Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Yesterday Trev took me to the big city of Kelowna for an old fashion shopping spree. He totally gets me which is why I wuv him - and my new riding boots - so very much. 

- Trev has read my blog a total of ONCE so the above shout outs are completely useless. When I learn that other bloggers have their partners edit their posts or better yet write guest posts I can't help but laugh out loud - that my friends will never happen. Not unless you want an essay on heavy equipment.

- Is it wrong that I'm not trying to curb my 3 year old's nail biting habit? It saves me the chore of having to cut them. win-win?

- I did a happy dance when FRIENDS went off the air. I realize this factoid won't help with my popularity rating {I'll wait for your hate mail}, but seriously people Pheobe was annoying, Monica was a B-word, Rachel only had the 90's hair going for her, Ross - never in a million years, Joey made my Ken doll look smart and Chandler was such a goober. Sad that I remember all of their names without hesitation... hmmm.

- Popping zits brings me the same amount of joy as retail therapy and peppermint paired with chocolate.

- The only day of the week that I actually care about my appearance is Wednesdays when I take Gabe to Baby Talk. It gets super stupid competitive - "my baby sleeps 20 hours", "I ran 10k this morning with my $900 jogging stroller",  "our nanny has the afternoon off", "my 3 month old said 'mama'".  I swear the 'mama' sitting next to me last week had perfect sock bun curls straight from pinterest. Needless to say I put a lot of effort into looking effortless that day and put Gabriel in some ridiculously cute outfits {striped of course}. There's nothing more satisfying than hearing, "you look amazing for just having a baby" - little do they know I spend every other day of the week in spit up and sweats.

- I haven't shaved my legs since our trip to Halcyon in early December. In my defense it's still pant wearing season and my leg hair is translucent enough that only my husband has taken notice. 
- Gabe is 2 weeks past his 1/3 birthday and I'm still working on his 4 month update.

- I can't help roll my eyes these days when I read The Daybook. Perfect hair, perfect husband, perfect wardrobe, perfect baby, perfect job... it's all too perfect. Even her 'Awkward & Awesome' Thursdays are getting a little too imperfectly perfect if you catch my drift. That being said I still visit her blog religiously.

- I feel bad for typing the above confession. Don't hate me Sydney {like she'll ever read this} I just miss the good ol' days when I could sit through your posts without gagging.

- I'm pretty sure I'm going to "H" - "E" - double hockey sticks.



D @ Naptime in Suburbia said...

I think I could have written most of these confessions! Especially the one about your Wednesday baby group. My hair and make-up get done on playdate days only (and my one pair of pre-baby jeans that fit right now have gotten lots and lots of wear)!

Randalin. said...

I went to a music class with Kale when I was on mat. leave and it was the same kind of competitive group. It used to stress me out because I always felt a total mess compared to them. Then one day I showed up with unwashed hair in track pants and was like, "dudes, my kid doesn't sleep, this is the best I can look today." And all the other moms were "MY KID DOESN'T SLEEP EITHER!" and we all bonded and they stopped looking so perfect.

Our Little Bubble said...

haha.. thanks for sharing in my humor, we do get along great ya know! and love your confessions... nothin like keepin it real!! :)

ana {bluebirdkisses} said...

lol always make me laugh. I think the daybook confessions made me laugh the most. I love Sydney's style but I agree on it seeming really too perfect some times.

As for mom-baby groups. I don't even have time to go to those and it kind of sux. I wanted to get to know other moms but honestly it just never worked out for me. Either they didn't work with his naps or I was busy with other that's one thing I love about this blogging thing...I've met other moms and can bond electornically while the kiddo naps or while I'm at work

Tami said...

Haha- I love the one about the "mom"petition. What is it about being a Mommy that makes everyone turn all crazy competitive. I hate it...but of course I do try to wear my very best when I go to these types of things...and like you- I stay in my pajamas on the other days. :)

E said...

HAHAHA! Your posts are always some of my very favorites. I LOVE THIS. Everything about it. Especially the fact that you called out Sydney and then acknowledged that she will never read your blog - SO something I would do!! And, I LOVE that you don't cut your child's nails. That would totally be us if my husband didn't do it once in while when Sam starts drawing blood! Thanks for the laugh!

Lori said...

ahahaha i totally love this post, especially the part about popping pimples. i take such great joy from doing that! your blog! going to read the rest of your entries..

new follower, please stop on by:

kristanlynn @ adelynSTONE said...

ahhh... separated at birth love! totally true, besides the fact that you hate friends... who hates friends?! what is wrong with you?? LOLOL. ;)

i feel the same way about pimples! although these days I feel like I shouldn't be getting them anymore.. i havn't been in my teens in awhile! gah. when does it stop??

The Daybook... ack... lately I have just been marking all her posts as "read" in bloglovin with out reading them... as well as many others that have turned into the "picture perfect" life... gah.. no one is that perfect. get real.

Mommy Cracked said...

I had to go look and find what The Daybook was. Now I'll never live up to that! LOL! Loved this post!

maz dani said...
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Iklan Raya said...
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