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Thursday, May 31, 2012

{ SaigeWisdom }
In preparation for a 'pricier than expected' home addition, I've reigned in my spending habits and it's been NO FUN. Should our bank account ever be fair game again, I'll be prepared with my pretty-pretty-please shopping list.

{ 1 } a new pair of birks - I'm not 100% on which colour yet, but I know I don't want black or brown... the dark hues are just too great of a contrast against my whiter-than-white skin.

gizeh sandals - birkenstock
{ 2 } maxi dresses - they're not only cool - in both look and temperature - they hide my already-been-mentioned pale and varicose veined legs.

maxi dress - victoria secret
{ 3 } riding boots - could my hunt for calf-friendly boots really be over?! I found this pair of genuine leather knee highs (with 24 rave reviews) on Nordstrom's sale page! With shipping, taxes & duty they're still under $200! AND they have a 16" calf circumference!! It pains me that they're not en-route to my house this very second... oh the agony.
claremont boot - sofft
{ 4 } a satchel - ideally this bag of butt hiding perfection would be in 'camel' but beggars can't be choosey. It turns out I'm just not that into diaper bags... I much prefer a roomy purse that can be used for years to come and this Matt & Nat beauty is BIG on storage and style plus it's on SALE! dang you shopping Gods, dang you!    

- matt & nat
{ 5 } a boyfriend watch - ever since I laid eyes on Mrs. Hardy's stunning time keeper I've been obsessing about owning one of my own. Navy has taken over my wardrobe so it's only right that I want my newest accessory in a deep shade of blue.

michael kors

{ 6 } a land rover - I realize that some lottery winning will have to happen in order for me to end up behind the wheel of one of these, but I'm putting it out there just in case one of you is filthy rich and super generous. Ever since I watched the movie 'Stepmom' where Julia Roberts is driving around in a black Range Rover looking for the birthday party of Susan Sarandon's kid, I've wanted one. ** Please tell me you're familiar with this non-award winning film? you know the famous line, "I have their past, you can have their future"? no?! well grab a mittful of kleenex and go find it on Netflix, I'll wait ** Don't get me wrong I love, love, LOVE my Avalanche, but sooner or later we're going to have to upgrade from a 5 seater to an LR4 so we can comfortably accommodate at least 3 of the kids' friends ;)
LR4  - land rover

Birkenstock, Victoria Secret, Nordstrom, Michael Kors, Land Rover... if any of you need some help in the review department I'd be willing help you out. Just saying.

If I break my current link up record of EIGHT, I may just breakdown and buy myself one of these 6 obsessions... help a sista out... grab the link up button -------> and start spewing the love.


D @ Naptime in Suburbia said...

I just got my first pair of Gizeh's a month ago, and I'm ready to pick up another color. I have lived in them since they arrived! And if Land Rover contacts you about reviewing the LR4, pass along my info too :-)

Erika said...

Pretty sure I just drooled all over my keyboard. Thanks a lot! This is fun, I might try to join in tomorrow!!

the rikrak studio said...

you're so fun, sweetie! i love all the goodies you're loving, too!

i'm not too much of a shopper (except for art! shhhh....) but can i confess that i WON a pair of gorgeous shoes from another nicey's blog giveaway and i'm addicted to them? (NEVER had that shoe-love feeling before!)

here's my post on it:

and you'd look especially gorgeous in that maxi dress - love the halter neckline, sara!

yay confessions!

Heather said...

Ugh... love that watch! Mine will one day be tortoise shell and we will be boyfriend watch buddies. Also, I did it! Obsessions link-up officially posted (I think.. hopefully I did it right?)

Randalin. said...

If you buy that Land Rover you best drive it east and pick me up for a ride!

Jena said...

Yes, Stepmom is my go to movie for when I need a good ugly cry. It's works every time!

I love that watch! I wish I had time to go shopping. I went to the mall today with my 3 kids all by myself. We played, we ate, and we left all within 1.25 hours.

Who am I kidding though we have no money so it wouldn't be fun anyway!

Whoops Debbie Downer strikes again!!

Megan10e said...

Love the satchel, and LOVE the watch!!

Shaping Up To Be A Mom

Sara K {SaigeWisdom} said...

ya I'm kinda shocked I haven't heard back from them yet, weird.

Sara K {SaigeWisdom} said...

do it or you're scared... I used to say that on the school playground when I was little and tough ;)

Sara K {SaigeWisdom} said...

not a shopper?! someone check K's temperature! those blue heels are super cute - apparently I'm not following the high end blogs that you do with giveaways like that.

Sara K {SaigeWisdom} said...

save the turtles.

Sara K {SaigeWisdom} said...

it was first on my list.

Sara K {SaigeWisdom} said...

I hear ya girlfriend.... when I have money I never find anything I want and when I'm broke a$$ I see EVERYTHING.

Sara K {SaigeWisdom} said...

nothing 450 bones can't buy ;)

Fitra2009 said...

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Katrin said...

Great selection, Sara! And even German shoes! :))
Thank you for stopping by at my blog, yours is absolutely lovely. Can't wait to read more!

Tif said...

OCD...did someone say OCD? LOL! I LOVED your "SHOPPING EDITION"! And...I share your "whiter than white" skin issues! I'm Irish...and I do NOT tan...I B U R N ! You are awesome...and I must follow you! :o)

Kim said...

Found your blog on Etsy Blog Team, LOVE IT. I am obsessed with that watch!! I just started a blog and would love you to stop by and visit.

Alison Sokol said...

I'm so glad someone has an 'obsessions' link-up! I would love some new Birks! I have a pair of Birkenstock clogs, but I definitely need a pair of sandals. Love that sandal you found.

PS. I'm officially a new follower :)

Daryl said...

I am so with you about the satchel, the maxi dress and the sandals! Those sandals are so comfy! I REALLY want a cute camera back that looks like a purse. I need to find the perfect one!

I am a new follower, your blog is lovely!

<3 Daryl
Roots, Wings & Other Things.

Daryl said...

Well, the GFC follower widget is giving me major trouble, but when it's up again I will definitely be a follower!

<3 Daryl
Roots, Wings & Other Things.

hardydanielle said...

Pretty sure we share the same list.. Maybe we can share a Land Rover? maybe?

PS - One word on the watch: AMAZON!!

eliza steave said...

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Lindsay Slobodzian said...

Love all of these items! I so wish I could wear birks but they don't come in half sizes and I'm in toes are abnormally long.

Dongdong Weng said...
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John said...
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