honey I'm home.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Trev & I feel back at home now that we're Home Depot regulars once again. Once upon a time we had to drive the 45 minutes to Kelowna twice a week to get our HD fix. * Eight years ago Vernon was hardcore lacking in the home improvement scene... yes we've been in the renovation game for awhile. 
I mentioned earlier that garden doors aren't doing it for me anymore. Call me old fashioned but I like sliders and envisioned a wall of them opening onto the new covered deck I pray is within budget. My dream of a 12 foot patio door sounded a bit SPENDY (and fingerprint-y) but I decided to get some quotes. Well the first 2 came back in the $3000+ range and I almost gave up until I saw Jeld-wen made a 4-panel slider.
The next day I marched down to Home Depot - kids in tow - and squealed almost as loud as Gabe when the special order price tag came back at $842!! Aaaaaaand they were having a 15% off all exterior windows & doors sale so guess whose dream came true?!

This door is significant and exciting on so many levels: level 1 - it only cost $715.70 + tax, level 2 - it was the first purchase we made for our home addition, level 3 - it arrives at our door in less than 3 weeks which means we don't have to pick it up or store it long, level 4 - this is really happening!!
Because we aren't financing the renovation, we've broken the project into more manageable & affordable pieces (sections if you will) the first being concrete... boring *yawn*. This is Trevor's area, but I'm told the foundation should be dug and poured by mid-August so stay tuned for a great, big and definitely not-kid-friendly hole in the backyard.

Christmas in July.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Okay I totally dropped the ball tree ornament on my Christmas in July blog post. It seems I failed to read the fine print that clearly stated the link-up would be happening on July 25th #mybad.

Annnnnyways, I've ALWAYS wanted to participate in one of these blogger gift exchanges so when my girl Alyx from Every Day is a New Adventure dreamed up this international present giving extravaganza I was 'in like Flynn'.
* 10 points to anyone who can explain the origin of this expression to me. I seem to use it all the time, but have no clue what it actually means.

Moving on.

So each Secret Santa was given a tiny wishlist to better guide their $25 spending limit and let me tell you, narrowing my crush list from 1,000,000 down to 5 was near impossible. Here's what I managed to come up with under pressure:

1.  horizontal stripes

2.  personalized anything
3.  birdhouses
4.  notebooks / journals / stationary
5.  cute, touching and/or funny quotes

I kinda forgot I had a present comibg my way until a brown paper package tied up with string arrived at my door safe & sound and right on time. To be honest I nearly choked on my bagel when I saw the $24.98 postage stamp!! A note to fellow Canadians: mailing a Febreeze candle ain't cheap (but is definitely appreciated). Yes poor Little Miss Cornucopia spent her entire gift giving budget on stamps and yet I she still packed me plenty of treasures to ooh & ahh over (and steal back from Saige).

Yes there are few things in life more exciting than presents delivered to your doorstop... it's just a shame our Purolator guy isn't better looking.

Here's the breakdown of my Christmas in July haul...

(1) a sweet little note sporting a ginger in glittery peacock dress.

(2) the cutest pink piggy you've ever seen... saving has never looked so adorable.

(3) a striped fuzzy kitchen towel + a delicious smelling candle for Febreeze.

(4) a keychain that reads strength on one side and courage on the other - those little daily reminders are key {pun intended}

** and all of this came in a handy photo box!

I'm so very happy with ALL of my gifts. They were not only thoughtful, but delightful to open. Thank you Maria THANK.YOU.


I too got to put on the red suit and itchy white beard - playing Santa for a stranger was a lot harder than it looks. Sure I had my person and I had her list - lattes, pink, lotions, sparkles & flowers - but finding stuff within budget proved difficult. I was almost going to give up and send her a $25 Starbucks card (lame-O) until the Chapters Summer Sale came into my life.

OK I went five dollars over limit, but since shipping was free, I still feel like I kept my end of the bargain. Of course I wish I could have wrapped everything in fun Christmas paper and explained the thought process that went into each of my selections, but the deadline was looming and me and stress don't play nice.

so there you have it... Christmas gifts with no snow.

Merry summer ho-ho everyone!

let's go glamping.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I fully plan on doing my own post on the "Lindsay Gee" glamping experience - she truly is that good - but in case you missed her blog recap of our plaid clad family of 4,  HERE SHE BE.

The response has been overwhelming to say the least - thank you *blush* - please continue giving Miss Gee your love & support with gushing comments, smitten pins and Facebook like-age.

It was my first attempt at a stylized photo shoot {with co-conspirator Mrs. Burr-esque} and I'm kinda hooked on creativity of it all. 

Being the O.C.D. red head that I am, I've already started dreaming up our next stylized session {after the family bed idea of course}. I'm thinking the Knol's need to go on a photographed RRRRROAD TRIP!! reading maps, posing in front of "welcome to __________" signs, stretching at rest stops, grabbing gas station munchies & slushies... and doing it all in vintage truck style {if I ask the Hein's really nicely}... there's only one other question that remains: Lindsay are you game?

12 bullet bulletin (part deux)

Monday, July 23, 2012

It seems my blogging break may be turning into something a bit more permanent. Life has become more productive now that I'm just living it instead of living it then blogging about it. That's not to say I don't miss it or you and that I won't be back in September, but right now I'm enjoying my summer laptop free. My relationship with the iPhone is an entirely different story; so if you wanna keep tabs on our daily shenanigans, check us out on Instagram or follow us on Facebook.

And now for a Twelve Bullet Bulletin:

{ 1 } Gabe took his first steps this afternoon (a day before his 10 month birthday). He looks like a walking cabbage patch... as if he wasn't freak enough already.

{ 2 } I put both kids in daycare so I could deep clean the house and I got as far as the bathroom. The good news is that our grout is so clean you can eat off it {cause we all eat off bathroom floors} and I owe it to the bleach & baking soda concoction I borrowed from Pinterest.
1 part bleach : 3 parts baking soda
* brush on paste . wait 5 mins . scrub . wipe . VOILA! *
{ 3 } I've been researching Disney cruises for my 30th birthday... you know, for the kids ;)

{ 4 } This is quite possibly the coolest thing I have ever laid eyes on and of course I want one...

{ 5 } Season 6 of 'Dexter' is on pre-order, we just finished watching all 50 something episodes of 'Mad Men' (ermahgerd!) and I'm thinking of jumping on the 'Walking Dead' train, thoughts?

{ 6 } Unsupervised Saige went a bit scissor happy crazy and took top secret snips out of her soccer bag, curtains and HAIR!! 
apparently somebody wanted bangs
{ 7 } I rejoined the gym - 3 years later - and am surprisingly loving it. I know "ew" right? I don't know what I'm enjoying more, my 6:30 pm Centergy class or the fact that Trev has to put both kids to bed. I thought given my dancer background I'd be better at Zumba but no.such.luck. ain't nothing sexy 'bout these hips.

{ 8 } The home addition is finallly a go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes that many exclamation points were entirely necessary. Doesn't it feel like I've been talking about this forever? Maybe because I have; by mid-August we should have a giant hole in our backyard and I couldn't be giddier.  

{ 9 } Hard to believe these photos were taken almost a year apart on the same lake, Sugar Lake...
a last minute camping trip with good friends: Dean, Bobo and their not-so-little-but-definitely-adorable puppy London will go down in relaxation history. We scored a lakefront site {unheard of for a Friday afternoon} and while I lost count of the number of s'mores I consumed, Saige ran around with her gaggle of friends and Gabe went on the second tube ride of his life {his first happened in utero 3 weeks before his due date, true story}. Two highlights from the weekend included Saige leaping into the VERY frigid water with little to no hesitation and me sitting on a deserted beach watching the sunrise with my little man. It may be the only time in my existence that I'll be thankful for a 4:45 am wake up call.

{ 10 } I'm on the hunt for a 3 {maybe 4} panel sliding glass door. I want  a wall of windows leading out to our soon-to-be covered back patio. It only took me 8 years to realize garden doors aren't for me.

{ 11 } Remember this?

Well rumour has it {Adele} that the truly ahhh-mazing and always ha-larious Lindsay Gee will be posting photos from our stylized camping shoot later today...

go check it out... I'll meet you over there... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Sending you big squeezes and cool breezes!
* mwah *

miss me?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just popping in to say "hi" and tell you all just how much I've been missing you! While I'm still on a bit of a blogging hiatus, I thought I'd take a break from my glamorous life of scrubbing toilets and making grocery lists to let you know what's been rocking my world these days...

- 'Magic Mike'. I never understood the appeal of Mr. Tatum... until now. ooooh that boy has moves like Jagger. Yes I went to a movie about male strippers and spent a good 2/3's of the show hiding behind my hands {prude alert}.

- weddings. If you don't follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook you may not know that my big sis got hitched last Saturday. Excuse the poor iPhone pic {I forgot to turn my oompa loompa filter off}. Just wait until to get my hands on some of the pro shots because Jill-bird was STUNNING... most beautiful.bride.ever {brought legitimate tears to my heavily make-upped eyes}. 
- shirts that go a bit longer in the back - I can't get enough. I've been calling them upside down calla lily T's for lack of a better name and I'm particularly fond of the beige one I scored with subtle knit polka dots... thanks H&M, I heart you and your little boy's section too.
an example of what I mean
- hot tubs turned into mini-infinity pools. Becs & I pretended we were the newest Laguna Beach castmates 'laying it out' in our chilled, overflowing hot tub. It's been H-O-T up in these parts so when I'm not huddled over an A/C vent, I'm living under a beach umbrella and/or cooling my ogre toes in the lake {some bullies nicknamed my piggies Fiona feet due to their uncanny resemblance to the stubbies on Shrek's wife}.

- pineapple. I've never loved the tropical fruit more and I owe it all to my new $10 corer. I'm a firm believer that every household needs one of these so if stores near you don't carry them, shoot me an email and I'll hook you up. 
- mad men. I'm mad about Mad Men, Trev too. We've burned through the first 3 seasons faster than you can say "secondhand smoke" and I'm quite certain I never would have survived the 60's as a woman.

- free time. The spare moments I used to spend blogging are now being allocated towards other fun ventures like Pinterest projects:
my take {in progress}
Is anyone else ridiculously excited about the Olympics?!! Eeeee! can't wait! Fingers crossed Canada wins something and that I get a Gabe update out soon, but until then... stay cool my friends ;)

new kid on the blog.

Monday, July 2, 2012

PhotobucketThe Polluck Potluck

Rosie from Craftbotic came up with a sweet little link up to promote bloganistas (thanks Court for the new word) with less than 100 followers. Not many people have done their 'new kids on the blog' homework and since I'm no stranger to failed link ups, I thought I'd throw a name in the hat:
I've actually been following Ashley for awhile now via The Pollock Potluck and I simply adore her (and her wee family of 3). She's just SO DANG CUTE! I'm not sure if it's politically correct to call someone the same age as you "cute" but read a couple of her posts and I think you'll agree. 

You might be wondering why I don't hate dislike her immensely considering she's just an itty little thing with a gorgeous tan and even beautiful'ler face, but Miss Ashley is a firecracker and completely won me over. I decided earl on that any girl willing to post blooper photos of herself for all to see can't be that bad and I was right... 
she's funny 
she's honest 
she's the real deal.

The Pollock Potluck has 2 weekly link ups that are always fun to read {although I'm embarrassed to say I have yet to participate in either}. You see they both require follow through - something I'm lacking at the moment in this lifetime:

Where Ashley and other with it bloggettes execute, then share their 'Pinterest boards come to life' (even the big fat flops). My favourite  PINspiration of Ashley's to date?
DIY microwave popcorn
Ashley tired of always having one third of her family missing from family photos and vowed to get out from behind the camera and take at least one weekly snapshot of her trio. Such an ingenious idea, I wish I had thought of it.
told ya they're cuties
Ashley is definitely one of the bloggesses I hope to meet in person one day. I highly recommend that that ahh-dorable little family of hers vacations in sunny Okanagan so I can win her over with my impressive bear hug (that will surely crush her into 'yes I think you're pretty swell too' submission). 

I do hope you'll check out Ashley's little slice of the internet seeing how I broke my 'no blogging' rule just so the pair of you could get better acquainted. I'm scouring my Pinterest boards looking for my first ever 'Make it Monday' post... I think you should do the same ;)

The Polluck Potluck
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