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Saturday, June 30, 2012

My blog angel Megan was sent straight from heaven - I loved reading her post today and being reminded of all the sweet things she did for me over the course of a month {and there were A LOT}. She's a real do-gooder that one, just see for yourself...
I was meant to sprinkle pixie dust on Quiet Time Quilts and I'm embarrassed to say I wasn't able to do a whole lot. Kirra is new to blogging so any comments I would have left would've been obvious and blow the June 30th surprise. 

Instead I...
* followed her on Facebook and Twitter
* subscribed to her posts via email 
* let her know that her domain name had expired 
* made her a new blog header which was emailed to her anonymously

Yup definitely no Megan, but maybe an "E" for effort?

guess what girl?

Friday, June 29, 2012

Who needs when you have husbands and hats?

Trev-bob didn't disappoint when he pulled Canadian girl RANDALIN out of this pint-sized ball cap. 

Miss Harvesting Kale is all sorts of awesome and those tangerine pillow covers are going to add some serious citrus to her already cool living room. I just hope she'll think of me every time she lays that pretty head of hers on the chevron goodness.

I wish I could shout "Etsy for everyone!" - I even checked the ol' bank account to see if playing Oprah was in the Knol budget - alas it ain't.

BUT... (you're gonna wanna check out this post)

surprise offers.

As you can see I've never been good at following rules {even the ones I make up}. Not only did I announce the winner a day early - congrats again Randalin - but I didn't let the 'minimum of 20 participants' stop me either.

I'm powering down the laptop for awhile, but before I do, I wanted to say THANK YOU!! 

* thank you to ALL you readers who listen to me read my ramblings week after week 

* thank you to Megan from Shaping Up To Be A Mommy very own bloggy godmother... she was secretly assigned to me this month via the blog angel project and let's just say, she delivered.

* thank you to the 17 ahh-mazing bloggettes who made this giveaway/link up a reality

* and thank you to the wonderful Etsy shops who agreed to surprise their biggest fans with some special offers. Look below for the highlighted deals...
BLOG   //   SHOP

** When Kim from Knot Forgotten Online heard that E favourited her 'family rules' sign, she created the coupon code: 'OBSESSED' for readers to receive 15% off anything in her ahh-mazing shop.  
BLOG   //   SHOP

BLOG   //   SHOP
BLOG   //   SHOP

** Yobilee from ItsBees wants to gift her #1 fan with her very 1st air plant! SURPRISE Rebecca! Isn't that awesome? I'm thinking of ordering some succulents for myself. 

BLOG   //   SHOP
BLOG   //   SHOP
BLOG   //   SHOP
BLOG   //   SHOP

** Want a cover from your eReader or iPad?? Well Miss Erika's favourite shop Elizabeth Davis Designs is offering free shipping on all orders within the USA - just enter "FREE SHIPPING" at check out
BLOG   //   SHOP

** Rachelle from Impulse Creativity is not only crafty but generous. She's offering free shipping on all purchases that use the coupon code: LUCKY1 
BLOG   //   SHOP

** I nearly dropped my iPhone when shop owner Elenoir left a message saying she's gifting my BLOG ANGEL with her very own knot bracelet!! That's right... Petite Robe ele|noir| is sending Megan her Etsy Obsession and is giving Saige Wisdom followers FREE SHIPPING on any purchase... all the way from Italy!
BLOG   //   SHOP
BLOG   //   SHOP
BLOG   //   SHOP
BLOG   //   SHOP

** Despite being insanely busy with her upcoming sale on, Moorea Seal will give Shane a "huge discount" if she wants to buy her chevron find! Lucky girl.
BLOG   //   SHOP
BLOG   //   SHOP

BLOG   //   SHOP
BLOG   //   SHOP

all will be revealed...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

on Saturday.

So maybe this $50 Etsy link up/giveaway wasn't as popular as I had imagined hoped for, but the lovely bloggettes that have linked up definitely did their research. Bravo ladies, bravo! You make this shopping addict very proud.

Tomorrow is your LAST CHANCE at Etsy romance... I'd hate for you to miss out on winning your handmade crush.

BLOG   //   SHOP

BLOG   //   SHOP
BLOG   //   SHOP
BLOG   //   SHOP
BLOG   //   SHOP
BLOG   //   SHOP
BLOG   //   SHOP
BLOG   //   SHOP
BLOG   //   SHOP
BLOG   //   SHOP
BLOG   //   SHOP
BLOG   //   SHOP
BLOG   //   SHOP

photography obsessed.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Do you remember Jillian Harris & Ed Swiderski from my all-time favourite season of "The Bachelorette"? Of course you do cause it was hands down AWESOME!
source & more stunners
Well the AWESOME photographer responsible for their equally AWESOME engagement photos - man I wish they were still together - is none other than local talent & celebrity Renée Leveille  with  Wedded Bliss Photography.

Renée is also the artist behind my 'I love them SO much' photos of Gabe & I... 
You have no idea how thankful I am to have such beautiful images of me and my less-than-a-week-old wee man. 

Renée is SO lovely to work with - calm, kind, highly skilled {basically everything I'm not}. I was actually building up the nerve to ask if I could be her free assistant on shoots that needed an extra pair of hands, but then she advertised a Facebook contest that has me BEGGING for your votes...

just click, like & vote

I'm DYING to do a 'family bed' photo shoot (of course I already started a Pinterest board) because that's what us Knol's do on weekend mornings... we lounge (and think, "we so need a king"). Of course cute pajamas, pillow fights and bed jumping aren't entirely out the question either ;)

source & more great photos

THANK YOU!!!! and you can vote every HOUR ;)

internet obsessed.

Monday, June 25, 2012

In keeping with this week's OBSESSION theme...

I'm thinking of taking a little blog break this summer - take some time off to enjoy all this sun the weatherman assures me IS coming. I doubt I'll vanish all together, but things will be a lot quieter on ol' Saige Wisdom for awhile. 

And just as I'm trying to wind things down, some of my new favourite bloggesses {Sadie & Heather} take it upon themselves to introduce me to the latest & greatest in internet addictions. Thanks ladies {my gratitude is dripping in sarcasm in case you're wondering}.

{ 1 }

her BLOG   ...   etsy TASTE TESTER

...I took the test and here's my score {pun intended}:

* I think this pretty much confirms I have great taste ;)
{ 2 }

her BLOG   ... WEBSITE
...I took a long look around and:

* who doesn't want bacon band-aids or a see-through kayak or a facet that shows water temperature? it's genious! I'm thinking of pinning the entire website and nobody try to stop me!

10 down, 10 more to go...

obsessions. { link up & GIVEAWAY! }

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Well folks I'm beyond stoked for today and not just cause it's Friday... today starts my week long link up that reaches its climax with me buying one lucky linker upper the Etsy obsession of their choice. If this wasn't my giveaway I'd so be all over it.

Please for the love of God revisit this post for ALL the contest details + a sample post (failure to do so may result in tears).

In a nutshell your mission is as follows:

1) follow me on Google Friend Connect - it looks a little something like this...
2) do the impossible and narrow your list of must-have items down to ONE. Unfortunately I'm not independently wealthy so make sure your want is under $50 USD including shipping. 

3) whip up an obsessions post similar to THIS ONE that features a photo of your Etsy obsession and the shop it can be found in. For filler, keyboard a minimum of 4 additional non-Etsy related bullet points.

4) hit publish, but not before stealing this...
{ SaigeWisdom }
<div align="center"><a href="" title="{ SaigeWisdom }"><img src="" alt="{ SaigeWisdom }" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

5) LINK UP! if you don't know how, ask. 

6) enter before Friday, June 29th @ noon and don't forget to like my Facebook fan page for no other reason than to make me look popular... and maybe get in on a second giveaway. 

That's all folks... easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. 

* Sorry to all you non-bloggers out there that can't get in on the 'obsessive' action. I promise I'll have another Etsy gift-away real soon. 

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