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Thursday, April 12, 2012

** Before I begin, I'd just like to thank all of you for not phoning my co-workers over at Child Welfare when I posted this photo. Now that the sun is here {hopefully to stay} Saige has been begging for a 'spray party'. I'm not sure what a 'spray party' is exactly, but I do know that it involves water outdoors and that Saige has become pretty adamant that it needs to happen. Our little girl just can't take "no" for an answer so after literally days of her "pinky promising" that it's "not too cold for her" and "that she's a big girl now" I finally broke down and allowed her to change into her bathing suit #mommyfail. I ended up sending her polka dot bum outside while I 'pretended' to hook up the sprinkler and despite chattering teeth and huddling up on the dog mat for warmth, stubborn Saigerella refused to admit defeat {even on the verge of frostbite}. In the end After I took photographic evidence, I told a tiny mom fib to give Saige the 'out' she needed - something about the hose being broken and daddy needing to fix it - otherwise I swear we'd still have a 3 foot nothing ice cube sitting on our back deck reenacting scenes from the movie "Alive". And that my friends is the story behind the photograph -  further proof that I won't be winning Mother of the Year anytime soon, but at least she's not pestering us for an April 'spray party' anymore?

I'm going to make this quick & dirty because for the past 3 days straight Gingerman has been one giant fuss ball - happy birthday week to me *sarcasm*. I debated posting anything at all, but I'm determined to make this bi-Friday {that's a word right?} link-up a success dammit.


Pinterest nail polish applications. For someone who only wears clear nail polish I seem to pin painted fingernails and their accompanying tutorials A LOT... somebody stop me!
all images via my 'random' board

Being an auntie. I can't wait to show you pictures of the cuteness that is Miss Hanna Banana. Photos of her just 4 days new are coming your way and if I'm lucky I may even get permission from her gorgeous mommy to show you a couple of the before 'belly' shots.

Seeing my words on blogs other than my own. Admittedly I'm not good with deadlines {or stress} and therefore I don't typically do guest posts, but when the opportunity to be featured on Kait's Life was tweeted in my direction... I went for it and learned a bit about myself in the process.
Retweets. Twitter has some serious comedic talent and who can blame me for wanting to recycle the hilarity? 

Scrolling through my Thursday morning blogroll only to stumble upon this unexpected and all too kind SaigeWisdom shout out... ME, an inspiration? say what?!

HER. Is she not hauntingly be-a-utiful? I so wish I could have looked like her in high school instead of Awkward Zit Face with no boyfriends.

So there you have it mes amis... now it's your turn to spill your bi-weekly obsessions {please & thank you}


The A and B Stories said...

I think everyone's guilty of living vicariously through Pinterest these days...I myself would prefer to me judged by my Pinterest fashion folder than my actual day-to-day outfits (old pajamas and/or housecoats).

ana {bluebirdkisses} said...

I so need to get a manicure. I love those sparkly tip and yes I'm obsessed with bloglovin and pinterest :D

Kathleen said...

Twitter is a constant source of entertainment these days. Hilarious. I love the last set of nails!

Sarah said...

I don't go on Pinterest at all. But I want those glitter nails.

farras shop said...
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