Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time to link up with E's
{hey it's cheaper than therapy}

- I'm not good with secrets. I start conversations with, "promise you won't say anything?" more than I care to admit. Keeping Gabriel's private parts hush-hush for the whole week leading up to his gender reveal party was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I'm certain every family member & friend reading this right now is panicking {don't worry I haven't told anyone about your ____________, except maybe Trev... and my mom... and my twitter followers}.

- I'm wondering if the above statement is a recycled confession? It sounds oddly familiar; I'll probably use my blog's search box to look up keyword: "secret". If I have mentioned it before, let this serve as a reminder.

- Speaking of Gabriel's private parts, I worry about them. I consumed a lot of edamame beans while pregnant and now Gabe's entire diet revolves around soy formula. Just google 'soy' and 'penis size' at the same time and you'll see why I'm so concerned about how G-man will be measure up in the locker room.

- I made up a "game" that involves Saige walking on my back; she thinks she's practicing her balance, but really she's giving me a wonderful mommy massage.

- I screen phone calls.

- I'm not doing so well with my twelve for 12 goals - here's their present status non-status...

(1) take better photographs - I'm thinking instagram doesn't count

(2) learn to run - I've registered for the 5K run group starting in March

(3) drink more water - not happening {FYI - I just puppy eyed Trev into getting me a glass}

(4)  try new recipes. meal plan - this would require me to grocery shop

(5) spend more time outdoors - doing marginally better with this one

(6) start our home addition - Houston we have progress

(7)  simplify, simplify, simplify - should have defined this one better

(8) go on a family trip that requires passports and sunscreen - this may be sacrificed for #6

(9) be a better wife - according to me or Trev?

(10) laugh more. scream less - still screaming :(

(11) read more fiction and non - no time for books, reality tv's on

(12) get organized  - kinda, sorta.

- I purposely write posts, talk about twitter, quote followers' comments in conversations, etc. just to annoy my baby sister {hi Becs}. She thinks I'm all kinds of awesome annoying and I'd like to keep it that way because when she was a skinny little tween {she got the good genes}, she thought I was the cat's meow and copied everything I did... now that my friends was FAR more annoying than any of my present day blog talk.

** I just got some très exciting news that I can't wait to share... it and my obsessions are coming soon to a post near you **


  1. I'm desperate for a vacation involving passports, and before giving birth I had myself convinced that we'd have a jet-setting baby. I mean, they fly for free before age 2, right?

    Uh, yeah...our glamorous plans for our upcoming vacation include a 14 hour drive and a cheap hotel on the beach because we knew it was baby friendly.

  2. I've blown my new years resolutions, especially the one about "eating less salt." I guess that ENTIRE BAG OF CHEESE PUFFS I ate doesn't help.
    Excited to read your exciting news!

  3. You are SO funny. I LOVE your posts. Hilarious mom. Gabriel is going to be so proud of this post one day. ;)

  4. I do the same thing with secrets! I guess, if I ever confess that, I have quite a few friends/family members that won't be telling me their secrets anymore!

    The soy boy parts confession?! Hilarious!

  5. ok mama now you've got me all curious! what's the exciting news?! you're bad with secrets spill it lady :)


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