storage for all the toys!

SaigeWisdom said...

I'm still recovering from the chaos... so much build up for one little weekend. I think I need to take your lead and simplify the holidays next year.

Danielle Hardy said...

Looks like you had soooo much fun!! The most wonderful time of the year :)

mao qiuyun said...
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farras shop said...
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