12 bullet bulletin.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I know what you're thinking - this girl is so hot and cold with her blog I'm just going to stop following her altogether (plus she's a narcissist) - as true as that may be, I wouldn't be going anywhere if I were you... like my attempt at a veiled threat? Trev usually doesn't.

Somewhere within this 'most random'est post ever' you'll learn about the Etsy shopping sprees (plural) that I'm giving away and how you can get in on the action.

ya that's right, you're not going nowhere now start reading.

a Twelve (+ 2) Bullet Bulletin:

{ 1 } I never knew what 'narcissist' or 'nepotism' meant until my late twenties. I also thought hide-a-bed was spelled Haida bed like the Aboriginal community along B.C.'s coast. How does a girl like me graduate from university? good question.

{ 2 } My house was so disgusting  (I'm not even exaggerating, I found a bottle of Gabe's formula under the couch that looked like chunky puke and smelled even worse) that I farmed out my children and did my famous 60 minute tidy. For those of you unfamiliar, this is something Trev & I invented back in the good ol' days where we'd set the stove timer for one hour and go on a cleaning frenzy. It's amazing how fast a competitive person like me can strip a bed when you're racing against a clock.

{ 3 } Typing up blog posts takes me forev (like 2 hours forev) and so I'm trying something new today, I'm pretending that this post is just an email to a good - non-teacher - friend who doesn't care about silly unimportant things like spelling, grammar, sentence structure, etc. I'm thinking it'll help me bang off more of these must-read posts ;)

{ 4 } Gabriel is finally starting to feel better, all his x-rays, ultrasounds and test results have come back in the 'normal' range and only NOW does B.C. Children's Hospital want to see him for a consult. I really wanted to say, "thanks but no thanks", but our pediatrician thought it was a good idea for me to drive little man all the way down to Vancouver this Tuesday for a 45 minute consult (sounds like FUN). Trev has to work so my co-pilot is my 70+ year old Gram... an 8 month old, a  stress case and a Baba = craziest road trip ever!

{ 5 } I don't know if I mentioned this before, but my wonderful husband operates giant Tonka toys for a living and every month on the 24th for the past 3 years we put $2473.00 towards his excavator loan. This my friends is not a fun automatic withdrawal, but the light at the end of the tunnel is that it'll be completely paid off on Gabe's 1st birthday (September 24th)!!!!!!!! Yes 8 exclamation points was necessary because I'm so DONE with paying close to $30,000/year for a machine I've never even sat in.

{ 6 } I have BIG plans for this blog in June including some guest posts on my all-time favourite blogs (if I ever get around to writing them), getting my link on, being a blog angel AND giving away not one but two opportunities to win an Etsy item of your choice.

{ 7 } I figure if I write about what you can expect from me in the coming month - kinda like a Saige Wisdom newsletter - I'll be more inclined to follow through (not that that strategy worked with my vow to start camera'ing and stop instagram'ing). Somewhere in the 30 days of June, I intend on writing about my job as a child protection social worker (gasp! I do what for a living?!), obsessing, confessing, talking about the other jobs I'd love to do if I wasn't out there snatching babies and finally... doing a little recap of our ahhh-mazing photo shoot with the one and only Lindsay Gee! My girl crush {which I admitted to her in the most awkward, why did I just say that way} has grown into a full on infatuation. P.S. -a huge thanks to all you twitter followers and instagram'ers who totally came through for me on outfit selection! In the end Option "B" won out...

{ 8 } Okay so here's the early bird hint on how to get ME to buy YOU your favourite Etsy item:

  • follow my blog on google friend connect and contribute a post for my June 22nd obsession link up which must include ANYTHING your little Etsy heart desires (under $50 USD including shipping)

{ SaigeWisdom }
  • "LIKE" me on Facebook (I would love if you left me a comment, but that's not necessary).

* more details on the giveaways to come, but you keeners out there can start liking, shopping and drafting.

{ 9 } Speaking of Etsy obsessions, the always talented, sickeningly beautiful Adriane (who just got back from BlogPodium... so jelly... doesn't shortening words and adding "Y" to the end make me sound so super cute?)... uhhh... lost my train of thought... oh right... so gorgeous Adriane from ADOP (remember my iPhone case?) is giving away a FREE 16" x 20" canvas of your choice!!! all you have to do is comment on this blog post, but may I suggest you read some of her other material as well, genius she is. 

{ 10 } I debated whether or not I should tell you about Adriane's giveaway as your entries will decrease my odds of winning, but I just love you too much to keep it a secret.

{ 11 } you know what else I love? my new deep waver...

{ 12 } wanna know what else? White Linen Photography... if you've been following me for awhile, you'll know that there are 3 things I'm insanely passionate about (besides my family): stripes, Etsy and photography (not mine of course). I'm pretty sure if you go back in my archives you'll read all about long-term love affair with Penticton duo Brooke & Michele. Seeing how we aren't rolling in riches (see #5) and the pair's talent is a wee bit intimidating, I never thought in a million years I'd be in front of there lenses, but then a Facebook auction miracle happened...

{ 13 } Newsletter update: I'm going to do a post on some of the ideas I'd like to do with White Linen's crazy talent.

{ 14 } This just in... the other crazy talent from Penticton, Lindsay Gee just posted a sneak peek of our plaid wearing clan. LOVE doesn't even come close. 

* I don't proofread anymore, deal with it.


Ashley said...

I love the newsletter style! It's so "you." Keep it up, maybe a weekly thing?
ps - I think you all should have taken a family photo in your plaids on the excavator/other giant toy you're almost owning. just sayin.

Randalin. said...

Oh how I love your blog!! It always makes me giggle and I always have a "ME TOO!" moment! Number one made me burst out laughing :) And girl, you should take that excavator for a spin sometime!

emily said...

Love the plaid family pic!!!

Glad your little guy is feeling better!

Adriane /// The A and B Stories said...

SARA!!! Thank you so much for mentioning my contest! You are awesome, your blog is one of my all time favs. Hey, I want to start getting in on the whole guest post thing. Want to do a little trade? I don't even know if there are trades.

E said...

I saw the sneak peak on Facebook of your photo shoot and LOVE the plaid. SO creative. SO not khaki and white. You are the best!

ana {bluebirdkisses} said...

lol i don't proof read either, but then the hubs reads my posts when he gets to work and emails me in a panic because i use the wrong "their" vs "there" argh

I think I want to get that weaver pretty

Kathleen said...

Wowza, that's a big monthly payment. Just think of all the GAP shopping and plaid shirts you can buy with all the extra $$ burning a hole in your pocket.

Proofreading is overrated.

Hazy Shades of Me said...

Awesumundo post! Funny thing too...I came here looking for a facebook link for you and's right here, in this very 'newsletter' !! I'm off to 'like' you now...and not so I can win something! ;0)

farras shop said...
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