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Friday, June 15, 2012

To ensure maximum participation in next Friday`s link up save your posts. I`m giving one O.C.D. blogger $50 dolla, dolla bills y`all to spend in the Etsy shop of YOUR choice... those with piqued interest can get more info below.

* the blog angel project - posting with any regularity has become a real struggle for me and with Summer coming (I think) and my parental leave coming to an end, I`m beginning to wonder if Saige Wisdom will survive. With the fate of my blog in question, I willingly took on A LOT of blog challenges this month. I worry that if I don`t seize the opportunity now to participate in blogger gift exchanges; host giveaways; write guest posts; sponsor awesome blogs and be a blog angel, I may never experience those experiences again.

The birth of Saige Wisdom - and Saige for that matter - doesn`t seem that long ago. I remember the days months when NO ONE commented on my posts, when I didn`t know that `copy URL` existed and when bloggers like Morgan, Christine, Elizabeth and Court were rockstars instead of `friends` (they still are rockstars, just a little less intimidating ones).

By no means have I `made it` in the blogging world - hardly - but I`ve definitely learned a thing or two and I certainly didn`t get here without the help of some ahhh-mazing blogettes. I`ll never forget when Ana from Bluebird Kisses took me under her wing and explained instagram and picnik to me or when Kristal from The RikRak Studio sponsored my very first Treasury Hunt and then put my button on her heavily trafficked blog - I love these women and I`ll always remember their kindness and continued support.

I signed on to be a blog angel so I could pay it forward, but instead I feel like I`m spending it backwards. The lovely bloggess I`ve been secretly paired with hasn`t written a blog post all month and I`ve done basically nothing to let her know this redhead with imaginary wings is looking out for her. All I can say is that it`s a good thing June is only half over because I need to start polishing my halo pronto.

oooh I found these link ups hosted by other blog angels... don't mind if I do ;)
Current Crush Thursdays

* taco salad - oh Mexico how I love thee, but if I`m being completely honest your fare has never made it into my top 10, until now. Since discovering this recipe (minus the chili sauce) a few months back, Mexican salad has been a weekly staple and shows no signs of slowing down.  

* polka dots - they seem to be making their way into my heart and wardrobe.

* infinity scarves like these beauts from the Etsy-Canadian shop BlueBirdsFlyBoutique... they had me at nerd glasses (and awesome brick wall). 

* this post which totally brings me back to 2 days ago and this one that basically sums up my personality in two words: extroverted introvert. 

* picmonkey - editing photos has never been easier (or more fun). If you follow me on instagram - @saigewisdom you know I`m crazy for collages and this picnik replacement doesn`t disappoint.   

* - it`s amazing how much time I can waste on that site. Gives me hope that my complete and utter lack of motivation is universal:

* Apple - if you haven`t added me to your Facebook, you may not know that my iPhone committed suicide. It jumped out of my hands and died from internal injuries. As you can imagine, I was beyond devastated right up until Apple Fed-Exed me a brand new one! Yes you read that right, I called AppleCare's 1-800 # with my sob story and 2 days later I had a shiny new iPhone 4S sitting at my doorstep! With customer service like that (thanks Ken) I`m seriously considering a Mac for my next laptop.

* next week`s obsessions link up - June 22nd be there or be square... link up details to follow immediately (as in go read them right now, they`re in the post directly after this one).


Erika said... need to immediately repent and re-think your life if Mexican isn't in your top 10. I don't even know if we can be friends anymore. That's just morally wrong.

In other are welcome to be MY blog angel (whatever that is, actually) since your other girls aren't working out. :)

And Picmonkey is awesome!! I just started playing with it yesterday and can tell it's going to be great!

Katlyn Larson said...

Oh no! I am so sorry for your blogger to just stop being here! I hope that it changes in the next week or so! Hope you decide to sign up again with us in August as well! :) I am glad that you are so caring and want to take on these challenges.. We need people like you in this little land that we have created to pass on the wisdom! Hope your day is splendid! xo

Rosie said...

Blog Angels was something Katlyn and I started here We're doing it again in August if you fancy it!

Rosie xx

Rosie said...

Hi! I don't think you need feel bad about being a 'bad' blog angel. You can only work with what you have got and it sounds like you've got someone going through a very similar experience to you with being so busy. I thank you so much for taking part even when you are so busy and blog life looks set to stop for a while (I hope not forever <3) I am going to be checking out ''...I definitely need something else to distract my or not.

Take care - you

Rosie xx

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Blog angels is such a fun idea, right?! I've been enjoying trying to find things to do for my partner... Mine is the exact opposite though... It seems she has her stuff so together that I just don't know how to help. Anyway, keep trying right! :)

K2B2 said...

I looooooove infinity scarves. I had a basic black all winter and didn't leave the house without it well into spring. Scarves in general are a very new addition to my wardrobe and I'm addicted. I JUST purchased a lovely cream and navy polka dot one... maybe I shall nickname it my "Sara" scarf. I love Fridays... but now you've given me a whole new reason to look forward to next FRIDAY!! p.s. The cupcake someecard slays me.

Hazy Shades of Me said...


Sara K {SaigeWisdom} said...

ummm where did you get this navy & polka dot circle scarf? dish. I've never had an article of clothing nicknamed after me so I'm INCREDIBLY honored plus she sounds purdy. xo

Sara K {SaigeWisdom} said...

no you're awesome

Katie said...

oh my god- love the cupcake one! shoot, reminds me I said I'd start running this summer!

Ana {bluebirdkisses} said...

I'm right there with you. With the summer coming I feel somewhat less invested in the blog and with less sleep and a more rambunctious toddler I'm super tired and uninspired. Thank you for the shout out, you've helped me a lot too especially with your humor and encouragement.

Anne said...

Scarves...EVERY WOMAN SHOULD OWN A GAZILLION. They turn every ordinary outfit trendy within 2.5 seconds. Love 'em.

Alyx said...

I love taco salad and infinity scarves. I love eating taco salad while wearing my infinity scarf.

Melanie said...

Thank you for including my post! :) We're all the same.

Dongdong Weng said...
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farras shop said...
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