I don't normally do this.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

but I'm doing it.

I must have been living under a rock for the past few months - or tending to one very fussy baby - because I just learned that a former classmate, dancer & friend of mine Miss LINDSAY L. ANDERSON is not only a successful food blogger, but has been given the opportunity of a lifetime:

a chance to 'win' her dream job

sooooo I'm doing what any good friend would do... asking begging all my wise followers & bloggy friends to give her - LINDS.EATS - your daily vote at

Trust me when I say she's completely deserving, but if you're a person with trust issues you can see for yourself here... 
amazing right? with an entry like that it's no wonder she made the top dozen. * did you know there were over 1500 applicants vying for this position?

and while you're in a 'checking out blogs' kinda mood, you should seriously check out her #lindseatsrichmond photo campaign and this short video that's totally unreel {like my play on words there?}

I hope all this convincing has not only made you hungry, but earned your precious votes as well.

here's the link again to help my childhood friend with the following math equation:

12 finalists - 11 sad shortlisters = 1 very happy {and employed} Lindsay!

thanks y'all, you da best and GOOD LUCK LINDS!


Analilia said...

How crazy is it when you find out that a fellow classmate is a huge success? I've found a few from my HS and it's so awesome. Kind want to ask them "How'd you do it?" in hopes they could steer me in the right direction. lol

Gege Dai said...
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farras shop said...
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