January 25th - No Time for Boredom

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just got around to uploading photos from our very busy and very fun weekend. We started off with a Saturday morning swim lesson - Saige said buh-bye to her good ol' Starfish days and has joined in with her fellow Duck'lings.

I love that I get to watch my 2 favourites splish & splash from the comfort of the sidelines (fully clothed and with coffee). Neither of them looked too pleased to have their photo taken so early in the a.m.
Practicing in the deep end
Aunty Jill came for a visit and brought Saige a belated birthday gift that Caleb helped open.

The adults whip cream fight was ha-larious according to the kidlets and they tried to lick cool whip off eachother's noses... just look at Caleb going in for the kill. 
Pajama and teddy bear time with Aunty Becca.

On Sunday some friends and us drove to an Oyama mountain in hopes of finding a tobogganing hill...  

Instead we spent the afternoon lighting a fire without matches, falling trees and roasting weenies.

Heather even wore her famous onesie to the event.

Cute Couples ALERT

Our sometimes happy trio

Our jealous worthy bonfire that likely piqued Smokey the Bear's interest. 
Our soot covered Saige heading home.
She slept so well that night - after a thorough cleaning of course.

January 23rd - And We Have Ourselves A Winner

Monday, January 24, 2011

We've been hoping to replace our 'falling-apart-sofa' with a sectional for several months now which has not been an easy or enjoyable feat. We figured leather was the only way to go since we do a lot of living in our living room, but finding a leather sectional that was budget friendly, apartment sized (for our small space) and would match our leather ottoman was proving impossible. We actually called off the search and then I read here that January is the best month to get deals on furniture.

So the search was back on and I hit up Case Furniture Gallery one lunch hour only to discover they offer a fabric protection program that covers EVERYTHING - stains, tears, burns... - you name it, they cover it. The best part... it only costs $100 for 10 years which (if you do the simple math) works out $10 a year! SOLD!! I got tingly excited, brought Trev down for the final nod of approval and ordered the following sectional in a durable tan microfiber (to match our linen recliner/rocker).

The estimated delivery date for this bad boy is between 8-10 weeks so in the meantime we're going take our hunk-of-junk couch to the dump, sell its coordinating club chair on craigslist and umm and ahh over whether we made the right decision about our throw pillow fabric selection.

Stay tuned.

January 21st - Kundalini

Friday, January 21, 2011

What sounds like a tasty pasta dish turns out to be my worst nightmare.

Becs and I joined the ever popular 40 Day Yoga Challenge (google it) which translates into us and our yoga mats getting reacquainted every weeknight from 8-9 p.m.

We've come to expect kundalini Fridays which means I spend my weekends in "recovery". Something as simple as flapping your arms like a bird becomes borderline excruciating when you're forced encouraged to do it for more than a couple minutes. My shoulders have a newfound respect for all creatures that fly.

That being said, I'm really enjoying the class and the added bonus of sister-bonding; hopefully all this stretching and strengthening will help me look a little less lumpy in my yet-to-be-found new bikini.

For those keeping track (or those who even care)... we leave for Mexico in t-minus 77 days!!

{ image found here }

January 19th - Saige Speak

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Have I mentioned just how much I love talking toddlers, especially when it's my own flesh and blood? The stuff Saige comes up with - not necessarily in this video clip - but in our day to day conversations is just priceless.

Her hair's officially a mop which isn't too surprising seeing how I am her mother after all. I discovered the other day that Caleb has a ridiculous amount of Mr. Potato Head accessories and I'm thinking this 1986 classic needs some modern updating...

Is it any wonder why I had zero boyfriends in high school?

January 18th - I'm Baaack!!

Thought I gave up blogging for a minute didn't you? I seriously considered it, but it's one of the few ways the only way I can keep loved ones 'in the know' without spending my evenings chatting on the phone and sending mass e-mails.

I wasn't expecting to take such a long break from blogging (oh happy belated blogiversay Saige Wisdom), but I took my misbehaving laptop to Rent-A-Geek for a "PC oil change" (their terminology not mine) and the problem turned out to be a failing hard drive - yikes! Thankfully Dell has a great warranty and everything (minus Photoshop CS4) was recovered after 10 very long days.

Ask me about my most beloved possessions and I'd likely say pictures of my family. No word of I lie I have close to 50,000 photos saved on this computer of mine and have never gotten around to backing them up. Almost losing them was a much needed smack in the face and I'm happy to report that the 'catastrophe that almost was' resulted in copies of our photos being transferred to a new external hard drive for safety and storage.

Speaking of photos - I have a mittful to share with you.

Earlier this month Saige turned 2 and like a repeat of last year, got violently sick the following night. I'm talking vomit every 15 minutes for 8 hours straight sick. It was my first time dealing with a pukey child and my gag reflex was fully engaged. Poop I can handle, but the smell of barf makes me want to follow suit. 

Happy 2nd Birthday Saiger!!

slippers, cards and grammas

If you can believe it Chickies Cupcakes was closed Saige's birthday week so I was forced to bake my own mini-cupcakes topped with our birthday girl's favourite... mini 'mellows 

I love her bangs in this one - she looks so grown up.

Look closely... we had to pop the top button of her jeans due to all her cupcake and hot dog eating.

The party was just a small family affair on her actually Thursday birthday
M.I.A. was Auntie Becca and Caleb courtesy of the nasty stomach bug going around

As a special birthday treat we let her watch part of her DVD from Grandma & Grandpa Knol before bedtime.

Everything was packed up and put away by 8 p.m. including our party girl who was snoring softly before our last guests pulled out of the driveway.


The art easel has been a huge hit.

Just like her mom, Saige packs that camera around everywhere. She has also taken a liking to packing around cats and dogs. We accidently let her carry Maddison one evening and now she thinks all animals are fair game (including 120 lbs Dakota).

Helping daddy shovel the sidewalk.
P.S. - words cannot express how much I love those boots of hers. I only wish they made them in my size.

She's a bit sticker obsessed...

and I'm obsessed with her.

She shares Trev's passion for extra-large Tonka toys.

Saige had her first movie theatre experience on Sunday with a matinee of "Tangled" at the Vernon Town Cinema. The Town Theatre is a historic one screen theatre in downtown Vernon that accepts Canadian Tire money on Tuesdays, allows you to 'bring your own bowl' on Wednesdays for free refills and only charges $4 per movie. Saige turned out to be a model audience member sitting through the whole feature length film (and previews) while munching on popcorn and laughing on cue. 

Every day this month we have heard the same request, "I play in the snow?"
I especially love the photo of her waving at Trev as he pulls into the driveway from work; I can just hear her saying "hi daddy" in her British-like accent. I'll have to get it on video, but Saige sounds like a young Keira Knightley when she says "daddy".

"I feed donkey apples" - yes we're feeding Donnie the horse apples.

So that's about it folks. I'm going to try to keep this blog going with photos, videos and maybe even a house tour. Saige's bedroom is still not done as I'd like to spray paint some picture frames but don't have a venue to do such a thing . Trev and I have decided to put the bulk of our time and money into getting this house finished and on the market. Hopefully you'll see a for sale sign stuck in our lawn before 2012 rolls around.

December 27th to January 2nd - Happy New Year

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Only 4 more days and Little Miss Saige will officially be and Saige Wisdom will be celebrating its first ever blogiversary. I'm sorry but 2010 went by a little too fast for my liking and I'm now determined to slow things down in 2011 - even if that means manipulating the clocks in our house. 

Dec 27th - 31st.

Some photos leading up to the big countdown - Saige enjoying her beloved Christmas presents (finally)...

our lazy lion testing out her portable DVD player and hooded blanket

Saiger and I playing coffee shop in her new kitchen/store

My quest for beige, budget-friendly bedroom curtains had us running around Fabricland with no luck, next stop... IKEA! I'll be placing my order with Jill before her next visit.

New Years Eve 2011 had lot of kissin', drinkin' and game playin' goin' on. 

Jan 1st.

Cider love - yes I was lovin' the ciders a little too much Friday night because I spent the majority of New Years Day in bed with my worst hangover to date. We actually ended up watching "The Hangover" after returning from a dinner party with my parents and Gram... LOVE that movie.

Jan 2nd.

Christmas has left the building - we spent the morning de-Christmas'ing the house and reclaiming our living room.

While Trev and I stuffed the tree back in its bag, Ragamuffin Saige busted out her Christmas books and felts (and the art smock that caught my eye and made my heart go pitter-patter). Thank heavens Crayola is washable.

Our first big purchase of 2011? A Mexican vacation with Jill, Ken and whoever else wants to join. We leave April 9th for an all-inclusive week in Cancun at the Gran Caribe Real - just in time for my 28th birthday. We booked it today and now have a new countdown to look forward to.

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