Sunday, January 22, 2012

1. let your freak flag fly  2. pre-school prep  3. catching flies  4. explorers  5. best buds  6. pink Picaso  7. spectators  8. prime real estate  9. jumping bean
10. laundry mat  11. choo-choo  12. snoweeeee! 13. mini-photog  14. silk pajamas & soy  15. first class  16. poser  17. crazy driver  18. circus training 


MSDeyle said...

That jumper thing is definitely sweet!! Looks a whole lot sweeter than our cheap old (free) Johnny Jumper from the 80's.

D @ Naptime in Suburbia said...

I love the picture of Saige and the painting. She does look like a mini-Picasso!

mmjiaxin said...
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