Christmas in July.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Okay I totally dropped the ball tree ornament on my Christmas in July blog post. It seems I failed to read the fine print that clearly stated the link-up would be happening on July 25th #mybad.

Annnnnyways, I've ALWAYS wanted to participate in one of these blogger gift exchanges so when my girl Alyx from Every Day is a New Adventure dreamed up this international present giving extravaganza I was 'in like Flynn'.
* 10 points to anyone who can explain the origin of this expression to me. I seem to use it all the time, but have no clue what it actually means.

Moving on.

So each Secret Santa was given a tiny wishlist to better guide their $25 spending limit and let me tell you, narrowing my crush list from 1,000,000 down to 5 was near impossible. Here's what I managed to come up with under pressure:

1.  horizontal stripes

2.  personalized anything
3.  birdhouses
4.  notebooks / journals / stationary
5.  cute, touching and/or funny quotes

I kinda forgot I had a present comibg my way until a brown paper package tied up with string arrived at my door safe & sound and right on time. To be honest I nearly choked on my bagel when I saw the $24.98 postage stamp!! A note to fellow Canadians: mailing a Febreeze candle ain't cheap (but is definitely appreciated). Yes poor Little Miss Cornucopia spent her entire gift giving budget on stamps and yet I she still packed me plenty of treasures to ooh & ahh over (and steal back from Saige).

Yes there are few things in life more exciting than presents delivered to your doorstop... it's just a shame our Purolator guy isn't better looking.

Here's the breakdown of my Christmas in July haul...

(1) a sweet little note sporting a ginger in glittery peacock dress.

(2) the cutest pink piggy you've ever seen... saving has never looked so adorable.

(3) a striped fuzzy kitchen towel + a delicious smelling candle for Febreeze.

(4) a keychain that reads strength on one side and courage on the other - those little daily reminders are key {pun intended}

** and all of this came in a handy photo box!

I'm so very happy with ALL of my gifts. They were not only thoughtful, but delightful to open. Thank you Maria THANK.YOU.


I too got to put on the red suit and itchy white beard - playing Santa for a stranger was a lot harder than it looks. Sure I had my person and I had her list - lattes, pink, lotions, sparkles & flowers - but finding stuff within budget proved difficult. I was almost going to give up and send her a $25 Starbucks card (lame-O) until the Chapters Summer Sale came into my life.

OK I went five dollars over limit, but since shipping was free, I still feel like I kept my end of the bargain. Of course I wish I could have wrapped everything in fun Christmas paper and explained the thought process that went into each of my selections, but the deadline was looming and me and stress don't play nice.

so there you have it... Christmas gifts with no snow.

Merry summer ho-ho everyone!


Brianne G said...

I'm nerdy like this - here is where 'In Like Flynn' came from:
This phrase is commonly said to be a reference to Errol Flynn, the Australian film actor. Flynn was famous for his romantic swashbuckler roles in Hollywood films and for his flamboyant private life. His reputation as a hard-drinking, hell-raising ladies' man was apparently well justified, although it has doubtless been enhanced by his delight in playing up to his image

Maria said...

Yay! I was all sunshine and smiles when I was out shopping for you for Christmas in July! I'm so happy you like your gifts :) I love your blog btw..and the fact that you're also a ginger, just like me :) naturally, it was meant to be :) xo

farras shop said...
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Mas Dokter said...
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