halloween 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

a wee skeleton + a recycled pumpkin + two doctors {one with a creepy mustache} = the knol family in costume.

wishing you more treats than tricks

p.s. - scrubs are SUPER comfy! I think they should be considered appropriate work attire for ALL professions... who's with me?

another photo dump

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our crazy week was just a warm up to our even crazier Hallow'eekend and to make room on the ol' memory cards, you get a Saturday afternoon 'photo dump'. I'll let the pictures do the talking...
* toppling towers *
I couldn't be more happy with our semi-planned kid spacing; 2 years & 9 months turned out to be the perfect age gap for our eldest. We've yet to experience any jealousy and have benefited from her willingness to help and ability to play independently... it's not all roses but we prepared for much worse.

Heather {right} is off on her 2 month Honduras honeymoon, but before she jet-setted, Lori {left} organized a little good-bye luncheon for our 3.5-some which morphed into a Starbucks snuggle fest.

Saige shares my love of all things Autumn and according to Trev has perfected my Sara scowl... I couldn't be more proud.

Our family hearts Polson Park and the ducks heart our stale bread.

* so glad I didn't miss 'goggle day' at swim lessons last Saturday *

Tagging along on daycare outings satisfies the wanna-be kindergarten teacher in me. This week we went to Davidson's Orchard, Ya Ya's Play Centre and Red Robin for a special lunch. I don't know how Dean does it, but I'm in total awe.

* weeeee! *

 Photos of Saige's pumpkins all carved up are on my other memory card {yes I broke down and bought a second Lumix for the diaper bag - point & shoots are waaay more convenient}

* a snapshot of our bedtime routine *

Angel baby is baaaack! Looks like Gabe's fussy baby act last weekend was just a minor blip in his perfect baby track record.

Caleb and fam came for dinner and yes Saige is wearing a random Lightning McQueen pull-up over her jeans... we don't even try to figure her out.

I couldn't hate the Movember mustache more and the fact that he cheated by growing it before November 1st makes me unable to look at him. Gross facial hair aside, I love my boys.
happy trick-or-treating!!

i give up... nevermind

Thursday, October 27, 2011

this blog is so all over the map that i'm having trouble keeping up. my solution? commit to NOTHING. yup I'm leaving the 'photo a day' challenge to the professional, i'm only doing giveaways & etsy features when i feel like it and if I want to take a 2+ week blogging hiatus, i will. 

going to bed feeling guilty over a silly blog is just that... silly. some days it felt like i was neglecting my adorable children {see below} in order to pay attention to my blog which is totally back-assward.
* what a difference a year makes *
yesterday when i started writing this 'blogging sometimes sucks' post i was seriously contemplating pulling the plug on {Saige Wisdom} and then i got this email...
someone nominated {Saige Wisdom} to the Top 25 Canadian Mom Blog list on Circle of Moms! i have to give a big thank you to whoever paid me such a huge compliment, it was just the ego boost i needed to carry on.

you can vote for me everyday until November 17th by clicking on this button found on my sidebar... don't worry if you forget {I'll remind you}

and don't get me wrong, i do love my blog {and now i know at least one of you enjoys reading it}. i just think i need my little place in cyber space to be fun again instead of an obligation.
* born to be cool *
cause we're all about fun over here at casa knol... massive photo dump coming soon sooner or later ;)

ONE MONTH update

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So Baby G - as in Gabriel and not the watch brand - is officially ONE MONTH old... crazy right? Before I get to his ONE MONTH update I need to apologize for all the emails I've been sending out that are super delayed and completely void of any punctuation, capitalization and substance. Obviously typing with one hand is going to take some practice.

* cars instead of cupcakes *

BIG BOY: last weigh in... 7 lbs 13 oz. His cheeks are definitely filling out which makes him look less like a little old man and more like a squishy baby.

SNACK TIME: now that we've got our latching issues under control, we're completely off the bottle and eating every 2-3 hours. My body must think I'm nursing twins or something because I have so much milk that Gabe literally drowns in it {and then spits it back up again... lovely}.

SLEEPY TIME: he's definitely a carseat napper; easily soothed by vehicles, strollers and noisy crowds. At home he's a bit more alert - and cranky - unless he's being snuggled and/or in his baby bjorn/ergo carrier. Fortunately he's a better, more consistent sleeper at bedtime. We typically call it a night at 9:30 pm and will get 3-4 hour stretches in between his feeds. The combination of bedsharing + side lying nursing has me feeling rested when Saige wakes he & I up at 7:15 am {ie. hollers "yoo-hoo" in the baby monitor}.

OUTFIT OF THE MONTH: the only thing cuter than baby clothes is baby clothes with horizontal stripes. When Saige was a wee one I fell in love with 'baby gowns'; they make midnight diaper changes far less challenging than fighting with newborn legs and sleeper snaps. These reasons make Gabe's stripey nightgowns/day gowns my favourite ONE MONTH outfit...
Saige & Gabe
September 2011

Brooke & Saige
January 2009
TRYING MOMENTS: last Saturday was by far our hardest day with baby Gabe who cried and cried and then cried some more. Let's just say inconsolable babies have the potential to wreak havoc on marriages {ours in particular}. My midwife did remind me about the purple crying period but since Gabe has been such a chill baby I thought "oh I can handle an increase in crying"; over the course of the weekend Mister Man went from virtually no crying to non-stop crying which left me wanting to cry}. Thank heavens his wailing has subsided and our baby angel is back... for now.

MEMORABLE MOMENTS & MILESONES: honest to goodness we had to wait 4+ months before Saige graced us with her first smile; with Gabe we only had to wait 4 days. He smiles in his sleep and just recently he started smiling when I kiss his chubby cheeks or rub his button nose with my non-button nose. It's probably just his nervous system reacting but I'll take it. 

I wish I had video of Saige communicating with Gabe... it's simply ridiculous; she copies Trev and I, but puts her own Saige spin on it {ie. drama}. My favourite is when she gushes, "awwwwww look - he's so cute & cuddly" and she says it with this pained expression on her face. An actress in the making. I'll try to capture it on my flip the next time, but just know she's Gabriel's biggest fan and calls him Gabey every so often.

Gabriel's other nicknames thus far: Gabe, red, monster, mister man, Baby G, handsome and hiccup. As you can tell we're pretty smitten with our ginger baby and looking forward to month #2.

Happy 1 Month Little Man!

... 10.24.11 ...

Monday, October 24, 2011

was hoping to do a little ONE MONTH update today, but he wouldn't let me... I guess we'll just have to try again tomorrow.

... 10.23.11 ...

... 10.22.11 ...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

someone slept through Saige's entire Saturday morning swim lesson {alliteration at it's finest}


... congratulations...

jenni from lovestar

she won october's {TREASURY HUNT} over on 'a  little etsy love'

and my pick for 'treasury of the week'...

suzanne from house of plush

have a retro blue & red christmas

... 10.21.11...


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Family, friends & followers here's your chance to get in on the fun...

Entering this {GREAT GIVEAWAY} also known as a {TREASURY HUNT} is as easy as 1, 2, 3... simply visit my guest post over on a 'A Little Etsy Love' and follow the instructions. ** P.S. I'm going to be a regular over there so get acquainted. **

As promised here's a great tutorial on how to create your very own Etsy treasury so now there's NO excuse for you NOT to enter my giveaway sponsored by RIKRAK...

I'm definitely no expert when it comes to treasury making, but here's my Cole's notes version on how I play curator...

{2} Fill in the BLANKS

{3} Start adding items by copying & pasting URL's {tip: it's helpful to toggle between 2 browsers - one for your treasury and the other for hunting handmade goodies}.

*** don't have an etsy account? what are you waiting for?! just kidding... click here to register {do it now}.

Don't forget to take advantage of RIKRAK's 15% off everything sale exclusive to 'Saige Wisdom' followers.  Just enter TREASURYHUNT at checkout to stock up on stockings {and ornaments} - discount code expires 10.22.11 so quick like a bunny.  

... 10.19.11 ...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I probably couldn't love my girl anymore than I already do. She's so unbelievably sweet in her interactions with Gabe that I forget how sour she can be {especially on non-napping days}.

I guess it's time I introduce you to the 5th member of our family... JAMIE. I would show you a picture of him except he doesn't actually exist; he's our daughter's imaginary friend.

Saige first started talking about JAMIE a couple months ago... she has no one by that name in her social circle - and neither do we - so we did A LOT of prying.

Somedays JAMIE is a grown up and other days he's a toddler sleeping in a "Toy Story 1" bed that Saige helps potty train. According to Saige, JAMIE is responsible for 90% of her bruises; he's ALWAYS hurting her and he's usually "at work" when Trev or I want to have a word with him. She even pointed out his office the other day which is just some random downtown building.

Oh and this past weekend JAMIE was in the hospital after "falling down a flight of stairs" and we needed to "bring him medicine".

Saige is so consistent when she describes her "very best friend" JAMIE that I'm slightly creeped out by it... I truly hope JAMIE is just a figment of her imagination and not some spooky ghost.

I'm sure you'll be hearing lots more about JAMIE since he doesn't appear to be going anywhere. Please tell me phantom friends are totally normal at this age.

... 10.18.11 ...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We busted out the Halloween decorations last night and found Saige's costumes from 2009 and 2010. Can you believe they BOTH still fit?!

Wow has she - and her hair - ever grown! I miss my little candy corn witch *sniff-sniff* 

Halloween 2009
It's crazy how much of Saige I see in Gabriel and I can't wait for next year when Gabe can wear the classic pumpkin costume. To be honest I don't know what little man is going to be in 2011 as I'm not positive his Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. toque will fit him come October 31st.

... 10.17.11 ...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Only 3 weeks old and already has the sniffles - poor little fella.

I know, I know... my daily photos leave much to be desired. I desperately need a photography mentor and I also need to decide where to put my creative energy this year: blog, photography or etsy shop? I FINALLY have an idea for etsy store that doesn't require graphic design and/or sewing skills. The problem is I can't do all 3. 

Please help me choose.

... 10.16.11 ...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

So Gabe had his first trip to Parker Cove this weekend! When Saige was a baby we dreaded the 30 minute drive to Gramma & Papa's because she'd literally scream the entire commute. I keep expecting Gabriel to morph into an 'I hate everything' baby like his big sister Saige, but he's just super laid-back when it comes to things like carseats, strollers, bottles, etc.

That being said the soother isn't as big a hit as we had hoped. We keep popping it in his mouth with crossed fingers but more often than not he gags or yawns or cries even harder.

The only times he's not super chill is when he's hungry {which is often}. He goes from 0 to 10 in 3 seconds if his milk demands are not met... Trev says, "yup, he definitely has red in him".

I'm officially part of the my 'baby spits up club'. We escaped membership the first time round with Saige - never put a bib on her until she started eating solids. Unfortunately I see A LOT of milk puke in our future; I'd seriously take poop over puke, but that's just not in our Gabe cards.

Gabriel also happens to be the King of Hiccups which are painful to watch.

So many good stories to share, so little time. Bye for now... until the next nap.  

... 10.15.11 ...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

miss independent missed a step before washing her hands


My love of all things ETSY has me guesting: guest blogging over on 'A Little Etsy Love' today.  I'm très excited about my new venture/feature {TREASURY HUNTS} where readers can test out show off their treasury making skills and win cool giveaways in the process.
This week I got to collaborate with the one & only Kristal Davis - a legend in the blog world and my personal blogging hero. Her {BLOG} 'the rikrak studio' is total eye candy and offers fun, interactive posts that have me double clicking on her site daily - if not hourly. Kristal is also the Canadian talent behind the hugely popular {ETSY SHOP} rikrak.
rikrak {aka Etsian extraordinaire} - specializes in uber cute Christmas stockings and you have a chance to win one! Simply submit a treasury incorporating one of the 3 rikrak designs and I'll take care of the rest.
Visit 'A Little Etsy Love' for all the {TREASURY HUNT} details and if you're not familiar with what "playing curator" means, I'll be posting a treasury making tutorial later this week.

Here's a peek at my RIKRAK inspired {Friday Finds} treasury...
{isosceles} rikrak - canada - $18
{a} mcintyre girl - u.s.a - $85
{b} the rainbow room - u.k. - $15
{c} kcmisme  - u.s.a - $25
{d} teconlene - italy - $22
{e} louise 35 flower - u.k. - $25
{f} black sheep chic - u.s.a. - $10
{g} sunshine jewls - canada - $24
{h} acquired design - u.s.a. - $13
{i} love and dream - europe - $23
{j} elisabeth nicole - u.s.a - $15
{k} huisache designs - u.s.a - $10
{l} lei lila loo - netherlands - $32

... 10.14.11 ...

stream of consciousness...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Life right now revolves around boobs, food and sleep {I sound like a 13 year old boy}. My appetite - which was non-existent throughout the entire pregnancy - has finally shown show up to the party and this wouldn't be such a bad thing if I hadn't just sworn off dairy 4 days ago! Yes poor Gabe has tummy issues so I did the ol' omit lactose from my diet experiment and fortunately for him/unfortunately for me it seems to be helping the gas & gurgles.

The timing couldn't be any worse as eggnog just hit supermarket shelves everywhere! I've had to pair my morning granola with Saige's almond milk - a taste I'm beginning to acquire.

Aside from upset stomachs and milk withdrawals things have been pretty low-key around here and we haven't strayed too far from home. Gabe's favourite place to be is in my arms - which I can't really complain about - so there's not a whole lot getting done around the casa {or blog}. 

Thinking about the 8+ baskets of clean, yet to be folded laundry I have going on is truly giving me a self-induced headache. I can't imagine what life would be like without my freezer full of premade dinners - best decision EVER {well that and keeping Saige in daycare}.

I thought I'd be taking A LOT more photos of my little man during the day, but they all look the same as he literally wears the same outfit everyday and gives me the same pose day in, day out - eyes closed, serene expression, hands by face. I'm definitely not brave enough to mess with a sleeping baby like my newborn photographer friends so I just stopped taking them.
... doesn't he look so itty in Trev's big paws? ...

So I received my disc of images today {see above} - the package was sitting in my mailbox following a rather disasterous playdate. Words of wisdom: children born 24 hours apart are way too similar to become besties for life no matter how much their moms will it to be.
Since I'm not 100% certain which photo{s} I'll be using for Gabe's birth announcement, I'm only posting a couple images; just trust me when I say Lisa is ahh-mazing {and you have no idea how HOT she keeps her studio for her newborn sessions... i.was.dying}. I sure wish Saige had been a bit a lot more co-operative, but who am I kidding? It probably didn't help that Gabe pooped on her. true story.

Anyways this post is starting to read like my emails = one giant run-on sentence. We somehow ended up with not one, but two little monkeys in our queen-size bed last night and I'm running on empty.

So thankful for the lasagna defrosting in my sink and the fact Grey's is on tonight... hooray for being lazy!

... 10.11.11 ...

... 10.10.11 ...

gobble, gobble...

It's Thanksgiving! Time for me - and every other Canadian blogger - to list what we're thankful for...
{1} the fact that nobody has commented on my lack of follow through re: posting a photo everyday. The idea was as short-lived as my tree planting career, but I'm not giving up on it entirely.

{2} honey crisp apples from Davidson Orchard - move over galas mama's got a new favourite.

{3} nursing while lying down.

{4} photography blogs.

{5} The Rachel Zoe Project, Season 4... she's bananas.

{6} mi familia {immediate & extended}.

{7} bathroom scales that lie.

{8} forehead kisses & foot rubs.

{9} opportunities to exercise my creativity.



{12} house keepers.

{13} photo dumps...
When my trusy Lumix took a swim, Trev replaced it with another point & shoot and while I'm not the biggest fan of the newbie, it's handy and fits tucks nicely into the diaper bag. Here's what I discovered on its memory card:
- Saige the 'sea turtle' who prefers hot tubs to swim lessons
- The Lion King in 3D
- our makeshift double stroller
- the baristas at Starbucks love Saigers {and we love their specialty hot chocolates}

So much to be thankful for.
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