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Thursday, April 26, 2012

So my obsession link up isn't really going down the way I planned #storyofmylife, but I'm not giving up just yet. In fact I'm taking a break from drunk monopoly to bring you this final post of April 2012.
{ SaigeWisdom }
- YOU... for serious. This little community we got going on makes me 100% giddy - it's what keeps me coming back to this ol' keyboard here. Ask Trevor, I'm like the Cheshire cat when I read your sweet comments, wise words and anecdotal stories on my iPhone. I don't quite know how to thank you for your tremendous support and loyalty, but I'll think of something.

- Stagettes. My older sis is getting hitched so I'm in Red Deer, Alberta all weekend {sans kids} celebrating her upcoming nuptials. How does one celebrate such a joyous occasion you ask? shopping sprees, board games, BINGO halls, living room dance offs, cherry Bacardi paired with Sprite, overpriced pizza, secret prezzies, sister sleep-overs, thinking we're still flexible enough to try sideways splits... it's gonna be EPIC.

- I know I'm not alone when I say Justin Bieber's new song "Boyfriend"... tween Saige is going to love me.

- the fact Canucks are out of the playoffs. I know this makes me a not-so-great fan, but I don't know if I could handle another month or two of hockey watching.

- the PicFrame App for iPhone. I'm so over 'one pic ponies'... these days I'm all about the Instagram collages.

- Yard work. Two words I never thought I'd say... don't tell my mom.

So that's what I'm smitten about this week. Consider this my official torch passing... 

P.S. - and speaking of torches, I'm pretty certain the London Olympics will be on a future 'obsessions' post. Opening ceremonies, gymnastics, Michael Phelps, PVR = I can't get enough!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Do you ever wonder sometimes if your life is just one giant made-for-TV reality show? Like when you get a little too liberal with the 5 second rule or subtly try to pick a thong wedgie in public?

Ya me neither.

I never think to myself, "could I be on a set of the Truman Show?" as I lob dog poo over the neighbour's fence or bite my baby's toenails because I'm too terrified to use nail clippers.

So what's on my brain when I'm not not thinking that I'm a female version of Jim Carey? Good question...

- Yes I get thong wedgies... please tell me I'm not the only one.

- I use a microwave to heat up Gabe's formula during the day. At night we use a bottle warmer, but that's only because I don't want to wake up Saige {or trudge ALL THE WAY downstairs}. If we had a microwave in the bedroom I'm pretty sure we'd use it for his midnight feeds... hmm that just gave me an idea.

- I love, love, LOVE white shirts but have no, no, NO idea how to keep them from looking dingy after a couple of washes and wears. I think I've tried everything - bleach, line drying, washing in cold water - they always end up looking beyond blah and so I buy more, more, MORE. I'm pretty sure my family of four has 50 or more white shirts waiting on a miracle bleach.

- We've had exactly one day of summer-like weather and I'm already rocking the sunburn. It's not even a 'nice looking' burn that could turn into a redhead tan, it's a better-wear-long-sleeves-for-the-next-few-weeks burn. I must have touched my 'bicep' {ha} after applying sunscreen to the kids because I now have a noticeable white hand print on the upper portion of my right - and very red - arm.

- Please ignore this bullet point if you don't want to read about birth control anxiety. Getting pregnant is NOT an option for us right now ever again and seeing how April was my first month on the nuvaring sans condoms, I've never prayed so hard for my period in my entire life. I'm starting to think that everything is a 'symptom'... I'm hungry = I'm pregnant, I'm tired = I'm pregnant, I'm emotional = I'm pregnant, I want ice cream = I'm pregnant.

- My skin looks like I should be walking the halls of junior high and after typing the above confession I'm thinking it has something to do with being back on birth control? Maybe Trev will be getting the ol' snip-snip after all... vanity comes first.

that's all I got.
well that's not entirely true
that's all I'm willing to share
for now.

I don't normally do this.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

but I'm doing it.

I must have been living under a rock for the past few months - or tending to one very fussy baby - because I just learned that a former classmate, dancer & friend of mine Miss LINDSAY L. ANDERSON is not only a successful food blogger, but has been given the opportunity of a lifetime:

a chance to 'win' her dream job

sooooo I'm doing what any good friend would do... asking begging all my wise followers & bloggy friends to give her - LINDS.EATS - your daily vote at

Trust me when I say she's completely deserving, but if you're a person with trust issues you can see for yourself here... 
amazing right? with an entry like that it's no wonder she made the top dozen. * did you know there were over 1500 applicants vying for this position?

and while you're in a 'checking out blogs' kinda mood, you should seriously check out her #lindseatsrichmond photo campaign and this short video that's totally unreel {like my play on words there?}

I hope all this convincing has not only made you hungry, but earned your precious votes as well.

here's the link again to help my childhood friend with the following math equation:

12 finalists - 11 sad shortlisters = 1 very happy {and employed} Lindsay!

thanks y'all, you da best and GOOD LUCK LINDS!


Monday, April 23, 2012

BIG BOY: so it turns out our 'big boy' isn't BIG at all. While his height and head circumference measure as "average", his weight has been a bit of an issue hence the blogging hiatus. Our little guy made some good gains leading up to his 7 month birthday and as of today he's officially a 15 pounder.

SNACK TIME: Gabe is proving to be one picky little eater. He's staying pretty loyal to his soy formula... we tried others like Nutramigen & Alimentum but our G-man was having none of it. He turns up that cute nose of his to other foods as well like avocado, peaches, peas, pureed bananas, Cheerios, etc. He totally reminds me of a mini-grandpa with his love of prunes {they help keep him "regular"} and he's also a fan of water, apple sauce, sweet potatoes and carrots mixed with coconut oil. 

SLEEPY TIME: His 7:00 bedtime has been pretty consistent while his nap schedule is all over the map and for awhile there it was non-existent! I know it's a parenting no-no, but we still put him to sleep in our arms before transferring him to his crib. I sorta love the feeling of his body relaxing against mine. I realize this is such a bad habit/idea, but after listening to him cry ALL DAY letting him 'cry it out' at night is not something I'm willing to do especially when I can have him snoring in 5 minutes or less. 

OUTFIT OF THE MONTH: now that it's getting a bit warmer out and onesies are no longer a weather requirement, I've been having fun with bare feet, button ups and bow ties. There's nothing I love more than madras shorts on wee ones; G already has 3 pairs {and counting} which totally make him look like the pint-sized papa he is. 


** sitting independently

** holding a bottle without help {although it gets heavy after a couple sucks}

** crawling/inch worming

** Baby's 1st Easter

** Baby's 1st Sleepovers with Grandparents... plural!!! Spent 2 nights with Gramma & Papa Currie while Mom & Dad took in a Vancouver Canucks game and had another overnighter with Granny & Grandpa Knol while Trev & I took in the ahh-mazingness that is Sparkling Hill Resort

** the lowering of his crib and playpen now that he's showing interest in escaping.

* mum-mums - but only the banana flavoured variety.

* grass - he can't seem to get off the picnic blanket fast enough these afternoons.
* spoons - he insists on being the boss of his utensils.

* socklessness - I'm a bad role model when it comes to feet.

* alkaline ionized water - since switching our drinking water from reverse osmosis H20 to this, Gabe has been 100x better... I'm not sure if it's just a coincidence, but he literally drank 1.5 cups of it in one sitting during our desperate visit to Sheila Snow and has been happier ever since. I would LOVE to hear your take/experience with it wise followers.  

* butt massages - need I say more?

* his daddy - on the mornings that Trev works Gabe will crawl around the bed searching for him or stare blankly at his vacant spot... it's so sad.

* hats - being fair skinned he better learn to love them.

* the sun - he gets so mad when it shines in his eyes and his pissed off shriek is shrill.

* holding still - diaper changes are requiring a lot more precision and skill.

* manicures - the rate in which his fingernails grow is ridiculous and unfortunately he is none to pleased about having daddy trim them up every week... it's the one grooming responsibility I refuse/can't do.

* waiting on food - once again his upset cry is piercing and loud.

* teething - we got him one of those teething necklaces... I'm not a believer quite yet, but I'll keep you posted.

when it rains.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I get drenched.
That'll teach me for leaving the house completely ill prepared...
no umbrella
no waterproof mascara
no cute wellies with sweater arm inserts

I'm soaked to the bone 
and nauseated
and NO I'm not pregnant. 
Made sure of that today when I accompanied Gabe into the x-ray room. 
The thought of growing another baby scares me. 
Terrifies me so much that abstinence looks pretty good right now... palpable fear is such a better excuse than a lame headache.

I feel like teenagehood will be my moment to shine as a mother.
I don't do babies well.
I deleted and re-typed that last sentence 5 times.
The truth is hard to share sometimes.

And the truth is I make tiny and very trying babies. We're almost 7 months in and I keep asking myself, "when is this going to get fun? isn't this suppose to be fun?"
Let's label this post as one that likely won't be shared with adult Gabe. He's experienced enough pain in his lifetime already.

I knew he was small, I just didn't realize he was that small.
I didn't realize that one Friday the 13th I would look down at a stack of lab requisition forms and see the words "failure to thrive" next to his strong name.

I try to convince myself that failure to thrive doesn't mean that I'm failing as a mother.
I try to convince myself that failure to thrive is just what doctors say to make waitlists go away.
I laugh when Gabe's health care card is treated like a shopaholic's credit card.
I make jokes when it takes 4 of us to hold him down
so much blood
I lose count at vial #7

The funny thing is, there's nothing funny or fun about this.
I don't do babies well.
Especially crying babies.
Crying babies that I don't know how to fix.
I love him so much.
So much that I leave him in his crib to cry alone.
When my arms can no longer hold the weight of him.
When my heart can no longer handle the sound of him.
I love him so much.

Today when the number on the scale stayed at 14 I knew. 
You don't need a PhD to know that babies are supposed to gain more than an ounce a week. 
In that moment I saw fear in eyes other than my own.
In the medical professional entrusted to fix him.

He'll be okay.
I'll be okay.
We'll be okay.

But if all's quiet on the blog front for awhile
you'll understand.
You always do.  


Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th you're too good to me.

Those are 8 words I never imagined myself saying... wait, is 13th a word? Anyways this news deserves a post all its own and given the week I've had it couldn't have come at a better time.

Remember the beginning of this post?

see full post here
Well it looks like the Knol family is going camping with the super talented & always hilarious Lindsay Gee! Sure Vernon has it's share of churches and liquor stores, but so many of my favourite photographers call Penticton home. There must be something in the water and I intend on drinking copious amounts while I'm there {I may even bottle some to take back with me}.

I think we're going to turn this family photo session into an actual camping trip - our first of the season - and I couldn't be more excited. I haven't even emailed Lindsay yet to let her know just how thrilled I am, I had to jump on here first to share the good news with all y'all! Thanks for rooting for me gang *mwah!*

So let the prop hunting - and outfit selection-  begin!!

This means YOU Mrs. Burr-esque and anyone else who has vintage latterns, army tarps and/or cozy wool blankets hiding out in their basements. I promise to just:

1. borrow them
2. transform them into inanimate celebrities &
3. return them in tip-top, ego-inflated shape.

Visit my camping inspired pinterest board for the full list of items we'll need to pull this off.  

Crazy how I just blogged about making professional photographs a family priority and then this happens... #eerie.
see full interview here

THANKS AGAIN LINDSAY GEE! We're so looking forward all of it! Especially the marshmellow eating part ;)

obsessions. { link up }

Thursday, April 12, 2012

** Before I begin, I'd just like to thank all of you for not phoning my co-workers over at Child Welfare when I posted this photo. Now that the sun is here {hopefully to stay} Saige has been begging for a 'spray party'. I'm not sure what a 'spray party' is exactly, but I do know that it involves water outdoors and that Saige has become pretty adamant that it needs to happen. Our little girl just can't take "no" for an answer so after literally days of her "pinky promising" that it's "not too cold for her" and "that she's a big girl now" I finally broke down and allowed her to change into her bathing suit #mommyfail. I ended up sending her polka dot bum outside while I 'pretended' to hook up the sprinkler and despite chattering teeth and huddling up on the dog mat for warmth, stubborn Saigerella refused to admit defeat {even on the verge of frostbite}. In the end After I took photographic evidence, I told a tiny mom fib to give Saige the 'out' she needed - something about the hose being broken and daddy needing to fix it - otherwise I swear we'd still have a 3 foot nothing ice cube sitting on our back deck reenacting scenes from the movie "Alive". And that my friends is the story behind the photograph -  further proof that I won't be winning Mother of the Year anytime soon, but at least she's not pestering us for an April 'spray party' anymore?

I'm going to make this quick & dirty because for the past 3 days straight Gingerman has been one giant fuss ball - happy birthday week to me *sarcasm*. I debated posting anything at all, but I'm determined to make this bi-Friday {that's a word right?} link-up a success dammit.


Pinterest nail polish applications. For someone who only wears clear nail polish I seem to pin painted fingernails and their accompanying tutorials A LOT... somebody stop me!
all images via my 'random' board

Being an auntie. I can't wait to show you pictures of the cuteness that is Miss Hanna Banana. Photos of her just 4 days new are coming your way and if I'm lucky I may even get permission from her gorgeous mommy to show you a couple of the before 'belly' shots.

Seeing my words on blogs other than my own. Admittedly I'm not good with deadlines {or stress} and therefore I don't typically do guest posts, but when the opportunity to be featured on Kait's Life was tweeted in my direction... I went for it and learned a bit about myself in the process.
Retweets. Twitter has some serious comedic talent and who can blame me for wanting to recycle the hilarity? 

Scrolling through my Thursday morning blogroll only to stumble upon this unexpected and all too kind SaigeWisdom shout out... ME, an inspiration? say what?!

HER. Is she not hauntingly be-a-utiful? I so wish I could have looked like her in high school instead of Awkward Zit Face with no boyfriends.

So there you have it mes amis... now it's your turn to spill your bi-weekly obsessions {please & thank you}

bonne fete

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

{ via }

Sorry for the unplanned blogging break... I had a super busy Easter weekend {me & everyone else I'm sure} followed by the arrival of Baby Hanna!

So what are the plans for my BIG day? Well I got some lovely cards filled with dolla dolla bills and GAP gift certs {holla!} and I plan on making a pasta birthday dish complete with leftover carrot & cream cheese icing birthday cake. I think a family walk is on the agenda and some Dexter watching {we're on Season 2 now} and some trying on of old bathing suits to decide which one will 'have to do' for my surprise Saturday getaway to Sparkling Hills Resort... 3.5 million Swarovski crystals here I come!

Thanks all for the sweet birthday messages - you really know how to make a 29 year old feel extra special and less old... *mwah!*

photo dump.

Friday, April 6, 2012

CAUTION: this picture post is borderline obscene... it's the direct result of me not uploading my memory card in a timely manner. I know  I keep mentioning that I really REALLY need to stop relying on my handy dandy iPhone and Lumix point & shoot and start practicing / playing around with my Pentax DSLR, but this time I mean it. I just HAVE to get better so I can start photographing some of my fun ideas like this stylized camping shoot I dreamt up for Lindsay Gee's très exciting contest happening NOW! I need a mentor; any Okanagan photogs out there wanting a pet project named ME? 

Anyways my feelings won't be hurt - although Saige's may be - if you don't scroll down any further {consider yourselves warned}...   
Gramma brought over matching monster jammies!
basking in books & {sun}beams
Saiger's first, but definitely not last, horse lesson courtesy of Mrs. Burr-esque. Trev went an interesting shade of white when I told him how much Saige LOVED riding Ginger - as a previous 4-H Club member he is no stranger to the dollar signs that accompany pony ownership.
The Bobs & Lolo concert that had Miss Saige screaming for joy {on the inside}. She hides her excitement well - a little too well - her "I could care less" body posture may have caught the Juno nominated pair off guard ... she'll make one heck of a poker player. 
We FINALLY found cleats to fit her size 7 feet and now she refuses to take them off. How did my daughter end up loving soccer? Running, hot sun, all feet no hands = no thank you. I swear she's a mini-Sasha.
You may have seen this one already if you follow me on instagram @saigewisdom but when Saige flipped me the 'peace sign' as I attempted snap some photos of her in her sunnies I almost died... who taught her this? reveal yourself! 
who knew my road building skills would amount to hours of entertainment?
there's a reason our 3 year old is outside in her bathing suit huddled on a DISGUSTING dog mat {promise} but does anyone want to venture a guess before I explain?
the length of her hair is getting totally unrealz.
Someone has started posing for the camera which makes me think this Gap Casting Call email may be worth entering? GAP GiftCards ranging from $500-$1000 are up for grabs and we all know how much I love their online shop.

If you made it to the end... congratulations!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'm going to just dive right in:

- Some most days I'm stark raving mad about my blog... jotting down post ideas, drafting entries in my head, writing THIS, but other days - like today for instance - I'm completely over it and ready for {SaigeWisdom} to take a long dirt nap. It's this love/hate relationship that keeps me from taking on paid sponsors.

- Out of only 10 entries I was a big fat BlogPodium Bound loser. I do believe this Tuesday morning discovery contributed to today's confession #1. I know I'm not a 'design blogger', but I not-so-secretly hoped that my sorry excuse for a mood board would have had me jet setting to Toronto to meet other Canadian blogettes and wear clothes that weren't made of fleece or covered in baby puke.   

- I'm not even the slightest bit excited about my 29th birthday next Monday. April may have the BEST birthstone, but for the past 10 years {aka "adulthood"} my birth month hasn't lived up to its diamond reputation. In university April 10th always fell smack in the middle of final exams and now that I'm married to a self-employed excavator operator, April is known as "tax month" instead of "Sara's birthday month". With the last of our winter savings going to Big Brother, there are rarely if any pennies left over for my rainy day birthday. 

- Becs is going to hate me for wishing this {I can feel the cyber daggers already}, but I'm silently hoping that my niece-to-be & I will be birthday twins. Hang on Baby O we only have one week to go.

- I haven't been running. Spring Break and the absence of a double jogging stroller has really put a damper on my couch to 5k learn-to-run program.

- All of a sudden I'm super annoyed by bloggers who don't reply to comments. I realize this makes me the biggest blogging hypocrite since only recently have I started responding to followers' feedback, but I've recognized the error - and sting - of my ways. Don't solicit comments if you're not going to communicate back #myopiniononly.

- I bite off more than I can chew all.the.time and I'm speaking both metaphorically and literally.

- Despite having a ridiculous amount of projects on the go, I still find time to watch multiple episodes of 'Dexter: Season One' on Netflix every night. Let it be known that Trev & I are decades behind when it comes to TV trends; at this rate we won't be raving about 'Mad Men' or 'Downtown Abbey' until 2022... can't wait!

- Other than children's books at Saige's bedtime, I haven't read a single page of fiction since October... Hunger Games? what is that?

- This is quite possibly the worst confession post in the history of confession posts. I apologize. I think Gabe's winge'ing and Saige's whining has rubbed off on me a bit {or maybe the opposite is true}. 

what are you pet peeving these days? I promise to respond if you comment ;)

mirror, mirror.

Monday, April 2, 2012

on the wall who's the palest of them all?

Being a redhead in the Okanagan means I spend minimal time in the sun and pretty much have to wear sunscreen 24/7 if I want to avoid being tomato face and/or one giant freckle all summer long. But that my friends is the extent of my beauty routine - unless you count taking Clean & Clear Face Wash into the shower with me for the past 10 years {something about its minty fresh smell & cool tingle}.
With my 29th birthday lurking around the corner like some creepy pervert, I've been spending an exorbitant amount of time reflecting on my reflection. I'm definitely giving the professional mirror looker in my family a run for her money and my skin & hair inventory has got me shouting, "damn girl!" but not in the good way.

** Excuse me but since when did I start sprouting a witch-like mole on the right side of my face?

** And where did all these forehead creases and inner eye wrinkles come from?

** And what's with these perma bags? I literally can't smile anymore without it looking like my eyes have packed enough luggage for an extended trip to Mexico. Note to Self: stop smiling.

The mirrors have convinced me that I need to start taking better care of myself before I morph into a ginger version of Tara Reid - minus her petite frame & fake boobies - and that's where you come in...

I'm turning to my wise followers with the following S.O.S.

I need your best kept beauty secrets 
and I need them STAT!
30 waits for nobody.

If you have any beauty inspired posts or ageless advice it's time to dish. Before April 10th I need to adopt a new my first ever beauty regime. Father Time's hands have been cruel and I need to put the brakes on getting old ASAP!! So...

what's your nighttime skin routine?

what are your can't-live-without beauty products?

how much water do you drink in a day {and how do you remember to keep hydrated}?

are there any foods I should avoid or consume?

do you take any vitamins or sip any morning concoction?

got any DIY facial recipes or hair masks that contain ingredients like egg, avocado, olive oil?

I can't wait to read - and ultimately test - all the things that keep you looking youthful & beautiful. 

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