Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time to link up with E's
{hey it's cheaper than therapy}

- I'm not good with secrets. I start conversations with, "promise you won't say anything?" more than I care to admit. Keeping Gabriel's private parts hush-hush for the whole week leading up to his gender reveal party was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I'm certain every family member & friend reading this right now is panicking {don't worry I haven't told anyone about your ____________, except maybe Trev... and my mom... and my twitter followers}.

- I'm wondering if the above statement is a recycled confession? It sounds oddly familiar; I'll probably use my blog's search box to look up keyword: "secret". If I have mentioned it before, let this serve as a reminder.

- Speaking of Gabriel's private parts, I worry about them. I consumed a lot of edamame beans while pregnant and now Gabe's entire diet revolves around soy formula. Just google 'soy' and 'penis size' at the same time and you'll see why I'm so concerned about how G-man will be measure up in the locker room.

- I made up a "game" that involves Saige walking on my back; she thinks she's practicing her balance, but really she's giving me a wonderful mommy massage.

- I screen phone calls.

- I'm not doing so well with my twelve for 12 goals - here's their present status non-status...

(1) take better photographs - I'm thinking instagram doesn't count

(2) learn to run - I've registered for the 5K run group starting in March

(3) drink more water - not happening {FYI - I just puppy eyed Trev into getting me a glass}

(4)  try new recipes. meal plan - this would require me to grocery shop

(5) spend more time outdoors - doing marginally better with this one

(6) start our home addition - Houston we have progress

(7)  simplify, simplify, simplify - should have defined this one better

(8) go on a family trip that requires passports and sunscreen - this may be sacrificed for #6

(9) be a better wife - according to me or Trev?

(10) laugh more. scream less - still screaming :(

(11) read more fiction and non - no time for books, reality tv's on

(12) get organized  - kinda, sorta.

- I purposely write posts, talk about twitter, quote followers' comments in conversations, etc. just to annoy my baby sister {hi Becs}. She thinks I'm all kinds of awesome annoying and I'd like to keep it that way because when she was a skinny little tween {she got the good genes}, she thought I was the cat's meow and copied everything I did... now that my friends was FAR more annoying than any of my present day blog talk.

** I just got some très exciting news that I can't wait to share... it and my obsessions are coming soon to a post near you **

pinned it.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Morgan from :: mon petit amour :: has inspired me to follow through with my pins once and for all. 

When I started Saige Wisdom, :: mon petit amour :: was the first Canadian blog I started following {Bri's collected was my first American blog} and over the years Morgan has introduced me to some other bloglovin' faves:

All these lovely mom bloggers have projects on my pinterest boards, but this weekend's pinspiration came from little miss Saige herself.

Gabe woke up ridiculously early on Sunday morning - "hello 4:45am, it's been awhile, how've ya been?" and Saige heard my bottle making process going on in the kitchen which had her joining us in the living room just as Gabe went down for his first nap. Dead tired I put on cartoons and closed my eyes on the couch; when I opened them again I had one excited pre-schooler asking, "can we make bird feeders out of pine cones and peanut butter?"... haha - thanks Treehouse TV.

And so a pinterest project was born:

And completed:

Felt good to finally finish one for the books {and spend quality time with the always hilarious Saiger Knol}.


Monday, February 27, 2012

I knew I'd be doing a combined post when V-day rolled around and still no January update. I'd like to blame it on the flu epidemic that tornado'd through our house, but in all honesty getting to 4 was hard - hard on Gabe, hard on me physically, hard on me emotionally, hard on Trev, hard on our marriage - I wasn't ready to relive the early stages of 2012, it's still a bit raw, but for the sake of preserving memories - good, bad & ugly - here's a 2 for 1 Gabriel update.


3rd month on his 1/3 birthday he weighed 12 lbs 5 oz, was 62.4 cm in length and had a head circumference of 40.5 cm. He's still wearing his 0-3 month onesies, but moved into 3-6 month pants & sleepers courtesy of those long limbs of his.

4th month - he hasn't had a check up in awhile so while we're not 100% certain of his exact measurements we can confidently say that he's MUCH bigger! He's out of 0-3 month everything and moving into some 6 month stuff. It's also worth noting that once this last pack of diapers disappears we'll be saying hello to SIZE 2 pampers! 


3rd month - we started the month off breastfeeding, experimented with a free sample of formula which Gabe spat back in our faces {literally}, adopted a no nonsense no dairy/gluten/egg lifestyle, saw minimal results, ended up in an aisle of Superstore bleary eyed and covered in baby puke grabbing one hefty tin of soy formula - haven't looked back since. It turns out our little man likes to eat WAAAAY more than this momma was producing AND the milk I was able to produce was poisoning his digestive system. I've shed A LOT of tears over this and continue to have very strong feelings related to our new feeding schedule.

4th month - I'm over feeling sorry for myself. Gabe's doing soy much better {pun intended}; I've learned to just smile off all judgement when I whip out a bottle instead of a boob. At present G-man's polishing off 3 - 5 oz. of Nestle GoodStart Alsoy Step 1 formula every 3 - 4 hours and is ridiculously content about it all. The only thing making us a bit noivous {it's how I pronouce nervous these days} is the introduction of solids. We've given him rice cereal a handful of times but it seems to leave him uncomfortable and gassy... oy vey.


3rd month - one word "brutal" - you know when a solid 2 hours of rocking results in a meager 20 minute power nap? bru-tal. That - on repeat - pretty much sums up my life ALL of January. The only thing that seemed to do the trick was the following recipe: a tight swaddle, gripe water, a soothie soother, a warmed rice bag placed directly on upset tummy, knees hugging chest, an exaggerated baby bounce and white noise or momma making "shushing" sounds.

4th month - 10x better. The fact that we haven't swaddled Gabe in over a month and "heat up the rice bag" is no longer part of our vocabulary is ahh-mazing. The kids share a bedtime of 7:30 - 8:30 pm but one or both of them will wake up at least once in the night. Gabe sleeps in his crib at bedtime and his playpen at naptime which means he's not in our bed at all anymore... boo. The little bugger likes waking up between 4:30 - 5 am only to fall back asleep again once I'm up and at it. That being said I love our morning couch snuggles and the fact that he still sleeps on my chest like a newborn baby. The weight of him, the smell of him, the rise and fall of his shallow breaths... it's intoxicating.


3rd month - we were all about comfort & warmth this winter so Gabe wore A LOT of fleecy sleepers and a rotating supply of hooded jumpsuits that no adult male could get away with {unless your name is David Beckham}. I especially liked this green stripey number as once upon a time it belonged to my favourite little nephew, Caleb-bear.

4th month - apparently my love of stripes has some hood competition. Gabe has an insane number of hooded zip-ups including this {sorry for the blurry pic, I was laughing mid-click} reversible Gap fave. I can pretty much sum up Gabriel's wardrobe in 7 words: stripes, hoods, white onesies, navy, grey & denim. **I actually have an 8th item creeping into his closet, but I'll save it for my next 'obsessions' post

TRYING MOMENTS: I'm gonna ignore this header cause truth be told ALL of January was trying.


3rd month - I'm wondering if our baby has ADHD, he's on the move all.the.time. and with a look of sheer determination on his squishy little face. He flips, he rolls, he inches... he needs to be contained 24/7.

G-man has some serious hair pulling skillz. He prefers Saiger's long locks and she's surprisingly okay with it, "hey bud! give that back" is her typical response.

Our 2nd vacation as a family of 4 was a success thanks in part to both sets of grandparents trekking up the mountain to baby-sit.

Gabe went stroller-skating for the first time and LOVED it; he also went tobagganing with daddy and HATED it {big surprise}... I don't know many babies who enjoy getting face washed.

4th month - Auntie Dean & Uncle Byron took baby G on his first ever overnighter! The joys of formula. 

Gabe was introduced to rice cereal, peas and sweet potaters... only the latter passed the taste test.

The playpen, exersaucer and jolly jumper were welcome additions the baby circuit while the mama-roo and bouncy chair have entered retirement.
He found his tongue, his toes and is in total awe of his big sister.

Hard to believe, but Mr. Gabriel has morphed into a happy, coo-ey baby right before our eyes. He laughs, he smiles, he contently plays with toys, he puts himself to sleep... he's the son of our dreams and he makes me giddy. Sure it took us 4 LONG months to get to this point, but we've arrived and I can't wait to finish the remaining 7+ months of mat leave in true ginger style.


You've already seen a lot of these, but I couldn't resist his charm...
** this post was written over a 2 month period so my apologies if the tone, content, etc. is all over the map... I'm just happy it's finally O.V.E.R. **


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

For those who've noticed my social network absenteeism {hi mom} my throat swab came back "strep" which doesn't explain the disgusting sty in my right eye or my mono-esque lethargy, but it does explain why my scale says I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight {not for long though thanks to the double batch of banana chocolate chip muffins I whipped up yesterday}.

It's Wednesday, you know the drill so let's just dive right in...

- I've convinced myself that the above banana chocolate chip muffin recipe is a healthy one due to the main ingredient being 1 cup of overripe bananas and 1 heaping cup of Hershey Chipits.

- I'm not funny in real life; I'm lucky if I get one laugh per day and it's either me laughing at my own jokes or Saige laughing in my general vicinity and me taking the credit. Brad Paisley's "I'm so much cooler online" has become my theme song. What IS funny are all your comments that tell me how ha-larious I am; they're also dangerous because I'm starting to believe the hype, "knock, knock..."
- I don't just listen to country music, I LOVE IT!
- This is more of a plea than a confession and it goes out to Trev-bob {who we've established never reads my blog}: I dream of an evening when a back rub means just that. Sorry babe it's not code word for foreplay, it literally means, "massage my damn shoulders".
- I've been known to prop a bottle or two. Save your stones, I've already been throwing rocks at myself over this one.
- I try to limit my reality TV watching to 2 shows, but this season I've been taping ALL of them - even The Voice which is a new one on my radar. I missed the 'meet my family' episdode on Monday's Bachelor, but I'm not too broken up over it, I'm just dying to know who go the ol' bu-bye from Ben {pu-lease have been Courtney}. American Idol, Amazing Race and Survivor are others on the PVR automatic record. When you only pay for basic cable you need to stock up on stuff to watch during the next outbreak of disease. 
- As much as I love our little munchkins and wouldn't trade them for anything in the whole wide world {unless cloning becomes legal and I can pay extra for the better behaved upgrade} I'm starting to mourn my perky, pre-nursing boobies.
- I've unintentionally taught my daughter to say 'boobies' instead of 'breasts' which is a huge social work 101 no-no.
** want another social work no-no? WARNING: the next confession is not for the faint of heart **
- As a precaution we had left Children's Motrin out for when Auntie Becca came to baby-sit sicky Saige. We kinda forgot about it until the next day when Saige was quiet in her room while Trev was feeding the baby and I was hopping out of the shower. As I'm towelling off I hear, "HOW MANY DID YOU EAT?!"... cue my panic attack. Sneaky Saige had stole the entire bottle off the kitchen counter, somehow managed to get the child proof lid of the top and was popping them back like candy!!!!!!!!! I immediately called poison control and here's how the conversation went down:
Poison Control (P.C.) - good afternoon what's your emergency?
Me - we just found our daughter eating Children's Motrin by the handful!!!
P.C. - how old is she?
Me - she's 3 but a SMALL 3
P.C. - how much does she weigh?
Me - 26 maybe 27 lbs
P.C. - how many did she eat?
Me - I DON'T KNOW!!!!
P.C. - how many are in a bottle?
Me - 30!
P.C. - how many are left?
Me - *frantically counting* 14!
P.C. - approximately how many were in there at the time?
Me - we've probably given her about 7 or 8 over the year.
P.C. - judging by my calculations she should be okay, she might get a bit of a stomach ache, but other than that she'll be 100% fine... just don't give her anymore.
True story - those exclamation points!! were real y'all - and the moral?
  1. child proof caps are a myth
  2. children can never be trusted
  3. kid medicine shouldn't be made to taste good
  4. I'm winning the worst parent of the year award
  5. a petite pre-schooler can take 6x the recommended dosage of Children's Motrin and live to tell about it... {just don't give them anymore... duh!}
- Yesterday was garbage day and since Trev-bob forgot to haul our bin the the curb, I braved the elements in my slippers & pajamas and totally bailed as I was sprinting back to the house to avoid detection. I really didn't want the flawless new mom from across the street to see me in my polka dot pj's, but she did. She got to see me face plant in the snow and make a fresh imprint of my clumsiness {which is still there}. So embarassing! So me.


Monday, February 20, 2012

This...  is not as fun as I initially thought it would be - it's more like work - which is why I'm quitting... starting now. Kudos to all of you who not only keep up but take ahh-mazing photos in the process like the one & only Ms. Andrea @andrehka from

It's harder than she makes it look, trust me. That being said here's my last installment of less than stellar #photoaday instagrams.
f. button // awesome ATM's that charge you $1.50 to access YOUR money  
g.  sun // our view from the chairlift  
h.  front door // the little people welcome you  
 i.  self portrait // self explanatory  
j.  makes me happy // our determined little sk8ter girl 
k.  inside your closet // actually the inside of Saiger's as mine would make your cringe  
l.  blue // working the workbook  
 m.  heart // my funny valentine 
 n.  phone // the big case reveal following THIS POST

top 3.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

{ FIRST } is there any room on the Zooey bandwagon left for me? I took in my first episode of "New Girl" and could an adult woman be any cuter?

{ SECOND } Happy belated Apple Month fellow Canadians!! Wanna come visit me this summer? Well BC Tree Fruits is hosting a nation wide family friendly contest called Artful Apple where you can WIN just that - a vacay to the little place I get to call home, the sunny Okanagan. How do you like them apples?

{ THIRD } thanks to kijiji I scored a vintage solid wood 1950's buffet for only $10 this week! I seriously felt like the 4th family member of Young House Love with this ahh-mazing find; I mean you can't even grab lunch for that price anymore. I've got big plans for my newest bargain {hint: two toned tv console} but for now it's parked on the front porch watching school aged children skip by wearing oversized backpacks.

what 3 things are you dying to share?

new addition.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's taken 9 months, 2 contractors and a lot of umming & ahhing, but we finallly have progress. It's a work in progress, but it's progress nonetheless and we have 'Hot Anthony' to thank for this first draft...

These preliminary drawing are getting some minor ch-ch-changes at tomorrow's revision meeting {ie. nix the main floor laundry, cancel some windows, boycott the double sinks, switch the stair location, flip the closet/ensuite combo, etc., etc.} but I'm simply vibrating with excitement - MORE SPACE, MORE STORAGE, MORE THAN ONE POTTY!

I can't wait to blow the roof of this joint, but that'll have to wait seeing how we just got another foot of winter dumped on us today {and we have no clue how much this little "project" is going to run us}.

I'm still not feeling 100% but I wanted needed to share our progress.

HAPPY valentines.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Boy did it feel good to get my craft on again. Every bestie needs a friendship bracelet after all...

Part 2 is coming just as soon as I get over this FLU!
{ how's that for a Valentine's poem }

GIVEAWAY winner.

Friday, February 10, 2012

can I get a drum roll please...


Congratulations Kathie!
You won a Custom Family Name Sign from Off Woodland Lane.

The response to this giveaway was tremendous; my iPhone was literally blowing up with all your wonderful entries and Jill's Etsy Shop is now empty. I'm SO happy my followers {old & new} love these one-of-a-kind signs as much as I do.
Okay February 14th bring on the marriage proposals - we got the wedding gift covered.

Happy early Valentine's Day!

obsessions. {money edition}

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'm pretty sure I have undiagnosed O.C.D.

- TIL DEBT DO US PART as well as it's theme song and host, Gail Vaz-Oxlade {try saying that surname 3 times fast}. I love that Trev & I leave the couch feeling financially smug after watching an episode or two. 

- Expensive stuff. Show me 12 seemingly similar pashmina scarves with all labels removed and I'll choose the priciest one. Some call it talent, Trev calls it his a curse. True story: in university I got talked into going to one of those wet t-shirt contests {read "I watched" not "participated in"}... somewhere along the way it turned into a topless contest {I mean there was a $100 cash prize at stake - college ain't free you know, and neither are highballs}. ANYWAYS at the end of 'the show' someone turned to ask me which set - I kid you not - I liked best? I ended up choosing a perky pair that unbeknownst to me were fakes... aka 'the most expensive boobs in the joint'. While inappropriate, it's an example of my cursed talent. 

P.S. - I swear they didn't look like implants {not that 19 year old me had seen many enhanced boobies in my lifetime}.

Bargain finding. Not to be confused with thrifting or shopping at outlet malls, although those are good too. I, Sara K, have a physical aversion to paying full sticker price for anyting {just ask anyone}. Since I enjoy "nice" things - see bullet point above - I spend a lot of naptimes and evenings searching the internet for deals. Some of my favourite websites include:,, {they made their way to Canada finally!},,,
WARNING: they have an iPhone app
I really could should write a post about my money saving tips, but for now I'll just share one as it paid off for me the other day, sorta. Since Fall 2010 I've been searching for a classic - not too spendy - pair of leather riding boots {it's been a total nightmare because a) my $200 CAD budget is laughable and b) I apparently have wide calves, something that has NEVER been brought to my attention before and makes me super peeved... big butt? sure I'll admit I have an uninsured J.Lo booty but big calves? that I'll deny 'til my death}.
seriously boot makers, seriously?
Okay I'm getting waaaaaay off topic now... So I go into ALDO on Monday hoping to take advantage of their 'end of season boot sale' but before I do I quickly look up "ALDO COUPON CODES 2012" on my trusty iPhone google app {still truly, madly, deeply in love with my phone} and learn that online orders get an additional 10% off using LUCKYU31511. Of course their stock is totally picked over, but the size 5 salesteen {who also has "thick calves" YA RIGHT skinny miny!} recommends the Brendal boot which is still available on their webpage and can be shipped directly to their store.

** HERE'S WHERE MY internet research COMES INTO PLAY **. I innocently say, "oh I'll just order them from home and take advantage of your 10% off online purchases coupon". HINT: stores will do just about anything to make their weekly sales goals including: increase the discount by 5% and offer free next day delivery! boo-yah!

Unfortunately what ALDO calls 'knee-high' is actually 'shin height' so back they go and my quest continues. // If you have a reasonably priced wide calf boot recommendation that wasn't included in Dina's impressive list on Honey & Fitz and doesn't contain the words Beyond The Rack - contact me ASAP as there may be a cash reward for your efforts.
courtesy of Honey & Fitz

WOWZERS!! THAT WAS ONE LONG WINDED BULLET POINT... are you still with me? Not much longer I promise.

- The Netflix documentary "Maxed Out" - it's seriously crazy yo. Go watch it and report back to me.

- My FREE season pass to Silver Star Mountain Resort {retail value $1090 + tax} but more on that later... off to sleep I go, got a sk-ate: ski date in the morning.


~ would there be any interest if I hosted an "obsessions" link up one week? my last attempt was an EPIC fail so I'm a little a lot hesistant to try it again... let me know as I'm dying to know what you're all smitten about these days - I'm nosy like that ~

P.S. - I'm too tired to proofread this post so edit my mistakes wouldya.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Yesterday Trev took me to the big city of Kelowna for an old fashion shopping spree. He totally gets me which is why I wuv him - and my new riding boots - so very much. 

- Trev has read my blog a total of ONCE so the above shout outs are completely useless. When I learn that other bloggers have their partners edit their posts or better yet write guest posts I can't help but laugh out loud - that my friends will never happen. Not unless you want an essay on heavy equipment.

- Is it wrong that I'm not trying to curb my 3 year old's nail biting habit? It saves me the chore of having to cut them. win-win?

- I did a happy dance when FRIENDS went off the air. I realize this factoid won't help with my popularity rating {I'll wait for your hate mail}, but seriously people Pheobe was annoying, Monica was a B-word, Rachel only had the 90's hair going for her, Ross - never in a million years, Joey made my Ken doll look smart and Chandler was such a goober. Sad that I remember all of their names without hesitation... hmmm.

- Popping zits brings me the same amount of joy as retail therapy and peppermint paired with chocolate.

- The only day of the week that I actually care about my appearance is Wednesdays when I take Gabe to Baby Talk. It gets super stupid competitive - "my baby sleeps 20 hours", "I ran 10k this morning with my $900 jogging stroller",  "our nanny has the afternoon off", "my 3 month old said 'mama'".  I swear the 'mama' sitting next to me last week had perfect sock bun curls straight from pinterest. Needless to say I put a lot of effort into looking effortless that day and put Gabriel in some ridiculously cute outfits {striped of course}. There's nothing more satisfying than hearing, "you look amazing for just having a baby" - little do they know I spend every other day of the week in spit up and sweats.

- I haven't shaved my legs since our trip to Halcyon in early December. In my defense it's still pant wearing season and my leg hair is translucent enough that only my husband has taken notice. 
- Gabe is 2 weeks past his 1/3 birthday and I'm still working on his 4 month update.

- I can't help roll my eyes these days when I read The Daybook. Perfect hair, perfect husband, perfect wardrobe, perfect baby, perfect job... it's all too perfect. Even her 'Awkward & Awesome' Thursdays are getting a little too imperfectly perfect if you catch my drift. That being said I still visit her blog religiously.

- I feel bad for typing the above confession. Don't hate me Sydney {like she'll ever read this} I just miss the good ol' days when I could sit through your posts without gagging.

- I'm pretty sure I'm going to "H" - "E" - double hockey sticks.


{ just sayin } thanks.

Monday, February 6, 2012

I have some of the best blog readers out there and I don't say it nearly enough {or ever actually, I just think it in my head all. the. time.} 

I've started affectionately referring to you all as my 'wise followers' - get it? - not only do you make Saige Wisdom part of your daily weekly whenever I get around to it blog stop but you have proven time and time again that you are truly wise and deserving of this title.

Let it be known that 2012 didn't start off the way I planned. The misery that was January - which spilled into early February - had me begging for mercy while singing along to Duffy. 

Gabe's tummy issues followed by blood curdling screams - which you can read about here - really set the tone for my new year; if it wasn't for your kind words full of advice, encouragement & inspiration, I may not have had the strength to push on.

I'd like to dedicate tonight's post to thanking YOU for all the comments, emails, tips, recipes, recommendations, comic relief... I'd especially like to thank the anonymous person out there that left me this...

 changed our life around here it did.

Here's an expanded list of all the bullsh*t I've had to deal with in the past month and a half:

** throwing a last minute birthday party for my baby girl who's now 3 and far too mature {and tall} for my liking.

** sending said three year old to her first day of pre-school `sniff, sniff`

** learning that good friends of ours lost their baby.

** out-sobbing my son in the doctor's office only to get a blank stare and pediatrician referral... thanks Doc for being heartless  {and tissue-less} and not doing your job by NOT asking me about post-partum depression. I now recognize that my desperation looked a lot like depression and while many of you wise followers picked up on it and sent supportive emails, mister I-was-in-university-for-over-a-decade to enhance & save lives sent me on my not-so-merry way without even a brochure. What if I was experiencing the baby blues? Let's add 'find a new doctor' to my ever growing to-do list.

** adopting a gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free diet for the sake of Gabriel's digestive system.

** seeing minimal results despite above sacrifice.

** feeling powerless as Gabe writhed in pain. 

** quitting breastfeeding all together and experiencing the full gamut of emotions that came with that decision - guilt, grief, doubt, frustration, anger, self-pity.

** interviewing for a position I thought I wanted post-mat leave and having it given to the 'other candidate'. The sting of rejection is both painful and humiliating.

** caring for a house full of sickies.

** becoming the household sicky.

** falling behind on my blogging, relationships, resolutions, housework, basic hygiene, etc.

sounds pretty fun right?

I'm happy to report that things are looking up. Thanks again wise followers for your continued support and readership... I LOVE YA!


our week on speed.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

1. he's on the board  2. hittin' the bottle  3. our sign to brighten someone's day  4. a smile to brighten my day  5. adorably adored  6. snuggles with Bo-Bo  7. a sibling slumber party {sorta}  8. kangaroo'ing it  9. this little piggy went to market

Can I just say that Fat Mum Slim is a freaking Aussie genius with her monthly photo a day challenges; every blogger turned instagramer I know participates in these mini-collages and now that list includes me... my creativity is once again on hiatus so prepare to be underimpressed.

a. your view today // it's a glamorous life  b. words // win your very own with my giveaway this week  c. hands // his & hers watching Grey's  d. strangers // the audience at the comedy show  e. 10am // bottle prep 101

** if you're playing along or have an instagram, twitter and/or pinterest account let me know so I can stalk you **

peace out.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm in a weird spot with this ol' blog here... I don't have much time for it anymore and my original plan to hop on the keyboard whenever I got a spare moment isn't working out so well. I was recently told - not so politely - by my not so polite little sister that I need to post everyday or not at all. Those were my choices as apparently these sporadic entries of mine are, "getting annoying".

If only there was some sort of technology that could convert my mind posts into blog posts. After 2 years of SaigeWisdom updates, I considered following the lead of my 3 year old nephew and calling it quits...
But I'm not ready to give it up just yet so hopefully you all aren't too annoyed and will bare with me and my 'I have a son named Gabriel who doesn't like to be put down' blogging schedule.
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