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Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm tiring of perfect mom blogs
you know the ones
I'm pretty sure they're lying
and their lies make me feel bad
I'm not inadequate
just real
{and maybe a bit jealous}
I love my kids
just as much
if not more
I promised I wouldn't lose myself in them
that I'd have a life outside of them
that's not selfish
it's good role modeling
I'm a mother
I'm not perfect
I'm tiring of the pretending

these five blogs get 5 gold stars for their perfectly refreshing honesty & content...


thanks ladies for keeping it real.

{who would you add to this growing list?}


Danielle Hardy said...

I'll have to check these out.. I feel the same way!! JUST BE REAL PEOPLE!!

I really like

Sandra Kohlmann said...

I'm totally with you! And now I'm excited to have new blogs to check out. Thanks for sharing!

ana {bluebirdkisses} said...

lol I'm not sure who I would "add" but I know who I would NOT add. I feel pretty overwhelmed sometimes reading other blogs too. Which is why I took them off my "bloglovin" list.

ana {bluebirdkisses} said...

I re-thought about this one and I do have 2 blogs to add to the mix:

I've actually met Andrea from Silence and Noise and both her and Bresho are just as sweet and down to earth as in the posts. I haven't met Adriane from AandB stories in person but we've exchanged a few emails and we're instagram friends and I love her and Ben! they're so cute!!

Sarah said...

Thanks!!! you'd be on the list too, of course. I can't stand when people lie on their blogs- it's so obvious. You know, I feel like a blog is a mini-reality can put on there whatever you would like. However, inauthenticity shines through and makes my skin crawl..just a little bit...

Sarah said...

oh, crap, forgot to add DIY (
She's so real & refreshing!!!!

Lisa said...

a friend and I actually considered doing an anonymous blog critiquing these bloggers because we were in awe of how unreal they seemed. we decided it was better to just stop reading them, or at least try to stop. I won't lie, sometimes i can't help but look at their carefully selected (perfect) life shots... but usually only for humour... I especially love their comments to each other. it's like a competition on who can be the most fake!
anyhow, now I feel bad for being bitchy. I should go check out these links.

Rosa @ FlutterFlutter said...

Regardless of whether it's mom blogs, DIY, or lifestyle blogs, I am drawn to real, tell it like it is bloggers! Probably because those are the people that I would choose to be friends with in "real" life. :)

Olly's mama said...

You're perfect for being not perfect! This year is the year we moms need to give ourselves a break ;.)

SaigeWisdom said...

thanks for all the "real" blog recommendations! I'm limiting my dose of "perfect mom" blogs to 1 stalk a week. I discovered I can't quit cold turkey... it'll take some baby steps.

Randalin. said...

Wow - thank you so much! My heart did a little dip when I saw my header up there.

I have to be honest, I try to keep it real as much as possible, but I'm definitely guilty of keeping the really tough life stuff out of the blog. This is mostly because I have family that reads my blog and for some reason sharing your inner most feelings with strangers is a lot easier than it is with family (for me, anyway). I actually really wish I could be MORE honest on my blog, but I think some privacy is important.

Regardless, I'm so glad that I don't come across like some of the bloggers Lisa spoke of in her comment. I think that there are some people that have pretty fairytale lives, but I think that's the exception. For most, I think picking up authenticity on a blog is pretty easy. I will never, EVER get the sucking up to one another that happens between some "popular" bloggers - so fake and ridiculous...


And by the way - I think you're a pretty "real" blogger too :)

D @ Naptime in Suburbia said...

I came to your blog from the Midweek Confessions link-up (your post is hilarious!), and I'm so glad I found it! I couldn't agree more about the "perfect mom" blogs-they give an inferiority complex.

I'm following you now :)

E said...

LOVE this post. THANK YOU!

I'm coming back to check out all those other blogs too. :)

mmjiaxin said...
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John said...
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