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Monday, June 25, 2012

In keeping with this week's OBSESSION theme...

I'm thinking of taking a little blog break this summer - take some time off to enjoy all this sun the weatherman assures me IS coming. I doubt I'll vanish all together, but things will be a lot quieter on ol' Saige Wisdom for awhile. 

And just as I'm trying to wind things down, some of my new favourite bloggesses {Sadie & Heather} take it upon themselves to introduce me to the latest & greatest in internet addictions. Thanks ladies {my gratitude is dripping in sarcasm in case you're wondering}.

{ 1 }

her BLOG   ...   etsy TASTE TESTER

...I took the test and here's my score {pun intended}:

* I think this pretty much confirms I have great taste ;)
{ 2 }

her BLOG   ... WEBSITE
...I took a long look around and:

* who doesn't want bacon band-aids or a see-through kayak or a facet that shows water temperature? it's genious! I'm thinking of pinning the entire website and nobody try to stop me!

10 down, 10 more to go...


Shane said...

Oh no, why did you have to show me these?! AS if I needed more time wasters :) Linking up to your etsy contest tomorrow!

xo Shane

Sadie Dear said...

Oh, yes! I love your taste.... well done! I love all your finds!

andrea said...

you're taste test results are exponentially cooler than mine. i'm jealous.

Heather said...

I hovered over that water temperature faucet for quite some time. Who wouldn't? lol

farras shop said...
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