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Thursday, May 31, 2012

{ SaigeWisdom }
In preparation for a 'pricier than expected' home addition, I've reigned in my spending habits and it's been NO FUN. Should our bank account ever be fair game again, I'll be prepared with my pretty-pretty-please shopping list.

{ 1 } a new pair of birks - I'm not 100% on which colour yet, but I know I don't want black or brown... the dark hues are just too great of a contrast against my whiter-than-white skin.

gizeh sandals - birkenstock
{ 2 } maxi dresses - they're not only cool - in both look and temperature - they hide my already-been-mentioned pale and varicose veined legs.

maxi dress - victoria secret
{ 3 } riding boots - could my hunt for calf-friendly boots really be over?! I found this pair of genuine leather knee highs (with 24 rave reviews) on Nordstrom's sale page! With shipping, taxes & duty they're still under $200! AND they have a 16" calf circumference!! It pains me that they're not en-route to my house this very second... oh the agony.
claremont boot - sofft
{ 4 } a satchel - ideally this bag of butt hiding perfection would be in 'camel' but beggars can't be choosey. It turns out I'm just not that into diaper bags... I much prefer a roomy purse that can be used for years to come and this Matt & Nat beauty is BIG on storage and style plus it's on SALE! dang you shopping Gods, dang you!    

- matt & nat
{ 5 } a boyfriend watch - ever since I laid eyes on Mrs. Hardy's stunning time keeper I've been obsessing about owning one of my own. Navy has taken over my wardrobe so it's only right that I want my newest accessory in a deep shade of blue.

michael kors

{ 6 } a land rover - I realize that some lottery winning will have to happen in order for me to end up behind the wheel of one of these, but I'm putting it out there just in case one of you is filthy rich and super generous. Ever since I watched the movie 'Stepmom' where Julia Roberts is driving around in a black Range Rover looking for the birthday party of Susan Sarandon's kid, I've wanted one. ** Please tell me you're familiar with this non-award winning film? you know the famous line, "I have their past, you can have their future"? no?! well grab a mittful of kleenex and go find it on Netflix, I'll wait ** Don't get me wrong I love, love, LOVE my Avalanche, but sooner or later we're going to have to upgrade from a 5 seater to an LR4 so we can comfortably accommodate at least 3 of the kids' friends ;)
LR4  - land rover

Birkenstock, Victoria Secret, Nordstrom, Michael Kors, Land Rover... if any of you need some help in the review department I'd be willing help you out. Just saying.

If I break my current link up record of EIGHT, I may just breakdown and buy myself one of these 6 obsessions... help a sista out... grab the link up button -------> and start spewing the love.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'd like to go on record as saying that a couple of these are quite possibly my most embarrassing confessions to date. I wasn't even sure if I'd share them, but in the interest of full disclosure...
linking up my confessions post today with Alyx
(genius behind Christmas in July blogger exchange)
- to avoid double packing for our road trip, I intentionally left my toothpaste behind figuring I'd just borrow some from my 78 year grandma. What I failed to remember is that my Gram wears dentures - top and bottom - so guess who brushed their teeth with Polident? I'm not sure that's even recommended? probably not.

- following G's allergist appointment in Kelowna, I drove past Aryby's and thought to myself, "I could really go for a roast beef sandwich right now". Since Vernon doesn't have one and Trev's not the biggest Arby's fan, I thought I'd treat myself to lunch. The problem is I don't really care for Arby's fries so I paid for my sandwich and then proceeded next door for an order of Wendy's poutine! I so wish this story wasn't 100% true. You should have seen the drive thru guy's face, I'm still trying to erase his horrified expression from my memory.

- our baby monitor somehow picked up the other baby monitor on our block and not only did I not turn it off right away, I secretly relished in the fact that Gabe isn't the only fussy baby in the hood. After my hooray-the-gorgeous-mom-from-across-the-street-doesn't-have-the-perfect-life-after-all moment, I unplugged our baby hearing device faster than you can say, "sure hope she hasn't been listening in on our dysfunction". 

- when Gabriel's stomach acts up, he doesn't sleep and when he doesn't sleep, he usually comes down with something. The 3 nights of sleepless hell that was our long weekend was no exception and he ended up with a Victoria Day cold. As I was helping him get sweet potatoes into his mouth instead of on the kitchen floor, I - without thinking - licked my sticky yam fingers that apparently weren't all veggie if you know what I'm sayin'. Yes I ingested my son's snot and lived to tell about it.

- I can't french braid, I don't know how to use a curling iron and making a zigzag part using the other end of a comb is a technique I haven't quite even come close to mastering. Poor Saige is resigned to a life of barretted bangs and messy buns.

** so there it is... 5 more facts about moi that will surely make you feel better about yourself.

you're welcome.

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12 bullet bulletin.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I know what you're thinking - this girl is so hot and cold with her blog I'm just going to stop following her altogether (plus she's a narcissist) - as true as that may be, I wouldn't be going anywhere if I were you... like my attempt at a veiled threat? Trev usually doesn't.

Somewhere within this 'most random'est post ever' you'll learn about the Etsy shopping sprees (plural) that I'm giving away and how you can get in on the action.

ya that's right, you're not going nowhere now start reading.

a Twelve (+ 2) Bullet Bulletin:

{ 1 } I never knew what 'narcissist' or 'nepotism' meant until my late twenties. I also thought hide-a-bed was spelled Haida bed like the Aboriginal community along B.C.'s coast. How does a girl like me graduate from university? good question.

{ 2 } My house was so disgusting  (I'm not even exaggerating, I found a bottle of Gabe's formula under the couch that looked like chunky puke and smelled even worse) that I farmed out my children and did my famous 60 minute tidy. For those of you unfamiliar, this is something Trev & I invented back in the good ol' days where we'd set the stove timer for one hour and go on a cleaning frenzy. It's amazing how fast a competitive person like me can strip a bed when you're racing against a clock.

{ 3 } Typing up blog posts takes me forev (like 2 hours forev) and so I'm trying something new today, I'm pretending that this post is just an email to a good - non-teacher - friend who doesn't care about silly unimportant things like spelling, grammar, sentence structure, etc. I'm thinking it'll help me bang off more of these must-read posts ;)

{ 4 } Gabriel is finally starting to feel better, all his x-rays, ultrasounds and test results have come back in the 'normal' range and only NOW does B.C. Children's Hospital want to see him for a consult. I really wanted to say, "thanks but no thanks", but our pediatrician thought it was a good idea for me to drive little man all the way down to Vancouver this Tuesday for a 45 minute consult (sounds like FUN). Trev has to work so my co-pilot is my 70+ year old Gram... an 8 month old, a  stress case and a Baba = craziest road trip ever!

{ 5 } I don't know if I mentioned this before, but my wonderful husband operates giant Tonka toys for a living and every month on the 24th for the past 3 years we put $2473.00 towards his excavator loan. This my friends is not a fun automatic withdrawal, but the light at the end of the tunnel is that it'll be completely paid off on Gabe's 1st birthday (September 24th)!!!!!!!! Yes 8 exclamation points was necessary because I'm so DONE with paying close to $30,000/year for a machine I've never even sat in.

{ 6 } I have BIG plans for this blog in June including some guest posts on my all-time favourite blogs (if I ever get around to writing them), getting my link on, being a blog angel AND giving away not one but two opportunities to win an Etsy item of your choice.

{ 7 } I figure if I write about what you can expect from me in the coming month - kinda like a Saige Wisdom newsletter - I'll be more inclined to follow through (not that that strategy worked with my vow to start camera'ing and stop instagram'ing). Somewhere in the 30 days of June, I intend on writing about my job as a child protection social worker (gasp! I do what for a living?!), obsessing, confessing, talking about the other jobs I'd love to do if I wasn't out there snatching babies and finally... doing a little recap of our ahhh-mazing photo shoot with the one and only Lindsay Gee! My girl crush {which I admitted to her in the most awkward, why did I just say that way} has grown into a full on infatuation. P.S. -a huge thanks to all you twitter followers and instagram'ers who totally came through for me on outfit selection! In the end Option "B" won out...

{ 8 } Okay so here's the early bird hint on how to get ME to buy YOU your favourite Etsy item:

  • follow my blog on google friend connect and contribute a post for my June 22nd obsession link up which must include ANYTHING your little Etsy heart desires (under $50 USD including shipping)

{ SaigeWisdom }
  • "LIKE" me on Facebook (I would love if you left me a comment, but that's not necessary).

* more details on the giveaways to come, but you keeners out there can start liking, shopping and drafting.

{ 9 } Speaking of Etsy obsessions, the always talented, sickeningly beautiful Adriane (who just got back from BlogPodium... so jelly... doesn't shortening words and adding "Y" to the end make me sound so super cute?)... uhhh... lost my train of thought... oh right... so gorgeous Adriane from ADOP (remember my iPhone case?) is giving away a FREE 16" x 20" canvas of your choice!!! all you have to do is comment on this blog post, but may I suggest you read some of her other material as well, genius she is. 

{ 10 } I debated whether or not I should tell you about Adriane's giveaway as your entries will decrease my odds of winning, but I just love you too much to keep it a secret.

{ 11 } you know what else I love? my new deep waver...

{ 12 } wanna know what else? White Linen Photography... if you've been following me for awhile, you'll know that there are 3 things I'm insanely passionate about (besides my family): stripes, Etsy and photography (not mine of course). I'm pretty sure if you go back in my archives you'll read all about long-term love affair with Penticton duo Brooke & Michele. Seeing how we aren't rolling in riches (see #5) and the pair's talent is a wee bit intimidating, I never thought in a million years I'd be in front of there lenses, but then a Facebook auction miracle happened...

{ 13 } Newsletter update: I'm going to do a post on some of the ideas I'd like to do with White Linen's crazy talent.

{ 14 } This just in... the other crazy talent from Penticton, Lindsay Gee just posted a sneak peek of our plaid wearing clan. LOVE doesn't even come close. 

* I don't proofread anymore, deal with it.

{ photo dump } A to S-aige

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Do not be alarmed by the number of Saige photos you are about to witness. I may have gotten a little carried away with Instagram this May. It's important to me that this blog continue to capture the daily lives of Saige & Gabe and not just the BIG stuff. You don't know how many evenings I click back on old posts and reminisce about forgotten memories. I'm so thankful for this online diary.
You'll notice there are zero photos of Mr. Gabriel and that's because his 8 month update is coming soon {8 months can you believe it?!} and I needed to save some pics for that. 

If you follow me on Instagram, these photos will be 'so 5 seconds ago' and if you don't, what are you waiting for? @saigewisdom. And while you're at it, add me on Facebook.

P.S. - I created these collages using the $0.99 PicFrame app.


( a )  the Strider bike is officially dead to her thanks to this $10 garage sale find... those training wheels cost more than the bike itself!

( c ) these seedlings have taken over my windowsills... this crazy sprout is a sunflower

( d ) doing the Robot?

( e ) random outfit #363

( f ) guess who asked for a skateboard? guess who bought her one?

( g ) can I just say how happy I am that parent participation is no longer mandatory now that she's three... proof once again that 3 rocks!

( h ) Trev's found himself a fishing partner for life

last May 2011
( i ) HANNA! I've said it before and I'll say it again, "I LOVE BEING AN AUNTIE"

( j ) you've never laid eyes on a bigger bee

( k ) looking deceivingly angelic

( l ) playing with shadow friends

( m ) the BMX track right by our house has Tuesday night races #freefun #relivingmyyouth - believe it or not my sister & I used to be competitive BMX'ers... 
Jillian on the same track 25+ years ago
( n ) You'd think she's been raised in a barn on a farm, but alas only in our dreams {acreage ain't cheap in these parts}. Oh and in case you haven't noticed, those black rubber boots are pretty much attached to her feet 24/7.

( o ) Some days I feel like Saige is a compilation of all the people I love. My grandpa used to have 'pet' wolf spiders living between the rails of his deck... he'd feed them, watch them, protect them. I never told Trev or Saige about this and yet here they are checking up on and looking out for their 'pet' spider. Every few days they'll catch live flies and throw them into his/her web... ick! Actually it's quite fascinating to watch.

( p ) see that Spiderman shirt peeking out from under the Panago box? that's Saige's new "favourit'ist shirt" which she refuses to take off. She wore it for 36 hours straight and woke up the following morning asking if I'd washed it yet. I'm thinking you'll be seeing a lot more of this comic hero in photos to come.

( q ) a bit of foreshadowing.

( r ) napping with her new dollies {more on them later}. 
Her latest fashion trend? the one sock on, one sock off look. I don't see it catching on anytime quick, but neon's back so you never know...

( s ) Someone is tired of waiting on the much anticipated addition and has taken matters into her own not-so-handy hands.

and that my friends is all I got {thank gawd} but I'm pretty sure I'll have T-Z before the month is up {lucky you}.

obsessions. { link up }

Saturday, May 19, 2012

{ SaigeWisdom }
First things 1st, a HUGE thank you to the SIX participants who linked up to my 'obsessions' post last month...

1. Jena from Jena's Journal
  did you know she graduated from the same high school as American Idol hopeful Josh Ledet? 

2. Elizabeth from E, Myself & I
  have you seen her blog makeover? I love it almost as much as I love her.

3. Sandra from Vegan Mother Hubbard
  go check out her aww-dorable twin girls, go now!

4. Casey from First Time Wife
  I love teacher bloggers, they have the funniest stories ever.

5. Tayllar from A Cup of Me
  the fact that I have a high school student following my blog makes me feel oh-so hip & cool.

  she started the trend, but we both have ginger babies named Gabriel!

** if you're thinking of linking up, please do. You don't actually have to be obsessing over your list items, think of it more as a "what I'm lovin' today" post. 

I'll go first. 

- Retro episodes of Sarah's House. I've been watching reruns of Season One {circa 2007} when she remodeled a heritage home to the tune of 'one million dollars' - please read that again using your very best Dr. Evil voice. Let it be known that I want her life, but I'll settle for her vacation home island, bank account and sidekick Tommy.

- Summer or more specifically the incredibly sexy tan my husband gets after spending 2+ minutes under the Okanagan sun. With no backyard pool, skin that requires SPF 100 and anti-bikini cellulite, wedding ring tan lines are one of the few things I look forward to when the blazing hot sun makes its annual appearance. 

- the JJ Cole Essential Blanket. I already told you about my go-to wedding/anniversary gift, well this is my go-to baby shower gift. Speaking of weddings, I love ours so much that I should probably marry it. We keep it in my truck which means - like a girl scout - I'm always prepared for an impromptu picnic, a sandy day at the beach or a grassy park play date. They're especially awesome if you have a baby with a BIG aversion to lawn {not naming any names... Gabe}.
get yours here

- @HonestToddler on Twitter. The baby tweets are hysterical and reason enough to get yourself an account. Don't believe me...
 @saigewisdom: hilarious right? If those didn't make you laugh or smile #checkyourpulse

- Our camping inspired family photo shoot with Lindsay Gee. It's next weekend which means I'm ankle deep in plaid shirts and s'more fixings {I may need to replenish some stock if you know what I'm sayin'}. As if I wasn't excited enough, Lindsay has to go and post THIS... ummm can you say girl crush? move over Zooey Deschanel there's a new girl in town. I actually got to talk with Miss Lindsay over the phone - as in voice-to-voice - and we were like insta best friends {she just doesn't know it yet}. Creepiness aside, I'm super pumped to meet my fave photog and score some amazing shots of our foursome in the process.
I heart her.

- It's no secret I love all lines running horizontal, but Hudson Bay Stripes + my new cocktail dress courtesy of Gap {and my ahh-mazing sisters} are this week's top 2.
don't mind my face

Well I'm off to enjoy a long shower and an even longer long weekend. Meow it's your turn to tell us: what makes you a smitten kitten?

Link up or forever hold your peace.

motherhood & guest posts.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

If you're a mom you're gonna to want to check out this week's guest posts over on e, myself and I {and not just because I'm over there}.

I worry sometimes that my posts on parenting read more like a grumpy old man's letter to the editor. I worry that I come across as ungrateful and unfulfilled. Believe me when I say that couldn't be farther from the truth... I love LOVE motherhood. 

My pregnancies were no mistake, I wanted them - prayed for them - and for as long as I live {unless I get Alzheimer's} I'll never forget the appearance of those two faint lines. Like the Grinch, my heart grew 3 sizes that day... my baby names finally had babies.

Saige & Gabriel
Make no mistake, I love being a mom... their mom. Their birth stories have become my love story and I am forever changed by their perfection and presence in my life.

I think I just assume that all the mommas out there feel the same way; no need to to reiterate the obvious, but in case it's not so obvious...

I'm head over heels 
truly, madly, deeply 
won't be coming up for air anytime soon
with motherhood, with Saige and with baby Gabe.

popular pins.

Monday, May 14, 2012

My pinterest account sends me emails when other pinners 'repin' my pins... still with me? 

Well this free printable from my 'gifts I'd like to give or get' board got a lot of attention this past week and after reading it again {35 weeks later} I'm reminded why...
Couldn't have put it better myself. 

What have been your popular pins?

* be sure to send me your Pinterest account so I can start following you.

smells like flowers, tastes like sugar.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Must be Momma's Day.

I mean what other Sunday do I wake up 3 hours later than normal to breakfast in bed? Rice Krispies AND mini-marshmallow?! What a sugary lovely start to my day.

And what other Sunday would I allow ice cream before noon? 

Hanging baskets have become a Mother's Day tradition and this year's duo didn't disappoint. Our front porch got an instant face lift.

And I got a good cry...

To all you gorgeous moms, mommies-to-be and mommas-in-waiting...



Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I'm actually finding my ever growing list of confessions slightly embarrassing. I've been at this for quite awhile and one might think I'd be reaching the end of my shameful revelations, but {sadly} they'd be wrong. I have a smorgasbord of dirty little secrets just waiting to be shared; here's what made this week's cut...

- I have multiple jealous bones in my body. Some days I avoid the internet other blogs and Facebook at all costs. The perception of perfection makes me feel itty-bitty; I'm sorry but when have beautiful hair, great style, a spotless home, photogenic kids and no desire to watch reality tv, you're just asking for my eye daggers. Today I have a combination of writers envy and 'what-I-wouldn't-give-to-take-photographs-like-that' resentment. Check out this relatively new bloggess and tell me you wouldn't LOVE to write like her.

- Hi my name is Sara and I waste food. I know it's awful and trust me when I say I feel awful every time I throw away a half eaten carton of cottage cheese, but I just can't bring myself to eat anything past its expiry date. Not only do I have an aversion to aging food, I'm a total produce snob. In order to be palatable, my fruits & veggies need to be crisp and crunchy. I realize this 'hello garbage bin' philosophy is not financially or environmentally responsible and so my 1st food saving baby step will be applying Melissa's Pinterest tip to the strawberries in my fridge. Apparently vinegar mixed with water will extend the life of your berries... truth or lie? #staytuned.

- My second solo grocery shop with the kids was a success right up until check out when I accidentally clunked Gabe in the head with a can of mixed beans. I was wearing him in the baby bjorn and got a little carried with my cart unloading because all of a sudden I had one hysterical baby on my hands. I felt like the worst human being ever to grace Walmart especially when he did the silent cry - you know the one, where he quits breathing for a few seconds and then unleashes his fury on my ears {and the ears of 50 other horrified shoppers}. Poor kid can't catch a break; he must think food is out to get him, literally.

- I've always shied away from posting anything too political or too religious. I don't want to alienate or infuriate anyone and I'm much too self-absorbed to be an expert in either, church or state. Believe it or not, I've never received one negative comment {knock on wood} and probably wouldn't know how to defend myself if I did. With that being said, I'm going to say this because it is after all my blog. I support gay marriage and so does this guy...
 Smart & Handsome
Michelle's one lucky lady


Well that's it for me, but do check out E's blog for more mortifying confession posts. She's got a pretty impressive list of linker uppers and if you do pop over be sure to click on Jena's Journal and Casey @ First Time Wife - two of my favourite bloggy friends.

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