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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Do not be alarmed by the number of Saige photos you are about to witness. I may have gotten a little carried away with Instagram this May. It's important to me that this blog continue to capture the daily lives of Saige & Gabe and not just the BIG stuff. You don't know how many evenings I click back on old posts and reminisce about forgotten memories. I'm so thankful for this online diary.
You'll notice there are zero photos of Mr. Gabriel and that's because his 8 month update is coming soon {8 months can you believe it?!} and I needed to save some pics for that. 

If you follow me on Instagram, these photos will be 'so 5 seconds ago' and if you don't, what are you waiting for? @saigewisdom. And while you're at it, add me on Facebook.

P.S. - I created these collages using the $0.99 PicFrame app.


( a )  the Strider bike is officially dead to her thanks to this $10 garage sale find... those training wheels cost more than the bike itself!

( c ) these seedlings have taken over my windowsills... this crazy sprout is a sunflower

( d ) doing the Robot?

( e ) random outfit #363

( f ) guess who asked for a skateboard? guess who bought her one?

( g ) can I just say how happy I am that parent participation is no longer mandatory now that she's three... proof once again that 3 rocks!

( h ) Trev's found himself a fishing partner for life

last May 2011
( i ) HANNA! I've said it before and I'll say it again, "I LOVE BEING AN AUNTIE"

( j ) you've never laid eyes on a bigger bee

( k ) looking deceivingly angelic

( l ) playing with shadow friends

( m ) the BMX track right by our house has Tuesday night races #freefun #relivingmyyouth - believe it or not my sister & I used to be competitive BMX'ers... 
Jillian on the same track 25+ years ago
( n ) You'd think she's been raised in a barn on a farm, but alas only in our dreams {acreage ain't cheap in these parts}. Oh and in case you haven't noticed, those black rubber boots are pretty much attached to her feet 24/7.

( o ) Some days I feel like Saige is a compilation of all the people I love. My grandpa used to have 'pet' wolf spiders living between the rails of his deck... he'd feed them, watch them, protect them. I never told Trev or Saige about this and yet here they are checking up on and looking out for their 'pet' spider. Every few days they'll catch live flies and throw them into his/her web... ick! Actually it's quite fascinating to watch.

( p ) see that Spiderman shirt peeking out from under the Panago box? that's Saige's new "favourit'ist shirt" which she refuses to take off. She wore it for 36 hours straight and woke up the following morning asking if I'd washed it yet. I'm thinking you'll be seeing a lot more of this comic hero in photos to come.

( q ) a bit of foreshadowing.

( r ) napping with her new dollies {more on them later}. 
Her latest fashion trend? the one sock on, one sock off look. I don't see it catching on anytime quick, but neon's back so you never know...

( s ) Someone is tired of waiting on the much anticipated addition and has taken matters into her own not-so-handy hands.

and that my friends is all I got {thank gawd} but I'm pretty sure I'll have T-Z before the month is up {lucky you}.


Ashley said...

1. Your Saige reminds me of a Gap kids model. in every photo. pretty kid envy.
2. I want your BOB stroller.
3. I want your iphone so I can use Instagram. one day. (tear)
4. You BMX'd as a kid? Yet another reason I call you a blog friend.
5. This post rocks. :)

Jena said...

Saige could really be a little model! She's more fashionable than I will ever hope to be, rubber boots and all!!

Sweet pics!!

ana {bluebirdkisses} said...

ahahha she is the cutest! i love your photodumps sometimes i feel like every one of my posts is a massive dump

Brianne G said...

in picture (d) I think she is being part of the lollipop guild from the Wizard of Oz

Sandra Kohlmann said...

How was I not following you on Instagram? I think I might have thought I was and that you just didn't take many pictures (I'm sticking to that story).

I can't get over how delightful Saige is. She's adorable and these photos just scream out that she is a total riot to hang out with. I love that she seems equally at home doing "boy" things as much as "girl" things. No typecasting for her!

Danielle Hardy said...

I heart your kiddo pics.. they bring a smile to my face every single time :)

Adriane /// The A and B Stories said...

(d) the robot is my FAV. Um, it's the funniest picture ever. You need to show that at her wedding.

Sara K {SaigeWisdom} said...

now that you say that... haha!

Dongdong Weng said...
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farras shop said...
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