Monday, February 27, 2012

I knew I'd be doing a combined post when V-day rolled around and still no January update. I'd like to blame it on the flu epidemic that tornado'd through our house, but in all honesty getting to 4 was hard - hard on Gabe, hard on me physically, hard on me emotionally, hard on Trev, hard on our marriage - I wasn't ready to relive the early stages of 2012, it's still a bit raw, but for the sake of preserving memories - good, bad & ugly - here's a 2 for 1 Gabriel update.


3rd month on his 1/3 birthday he weighed 12 lbs 5 oz, was 62.4 cm in length and had a head circumference of 40.5 cm. He's still wearing his 0-3 month onesies, but moved into 3-6 month pants & sleepers courtesy of those long limbs of his.

4th month - he hasn't had a check up in awhile so while we're not 100% certain of his exact measurements we can confidently say that he's MUCH bigger! He's out of 0-3 month everything and moving into some 6 month stuff. It's also worth noting that once this last pack of diapers disappears we'll be saying hello to SIZE 2 pampers! 


3rd month - we started the month off breastfeeding, experimented with a free sample of formula which Gabe spat back in our faces {literally}, adopted a no nonsense no dairy/gluten/egg lifestyle, saw minimal results, ended up in an aisle of Superstore bleary eyed and covered in baby puke grabbing one hefty tin of soy formula - haven't looked back since. It turns out our little man likes to eat WAAAAY more than this momma was producing AND the milk I was able to produce was poisoning his digestive system. I've shed A LOT of tears over this and continue to have very strong feelings related to our new feeding schedule.

4th month - I'm over feeling sorry for myself. Gabe's doing soy much better {pun intended}; I've learned to just smile off all judgement when I whip out a bottle instead of a boob. At present G-man's polishing off 3 - 5 oz. of Nestle GoodStart Alsoy Step 1 formula every 3 - 4 hours and is ridiculously content about it all. The only thing making us a bit noivous {it's how I pronouce nervous these days} is the introduction of solids. We've given him rice cereal a handful of times but it seems to leave him uncomfortable and gassy... oy vey.


3rd month - one word "brutal" - you know when a solid 2 hours of rocking results in a meager 20 minute power nap? bru-tal. That - on repeat - pretty much sums up my life ALL of January. The only thing that seemed to do the trick was the following recipe: a tight swaddle, gripe water, a soothie soother, a warmed rice bag placed directly on upset tummy, knees hugging chest, an exaggerated baby bounce and white noise or momma making "shushing" sounds.

4th month - 10x better. The fact that we haven't swaddled Gabe in over a month and "heat up the rice bag" is no longer part of our vocabulary is ahh-mazing. The kids share a bedtime of 7:30 - 8:30 pm but one or both of them will wake up at least once in the night. Gabe sleeps in his crib at bedtime and his playpen at naptime which means he's not in our bed at all anymore... boo. The little bugger likes waking up between 4:30 - 5 am only to fall back asleep again once I'm up and at it. That being said I love our morning couch snuggles and the fact that he still sleeps on my chest like a newborn baby. The weight of him, the smell of him, the rise and fall of his shallow breaths... it's intoxicating.


3rd month - we were all about comfort & warmth this winter so Gabe wore A LOT of fleecy sleepers and a rotating supply of hooded jumpsuits that no adult male could get away with {unless your name is David Beckham}. I especially liked this green stripey number as once upon a time it belonged to my favourite little nephew, Caleb-bear.

4th month - apparently my love of stripes has some hood competition. Gabe has an insane number of hooded zip-ups including this {sorry for the blurry pic, I was laughing mid-click} reversible Gap fave. I can pretty much sum up Gabriel's wardrobe in 7 words: stripes, hoods, white onesies, navy, grey & denim. **I actually have an 8th item creeping into his closet, but I'll save it for my next 'obsessions' post

TRYING MOMENTS: I'm gonna ignore this header cause truth be told ALL of January was trying.


3rd month - I'm wondering if our baby has ADHD, he's on the move all.the.time. and with a look of sheer determination on his squishy little face. He flips, he rolls, he inches... he needs to be contained 24/7.

G-man has some serious hair pulling skillz. He prefers Saiger's long locks and she's surprisingly okay with it, "hey bud! give that back" is her typical response.

Our 2nd vacation as a family of 4 was a success thanks in part to both sets of grandparents trekking up the mountain to baby-sit.

Gabe went stroller-skating for the first time and LOVED it; he also went tobagganing with daddy and HATED it {big surprise}... I don't know many babies who enjoy getting face washed.

4th month - Auntie Dean & Uncle Byron took baby G on his first ever overnighter! The joys of formula. 

Gabe was introduced to rice cereal, peas and sweet potaters... only the latter passed the taste test.

The playpen, exersaucer and jolly jumper were welcome additions the baby circuit while the mama-roo and bouncy chair have entered retirement.
He found his tongue, his toes and is in total awe of his big sister.

Hard to believe, but Mr. Gabriel has morphed into a happy, coo-ey baby right before our eyes. He laughs, he smiles, he contently plays with toys, he puts himself to sleep... he's the son of our dreams and he makes me giddy. Sure it took us 4 LONG months to get to this point, but we've arrived and I can't wait to finish the remaining 7+ months of mat leave in true ginger style.


You've already seen a lot of these, but I couldn't resist his charm...
** this post was written over a 2 month period so my apologies if the tone, content, etc. is all over the map... I'm just happy it's finally O.V.E.R. **


andrea said...

so happy to hear things are looking up sara. sounds like a pretty tough month over there.

also, little man's hair is all sorts of awesome.


MSDeyle said...

Amazing. Way to power through!! It's inspiring, really, to see another mom struggle but then get through it and overcome it.

ana {bluebirdkisses} said...

I'm so glad Gabe is doing better...and screw everyone who is judgey! Breastfeeding is great in some cases but its not the only way to get nutrients into your child!! You are doing amazing and you should be proud.

Randalin. said...

Wow - that boy has some wise eyes! Congrats to you for making it through a tough third month. Gabe sounds a lot like Kale was at that age and I barely made it out alive (and I didn't have another child to think about!).

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