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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Morgan from :: mon petit amour :: has inspired me to follow through with my pins once and for all. 

When I started Saige Wisdom, :: mon petit amour :: was the first Canadian blog I started following {Bri's collected was my first American blog} and over the years Morgan has introduced me to some other bloglovin' faves:

All these lovely mom bloggers have projects on my pinterest boards, but this weekend's pinspiration came from little miss Saige herself.

Gabe woke up ridiculously early on Sunday morning - "hello 4:45am, it's been awhile, how've ya been?" and Saige heard my bottle making process going on in the kitchen which had her joining us in the living room just as Gabe went down for his first nap. Dead tired I put on cartoons and closed my eyes on the couch; when I opened them again I had one excited pre-schooler asking, "can we make bird feeders out of pine cones and peanut butter?"... haha - thanks Treehouse TV.

And so a pinterest project was born:

And completed:

Felt good to finally finish one for the books {and spend quality time with the always hilarious Saiger Knol}.


  1. Saige is going to be a BEAUTY. Whew! How much would that be to get peanut butter everywhere and then hang it up and watch it get devoured?? (did you see it get devoured? I hope so)

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