confessions {family edition}.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

{with a twist}

meet Saige
she's petite and peculiar and she's got A LOT of confessing to do...

- Saige eats boogers. it's disgusting but we can't seem to put a kibosh on it. {your anti-nose picking suggestions are more than welcome}.

- when she thinks no one is looking she'll stick her finger in Gabe's mouth so he can suck on it {ummm did you all read the first bullet? YUCK!}. When we try to scold her we'll get this in return, "but he likes insert whatever breakfast food she had that morning" {ie. peanut butter or cinnamon toast}. At present Gabriel's battling a nasty cold, hmmm... I wonder why?

- I've caught her more than once curled up on the couch watching 'Family Guy' with her dad {and popcorn}. 

- leaving daycare yesterday she explained that she "was screwing around" and therefore forgot to say bye to her good friend Monte. No Trevor she doesn't understand Stewie Griffin and animated television at all {did you pick up on the sarcasm?}

- she tries to blame everything on her imaginary friend Jamie:

Me: "uh-oh you need to clean up your box of Little People that got dumped"
Saige: "but I didn't do it, Jamie did"

- as much as I didn't want this to happen, Saige is obsessed with iPhone apps... we limit her to one game per day, but that is one too many in my opinion. are there any kid friendly EDUCATIONAL apps that I should know about? Tom Tom the Talking Cat is getting put down very soon.

- Saige was the world's worst dental patient on Monday {I almost lied and said I was the nanny so the hygenist would stop blaming me with those squinty eyes of hers}. It didn't matter that we practiced ALL weekend or that Dr. Anthony made her a special balloon animal, that kid of mine {yes I claimed her in the end} wouldn't open up for anything - not even my desperate timbit bribe {donut holes for my American readers}.

- speaking of fast food, Saige has ate at Mc.Donald's before *holy GASP*
- bodily functions will put her into fits of giggles and farts in the bathtub? well that's just hysterical - the bubbles, the underwater echo... it's hilarity to the max.

- Saige does what she wants, when she wants.

- she cries crocodile tears.

- she swallows toothpaste.

- she jumps on couches.

- she sneaks chocolate for breakfast.

- she laughs at her own jokes.

- she's so much like me, it's scary {except for the booger eating part and the not being swayed by baked goods}.


Sandra Kohlmann said...

I would love to be a fly on the wall in your house. I can't imagine how funny some of your conversations with Saige are.

Our Little Bubble said...

haha our oldest is 5 and the booger thing is a hard habit to break. I started telling him that kids at pre-school won't play with booger pickers. we promote picking with a kleenex and keep boxes allll over the place in the house, in the van in his bedroom... it's working slowly :) now i can just wait for the next two middle boys to start this nastyness all over again :) Sooo Mason is doing very good!! great baby (now that I've put that in writing I'm sure he'll turn into a unmanageable cryer.. ha!) I'm not sure that it's just him being a good baby or that it's our 4th baby and I finally have this baby thing down to a "T" :) either way, he's great.... so far... day 9 :) we'll hope this trend continues until he's 18!!!

Sarah Reinhart said...

Yeah, our five year old is finally ending his love affair with his boogers. I think peer pressure works for the best sometimes.

Danielle Hardy said...

This booger problem makes me want to vomit.. When I was tucking max into bed the other night, the lights were out so it was dark and he kept whining and holding his finger up so I thought he had an owie and I went to kiss it better and when my lips touched his finger I noticed a slimy sort of texture and realized that I was kissing his booger. Yup, that happened.

Sarah said...

Saige is Zachary. Exactly. Except he hasn't taken to booger eating thus far.

Brianne G said...

I love this post - Saige is by the far the most entertaining little monster I have the priveldge of seeing on a regular basis! I love her sass! Sorry no help her on the boogie front.

Kate said...

This cracks me up!

It all sounds VERY familiar...

MSDeyle said...

LOOOVE this from her point of view. Girl's got some confessing to do... haha...

You'll have to throw this in more often.

Randalin. said...

I always look forward to these posts, but this one from Saige's point of view was the BEST! So funny! I love your sense of humour :)

mmjiaxin said...
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