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Saturday, May 19, 2012

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First things 1st, a HUGE thank you to the SIX participants who linked up to my 'obsessions' post last month...

1. Jena from Jena's Journal
  did you know she graduated from the same high school as American Idol hopeful Josh Ledet? 

2. Elizabeth from E, Myself & I
  have you seen her blog makeover? I love it almost as much as I love her.

3. Sandra from Vegan Mother Hubbard
  go check out her aww-dorable twin girls, go now!

4. Casey from First Time Wife
  I love teacher bloggers, they have the funniest stories ever.

5. Tayllar from A Cup of Me
  the fact that I have a high school student following my blog makes me feel oh-so hip & cool.

  she started the trend, but we both have ginger babies named Gabriel!

** if you're thinking of linking up, please do. You don't actually have to be obsessing over your list items, think of it more as a "what I'm lovin' today" post. 

I'll go first. 

- Retro episodes of Sarah's House. I've been watching reruns of Season One {circa 2007} when she remodeled a heritage home to the tune of 'one million dollars' - please read that again using your very best Dr. Evil voice. Let it be known that I want her life, but I'll settle for her vacation home island, bank account and sidekick Tommy.

- Summer or more specifically the incredibly sexy tan my husband gets after spending 2+ minutes under the Okanagan sun. With no backyard pool, skin that requires SPF 100 and anti-bikini cellulite, wedding ring tan lines are one of the few things I look forward to when the blazing hot sun makes its annual appearance. 

- the JJ Cole Essential Blanket. I already told you about my go-to wedding/anniversary gift, well this is my go-to baby shower gift. Speaking of weddings, I love ours so much that I should probably marry it. We keep it in my truck which means - like a girl scout - I'm always prepared for an impromptu picnic, a sandy day at the beach or a grassy park play date. They're especially awesome if you have a baby with a BIG aversion to lawn {not naming any names... Gabe}.
get yours here

- @HonestToddler on Twitter. The baby tweets are hysterical and reason enough to get yourself an account. Don't believe me...
 @saigewisdom: hilarious right? If those didn't make you laugh or smile #checkyourpulse

- Our camping inspired family photo shoot with Lindsay Gee. It's next weekend which means I'm ankle deep in plaid shirts and s'more fixings {I may need to replenish some stock if you know what I'm sayin'}. As if I wasn't excited enough, Lindsay has to go and post THIS... ummm can you say girl crush? move over Zooey Deschanel there's a new girl in town. I actually got to talk with Miss Lindsay over the phone - as in voice-to-voice - and we were like insta best friends {she just doesn't know it yet}. Creepiness aside, I'm super pumped to meet my fave photog and score some amazing shots of our foursome in the process.
I heart her.

- It's no secret I love all lines running horizontal, but Hudson Bay Stripes + my new cocktail dress courtesy of Gap {and my ahh-mazing sisters} are this week's top 2.
don't mind my face

Well I'm off to enjoy a long shower and an even longer long weekend. Meow it's your turn to tell us: what makes you a smitten kitten?

Link up or forever hold your peace.


Jena said...

I'm first again!! I've had this post ready for a while in anticipation of your next link up.

Thanks for the shout out AGAIN!

Honest toddler = hilarious, THe last two are my favs.

Love the dress. It looks AMAZING on you!

Good luck on your photo shoot!

Kathleen said...

I've had many a giggle thanks to @HonestToddler. Thanks for the recommendation. And the dress, looks amazing. I tried it on at GAP too, but it just didn't work on me. I can't wait to see you camping shots.

(almost) ginger said...

Yay for obsessions! Love this link up.

Also, I covet that dress.

murphyatlarge said...

I really enjoy your writing Sara. Enjoy that outing you are planning and the smores!!!

Randalin. said...

I LOVE SARAH'S HOUSE!!!! Seriously - this clinches the deal. We are officially BIFF's (best internet friends forever).

Sandra Kohlmann said...

I love Honest Toddler.

Sara K {SaigeWisdom} said...

it's sad how true some of those baby's tweets are ;)

Tayllar said...

So excited for your photoshoot! I follow you on pinterst and can tell that you are beyond excited too (:

The other day my grandmother told me she wasn't going to buy me anymore shirts and dresses with stripes! What can I say I love the slimming look they give! You look great in that dress, too!

Sara K {SaigeWisdom} said...

I knew it! I'm sending you the other half of my BIFF heart pendant... remember those from our elementary school days? classic.

Sara K {SaigeWisdom} said...

gosh you're so sweet... I'm sending a virtual s'more your way with an extra square of hershey chocolate ;)

Sara K {SaigeWisdom} said...

If you buy it we'll be miles apart twins fo sho!

Sara K {SaigeWisdom} said...

thanks Kathleen :) unfortunately I haven't been able to wear it yet as I lead a terribly boring life; I wonder what the other soccer moms would say if I showed up wearing my new fancy stripes? haha.

Sara K {SaigeWisdom} said...

awww thanks girl for keeping my 'obsessions' link up alive. I really didn't want it to fail as that would be Embarassing {with a capital "E"}... you taking pity on me means the world ;)

Lindsaygee said...

Hahaha...this is awesome! :) I feel bad that you'll get to know the 'real' me and you'll realize it's all an illusion. haha:) But much do I LOVE zoey deschanel eh? LOVE that new show .... ahhh :) p.s. you lookin' stripy in sex....haha...i meant sexy in stripes...but i'll just leave that as is.... :) See ya saturday~ :)

farras shop said...
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