April 25th - Hoppy Easter!

Monday, April 25, 2011

I still can't believe we celebrated Saige's 3rd Easter this Sunday! Seriously where does the time go?

and where did my little baby bunny go?
Easter 2009 

We had an early morning egg hunt - Saige's 3rd of the season - and Easter brunch with Granny and Grandpa Knol. 

Somebunny was SPOILED
(Saige posing with her 1 of 2 Easter baskets)
Auntie Jill stopped by before her long drive home to wish Saiger a Hoppy Easter and snap a family photo of us on the "rock" which is becoming a bit of a tradition (my straight hair was a happy coincidence and I took it one step further by sporting the same vest).

Easter 2010

Saige digging into her chocolate.

As luck would have it, our little Saigelette has decided to veto afternoon naps. Unfortunately this momma needs an après-lunch siesta every once in a while (3 languages in one sentence, new record). Our busy morning made me sleepy and since Saige refused to lie down, we settled on "quiet time". I didn't expect her silence to last long so imagine my surprise when I checked in on her an hour later and found her sitting contently on her bed wide awake... on closer examination I discovered she was surrounded in empty chocolate wrappers!! Our little chocqwet monster had hid a dozen or more Easter candies in the oven of her Little Tikes kitchen!! You'd think a famine was coming the way Saige stashes food around the house; raisins in her crayon box, Cheerios in the tin foil/plastic wrap drawer... sigh.

We decided to take advantage of the beautiful Spring-like day (and get some exercise) by taking our bikes for a spin.

A Dairy Queen pit stop?
So much for burning calories.

What a difference a year makes!
Here's the link to our Easter 2010 post

We ended the day with a Knol/Varley/Hein/Sproule Easter feast (love big family dinners) and a disappointing Canucks' game :(

Saige has recently picked up "what?" and it's driving me bonkers.
Me: "Can you please clean up your puzzle"
Saige: "what?"
Me: "pick up your puzzle pieces please"
Saige: "what you say to me mom?"

Can you believe that? Jeesh.

In other news: I officially felt Baby K's first kicks and Saige's money is on little brother.
Her tummy was upset on Sunday (probably from too much candy) and because she thinks she has a baby in her belly too she says to Trev and I - while patting her stomach - "my baby brudder not feeling good".

Oh the joys of having a creative toddler around.

April 23rd - Saigerella

Saturday, April 23, 2011

When we weren't lounging in loungers or saying "gracias" to anyone and everyone, Trev and I spent A LOT of time discussing our favourite topic, Saige Marie. We definitely missed our sassy Saiger and the itty-bitty beach bums toddling around our resort didn't help matters much. One of us even teared up listening to her 'welcome home' message on voice mail; Trev's a big softy when it comes to his baby girl.

I've shamelessly dedicated this entire post to our favourite chiquita bonita and our hilarious homecoming week.

Terrorizing poor Willow.
Me: "Be nice to the kitty" (after hearing the cat hiss and howl)
Saige: "I just petting her mom"

Talk about bed head - Saige and her locks must have grown 2 inches in our absence! Hard to believe that I was once worried my bald little baby would never grow hair.

One last sit at the table before it got the ol' heave-ho.

Wow kiddo that's quite the smile - do you think you could put some teeth away?

Helping mom tidy the now bare breakfast nook.

Just one of the guys - our little tomboy wearing her "it's my favourite" Buzz Lightyear shirt.

She's completely enamoured with her Flintstone vitamins.

And these days she's all about hiding in things - like Trev's Costco box of Miss Vickies chips. That's another one of her infamous toothy "cheese" smiles.

Practicing her Rihanna number in the rain
You can stand under my umbrella
(ella ella, ay ay ay)

Piggies courtesy of Dean and her amazing hairstyling abilities.

Easter came early at Gramma & Papa's thanks to Auntie Jill's surprise arrival!

The egg hunt got put on hold so Saige could open her 'chocqwet'

This weekend is going to be one big sugar high!

Checking out the 2nd floor view from Rebecca & Darrell's new casa.

Okay I'll admit it... I, Sara Lynn Knol, am über jealous that Becs is building a brand new house while the 3 (soon-to-be 4) make do with 2 beds and 1 bath.

But any and all house plans at our end have been put on hold thanks to Baby K who seems to be baking nicely.
(17 weeks)

April 21st - Cancun (pt. 1)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I was waiting for my travel mates to send their vacation photos my way before doing an official Cancun post, however they're a bit facebook challenged when it comes to uploading images and my blog followers simply cannot wait any longer.

Classic Trev - can't show too much excitement about anything.

No big deal.


Our "spot" in the sun shade
- 4th pergola on the right -

Red flag = fun waves

I may be pushing out a little here... okay maybe a lot, but it made for a good beach belly shot.

Less-than-ideal birthday dinner location... who knew?

At least the company was good...

as was their ceasar salad.

Our wheels on Isla Mujeres. 

Some of the locals near Garrafón Park - our snorkel destination.

Mc.Squints & White-y
(we fit right in)

Our rental car - a Nissan Sentra... 

quite the improvement from our Dodge Atos "experience" in September 2008.

Objects in the mirror are paler than they appear. I was all about the SPF 45 this trip.

The view from my towel at Akumal.

The one and only time we lounged in/by the pool.

The one and only time you'll see me in a swimsuit.
(16 weeks)

God I love this man.

Can't wait to go back, but next time we're bringing the kids and you have no idea how weird it is to type "kid" as plural.

Well if the other 6 members of our vacation gang get their acts together and start posting photos from the trip *hint-hint* I'll try to do a 2nd post.

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