Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'd like to go on record as saying that a couple of these are quite possibly my most embarrassing confessions to date. I wasn't even sure if I'd share them, but in the interest of full disclosure...
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- to avoid double packing for our road trip, I intentionally left my toothpaste behind figuring I'd just borrow some from my 78 year grandma. What I failed to remember is that my Gram wears dentures - top and bottom - so guess who brushed their teeth with Polident? I'm not sure that's even recommended? probably not.

- following G's allergist appointment in Kelowna, I drove past Aryby's and thought to myself, "I could really go for a roast beef sandwich right now". Since Vernon doesn't have one and Trev's not the biggest Arby's fan, I thought I'd treat myself to lunch. The problem is I don't really care for Arby's fries so I paid for my sandwich and then proceeded next door for an order of Wendy's poutine! I so wish this story wasn't 100% true. You should have seen the drive thru guy's face, I'm still trying to erase his horrified expression from my memory.

- our baby monitor somehow picked up the other baby monitor on our block and not only did I not turn it off right away, I secretly relished in the fact that Gabe isn't the only fussy baby in the hood. After my hooray-the-gorgeous-mom-from-across-the-street-doesn't-have-the-perfect-life-after-all moment, I unplugged our baby hearing device faster than you can say, "sure hope she hasn't been listening in on our dysfunction". 

- when Gabriel's stomach acts up, he doesn't sleep and when he doesn't sleep, he usually comes down with something. The 3 nights of sleepless hell that was our long weekend was no exception and he ended up with a Victoria Day cold. As I was helping him get sweet potatoes into his mouth instead of on the kitchen floor, I - without thinking - licked my sticky yam fingers that apparently weren't all veggie if you know what I'm sayin'. Yes I ingested my son's snot and lived to tell about it.

- I can't french braid, I don't know how to use a curling iron and making a zigzag part using the other end of a comb is a technique I haven't quite even come close to mastering. Poor Saige is resigned to a life of barretted bangs and messy buns.

** so there it is... 5 more facts about moi that will surely make you feel better about yourself.

you're welcome.

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Mandy said...

This had me laughing out loud! I can use a curling iron but I can't even figure out how to get a straight part much less zig zagged. Magoo always ends up with one huge pig tail and one small one.

And I totally would have listened on the monitor lol. Luckily, ours is digital so no one can hear in.

Rosa @ FlutterFlutter said...

Haha, those are all kinds of awesome! ;)

Ae-baby said...

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emily said...

The Polident thing cracked me up! I can't even imagine!!

I've so ordered one thing at one fast-food place and gone to another one for something else. It's nice to spread your money around, right?!

Sandra Kohlmann said...

Your double drive through is nothing to be embarrassed about. Last week, after the girls' check up, they fell asleep in the car, so I drove about 8 extra miles to get potatoes from a particular fast food place, rather than just going home.

Kathleen said...

I think in real life we would be fast food friends. What a great idea!

As for the baby monitor incident, that is my worst nightmare! Not the listening in part, because hello, who wouldn't listen in? But the being listened to part! Ahhhh, terrifying. lol

Casey said...

The polident thing was so funny. I snorted a little bit.

Oh and my hubby eats a whopper jr (no mayo add mustard) from Burger King and a small yogurt parfait from McD's for lunch once or twice a week, so its totally normal to drive to two fast food places

Randalin. said...

These are all so hliarious I don't even know which one is my favourite. Polident?! Sweet potato snot?? The baby monitor - bahahahaha. This was my absolute favourite blog post of the week. Thanks for always making me laugh (and thanks for promoting my link-up too!!!).

Alyx said...

Hahaha, I can't believe you brushed your teeth with polident. You're living on the edge, my friend - polident, snot, what's next?
And don't worry - I'm a hair failure. If you ever see me with my hair actually done, know that I probably had an extra 2 hours in the morning to attempt doing something to it.
Thanks for linking up! Loved reading your confessions!

Nikkiana said...

Wendy's has poutine in Canada? SO NOT FAIR!

Danielle Hardy said...

I commend you for turning the monitor off. The snoopy/stalker in me would have totally spied on the folks next door. Just sayin'

Dongdong Weng said...
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