Monday, March 19, 2012

my heart's bursting with it at the moment
I'm prouder than a pride of lions and all because

{ my daughter }
or more specifically the straight A's - "A" meaning Always - found on her first ever 'report card'. The paragraph on her progress made me cry:

"Saige is confident and independent. 
She seems to enjoy pre-school and loves to learn. 
She has a strong personality and is able to maintain complete control over her emotions. 
Saige seems to be very bright and skillful. 
Well done!"

Well done indeed little one {we celebrated with a popcorn and "Puss in Boots" movie marathon}. It's always nice when people compliment Saige for being cute, pretty, funny, having nice hair, etc. but I much prefer accolades like the ones above: confident, independent, strong, bright, skillful... they make me so very proud. Saige is quite simply the quirkiest 3 year old I've ever met and I think a post dedicated to her 'isms is LONG overdue. This week she's been starting her sentences with, "hey mom are you thinking what I'm thinking?"... too funny.

{ my country }
Holy patriotism, Batman Toby Keith! Yes my pride in the maple leaf runs deep... maybe it has something to do with this 12 month paid maternity leave I'm semi-enjoying or the fact I've paid zero dollars despite accessing a shwack of health care services as of late. I know it has its fair share of problems, but comparatively speaking, Canada's Medicare system is pretty stellar... Trev & I broke it down and in last month we've:
frequented the walk-in clinic... 5 times 
seen our family doctor... twice
visited Gabe's pediatrician... once
took Saige for an x-ray... once
hung out at the Public Health Unit... twice
been referred to specialists... twice
called 8-1-1... 3 times
consulted a dietician... once

YOWZA! I swear I don't have munchausen syndrome by proxy - I actually did a research paper on MSbP in uni... #notgood {the behaviour/diagnosis that is}.

** I would also like to do a special PSA/shout out to all my B.C. teachers out there, "you ladies & gents ROCK and I have nothing but 100% faith in our public school system thanks the ahh-mazing work you do on a daily basis".

 { myself }
the fact that I'll be turning 29 in less than 2 weeks and I'm still learning new tricks is kind of exciting. I've always wanted be comfortable on skis and here I am in 2012 tackling non-green runs on a hill that has chairlifts {plural}. It's probably a good thing I didn't put it off any longer because this almost 30 year old body of mine is feeling the falls if you know what I mean. And can I just say that having a season pass and non-rental gear is beyond awesome? I finally feel like one of those cool kids in high school who had a fancy photo card attached to their parka instead of me with my flimsy piece of "I went night skiing" hanging off the ol' zipper pull. Sure the pass is a free perk courtesy of Trev's "dedication to Silver Star Mountain" and sure I scored my boots, bindings, skis & poles for $200 off but I'm SO proud that I actually went for it this year {with a fussy newborn to boot}.

The same can be said for this running program I've committed to. CONFESSION: I dropped out of the Tuesday night run group {I swear my reasons are legit}, but I haven't given up on my new year's resolution just yet; I took my girlfriend's app advice and downloaded 'couch to 5k' on my iPhone - I.LOVE.IT. - I can already feel myself getting stronger and now I just need to borrow a double jogging stroller from someone so I can go during the day with both kidlets. This whole stay-at-home-mom gig is harder than it looks ;)


I hope this post doesn't come across as blatant bragging {I was trying to be subtle - jk}. I just wanted/needed to write about something other than baby poop. I'm sure you understand and please share your own proud moments du jour.


Ashley said...

Brag away lil mama! When it comes to your kids it's always allowed. :)

Brianne G said...

I started running yesterday too! good for you, glad things are turning around for you!

Randalin. said...

Brag away my friend! These are all amazing things to be proud of.

Danielle Hardy said...

I love your "bragging" I would beaming with pride too. I am always so sensitive when complimenting little girls. I like to keep it to the personality as opposed to their looks (even when they are the cutest little tykes that you ever did see). Good job mamma!! the apple doesn't fall far from the tree ;)

farras shop said...
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