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Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'm pretty sure I have undiagnosed O.C.D.

- TIL DEBT DO US PART as well as it's theme song and host, Gail Vaz-Oxlade {try saying that surname 3 times fast}. I love that Trev & I leave the couch feeling financially smug after watching an episode or two. 

- Expensive stuff. Show me 12 seemingly similar pashmina scarves with all labels removed and I'll choose the priciest one. Some call it talent, Trev calls it his a curse. True story: in university I got talked into going to one of those wet t-shirt contests {read "I watched" not "participated in"}... somewhere along the way it turned into a topless contest {I mean there was a $100 cash prize at stake - college ain't free you know, and neither are highballs}. ANYWAYS at the end of 'the show' someone turned to ask me which set - I kid you not - I liked best? I ended up choosing a perky pair that unbeknownst to me were fakes... aka 'the most expensive boobs in the joint'. While inappropriate, it's an example of my cursed talent. 

P.S. - I swear they didn't look like implants {not that 19 year old me had seen many enhanced boobies in my lifetime}.

Bargain finding. Not to be confused with thrifting or shopping at outlet malls, although those are good too. I, Sara K, have a physical aversion to paying full sticker price for anyting {just ask anyone}. Since I enjoy "nice" things - see bullet point above - I spend a lot of naptimes and evenings searching the internet for deals. Some of my favourite websites include:,, {they made their way to Canada finally!},,,
WARNING: they have an iPhone app
I really could should write a post about my money saving tips, but for now I'll just share one as it paid off for me the other day, sorta. Since Fall 2010 I've been searching for a classic - not too spendy - pair of leather riding boots {it's been a total nightmare because a) my $200 CAD budget is laughable and b) I apparently have wide calves, something that has NEVER been brought to my attention before and makes me super peeved... big butt? sure I'll admit I have an uninsured J.Lo booty but big calves? that I'll deny 'til my death}.
seriously boot makers, seriously?
Okay I'm getting waaaaaay off topic now... So I go into ALDO on Monday hoping to take advantage of their 'end of season boot sale' but before I do I quickly look up "ALDO COUPON CODES 2012" on my trusty iPhone google app {still truly, madly, deeply in love with my phone} and learn that online orders get an additional 10% off using LUCKYU31511. Of course their stock is totally picked over, but the size 5 salesteen {who also has "thick calves" YA RIGHT skinny miny!} recommends the Brendal boot which is still available on their webpage and can be shipped directly to their store.

** HERE'S WHERE MY internet research COMES INTO PLAY **. I innocently say, "oh I'll just order them from home and take advantage of your 10% off online purchases coupon". HINT: stores will do just about anything to make their weekly sales goals including: increase the discount by 5% and offer free next day delivery! boo-yah!

Unfortunately what ALDO calls 'knee-high' is actually 'shin height' so back they go and my quest continues. // If you have a reasonably priced wide calf boot recommendation that wasn't included in Dina's impressive list on Honey & Fitz and doesn't contain the words Beyond The Rack - contact me ASAP as there may be a cash reward for your efforts.
courtesy of Honey & Fitz

WOWZERS!! THAT WAS ONE LONG WINDED BULLET POINT... are you still with me? Not much longer I promise.

- The Netflix documentary "Maxed Out" - it's seriously crazy yo. Go watch it and report back to me.

- My FREE season pass to Silver Star Mountain Resort {retail value $1090 + tax} but more on that later... off to sleep I go, got a sk-ate: ski date in the morning.


~ would there be any interest if I hosted an "obsessions" link up one week? my last attempt was an EPIC fail so I'm a little a lot hesistant to try it again... let me know as I'm dying to know what you're all smitten about these days - I'm nosy like that ~

P.S. - I'm too tired to proofread this post so edit my mistakes wouldya.


D @ Naptime in Suburbia said...

I soooo relate to the boot dilema. Why is it so difficult to find cute boots that fit normal calves?

Brianne G said...

I feel the exact same way after watching Til Debt Due Us Part. Granted Sean and I have debt but man some of those couples have noooooooooo idea what they are doing. and Yes to a link up, any reason to make me blog :)

emily said...

Have you tried Clarks for your boots? I got a pair that are comfy (my #1 requirement), cute and on sale!!

I am obsessed with Zulily! I seriously have to make myself not look at the sales sometimes.

Sarah said...

I'm a smug bitch after Til Debt Do Us Part. I saw a couple that was on the show today at a birthday party I took Zach to and I thought of this post:)
And, we've found our difference. I'm a sucky bargain hunter. My sitser is good at it, so I just let her find the bargains for me.
Also- re: linkups. I think it can take months of the same link up before they do well. Gotta give it time!

Casey said...

I can never find boots either! I call them power calves.

emilycobena said...

Thank you so much for the Wide calf boot options! Just found your blog, and am very excited! :)

maz dani said...
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Dongdong Weng said...
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Iklan Raya said...
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