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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

G-man has turned into the worst.sleeper.ever - like an up every 2 hours nightmare - and since he's still in our bedroom {because there's no other place for him to go}, 'crying it out' is not really an option.

Needless to say, not only do we need a baby whisperer, but we need a third bedroom STAT. Remember those preliminary drawings for our much anticipated home addition and their $100,000 price tag? Well they put Hot Anthony {or contractor} in the doghouse and had him drafting up another set of plans... 

Here's Plan B:
** everything from the bump out forward is an add on including storage in the attic storage and a large, unfinished basement.

To tell you the truth I never expected a simple home addition to be this complicated - or spendy. You see up until now Trev & I {and our handy dads} have done all the work ourselves and - except for the siding and furnace/air conditioner installation - we've never concerned ourselves with the cost of labour, only the price of beer. As you can imagine the $70,000 quote is making me a wee bit crazy; crazy enough to believe Trev when he says, "we won't need help, it's just a basic box" #famouslastwords. 

I bet you're asking yourselves, "why don't they just sell and buy something bigger?" 

The short answer: this is our home, we've put all 9 years of our relationship into renovating rebuilding and it kills me to think of another family getting cozy up in our digs. 

Aside from my sentimental reasons for wanting to stay put, there's also the fact that we'd have to double our mortgage to get a larger home, triple it if we didn't want to contend with a fixer-upper {which we don't} and quadruple it if we wanted some land {which we do}. 

Being house poor is not high on our list of priorities and once we stop being excavator poor - September can't come soon enough - I'm going to kibosh any and all Trev ideas that include us and ridiculous monthly payments in the same sentence.

So what are our other reasons for hiring a contractor instead of a realtor?

- Our 0.25 acre lot.

- The thought of readying the house for sale, tidying up for showings, negotiating a sale price, packing up ALL our stuff and moving across town makes me sick to my stomach.

- That we're super central and everything we could possibly want/need is within walking distance. My work is just 10 minutes away by foot, Saige's preschool is 5 minutes up the road and the elementary school is literally a stone's throw away {she won't even have to cross a street to get to class}. 

- That we apparently live in an up & coming neighbourhood.

- 3 words: change of address.

- That we are able to take all the money we would have spent on realtor commissions, legal fees, home inspections, moving boxes, etc. and put it towards more square footage.

Financing this little project of ours has become an almost bigger headache than Gabe's late night screams, but that's another blog post altogether.


hardydanielle said...

aww! I feel your pain. Families just don't get smaller and BC is so darn expensive. Believing that all will fall into place for you guys in it's perfect time. LOVE those plans though.. It's going to look so fab.

Ashley said...

How many people get to do something like thus? So fun!

D @ Naptime in Suburbia said...

Ugh, I feel your sleep pain. Noah has been bouncing between our room and his lately b/c our room is air conditioned, and the result has been him deciding that he can revert to newborn sleep habits. Your so right that "crying it out" isn't really an option when you're sleeping 5 feet away.

We've actually just hired a real estate agent, not because we don't love our house, but because we don't love the school district.

Hang in there! Maybe Gabe and Noah secretly planned to mess with their mamas' sleep at the same time just so we didn't feel bad alone, ha!

Hazy Shades of Me said...

Love it. Friends of ours did this a couple of years ago. Their family of FIVE took their 1100 sq ft, one bathroom, 3 (small) bedroom rancher and transformed it into a glorious homestead with an UPSTAIRS and carriage house. It worked out so well for them - no regrets - and I'm sure it will for you and your family too!

Adriane /// The A and B Stories said...

Oh man....we have addition thoughts too. One day (as in never) we want to build a second floor on our place. We need more room...but we LOVE our house/area/current mortgage monthly payment. AHHH. Being a grown up sucks, right?

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