12 bullet bulletin {part FOUR}

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Where do I even begin?

I envy bloggettes that discuss ONE topic per post without deviation. Like Erinn's diy: crib sheet tutorial that did just that, provided step-by-step instructions on how to make custom crib sheets - nothing more, nothing less. There was no "oh by the way this is what I had for lunch" or "P.S. don't you love Britney off of Big Brother?" No, she kept it professional and on point; it was baby bedding all the way - beginning, middle and end.

Well folks I can honestly say I'll never join the ranks of blogs like Fancy Napkin whose post titles actually jive with the posts' content. I suffer from blogger ADHD which leaves me with posts looking like this... a hot mess.

12 Bullet Bulletin:

1. Thanks to Court over at A Little Glass Box - and the following google searches: Zoolander face, navy blue crib and Timbuktu - Saige Wisdom got a crazy amount of traffic this week. I sometimes forget that people other than those I refer to as "mom" are reading my blog. THANK YOU everyone, especially Miss Mountain View, California, for giving my hobby some cred.

2. I debated giving this bullet a post all it's own. Last week I watched Trev say good-bye to his bestest and furriest friend for the past 13+ years and I can't even begin to describe how painful that day was. Seeing 'the epitome of strength' breakdown while cradling the handsome face of a 130 lbs malamute/shepherd in his lap was truly unbearable. The relationship between Trev and Dakota was one of the many reasons I fell in love with him so quickly and was one of the main reason I knew he'd be one AMAZING father. Dakota was more than a family pet, he was Saige & Gabe's first dog, Maddison's big brother, Trev's loyalest friend and 100% irreplaceable.

3. This photo makes everything better. I've never had more fun planning a birthday. You can check out our instagram feed @saigewisdom for sneak peeks into Gabe's September #nerd #party.
4. My search for the perfect cross-body, camel-coloured satchel is o.v.e.r. {and if you followed me of Facebook you'd know why}. Hint: I may have won the most ahhh-mazing bag over on Aaren's equally ahhh-mazing blog.
5. My quest for the perfect pair of leather riding boots, however, continues... I even tweeted Roots inquiring about the calf circumference of their Western Riding Boot. When it comes to footwear, Roots gets rave reviews {as they should at $300 a pair}. I'm sure my baby sister would kill me if I spent that kind of money on boots, but if they're as awesome as all 68 satisfied customers say they are, how can I not? I especially enjoy the removable buckle that gives the boot 2 distinct looks.

6. I worry that I'm going to cause I traffic accident mid-sneeze. I lose all control over my body when I "ahh-choo"

7. My sisters, mom & I have a mother/daughter photo shoot with White Linen Photography and it's a dream come true for so many reasons: {a} I finally get to meet the duo I've been following stalking all these years; {b} all 4 of us will together in one room without husbands or kids - the last time that happened we were at a Britney Spears concert feeling very old and {c} I know these are photos that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

8. I've had such a hankering for schnitzel it's not even funny. Gramma if you're reading this - which is impossible seeing how you don't have internet or a computer - can you please invite me for an authentic German dinner with a side of lemon? Love you forever.

9. Trev's watching 'Zombieland' and I'm pretty sure that's dying brain cells I hear over on my side of the couch, "help us Sara, make him stop!" 

10. Just when I think I couldn't be anymore excited for BLEND2012, Becs & baby Hanna sign up for the road trip portion and cdlbWest goes and posts this. Reading SWAG and IKEA in the same blog post is making my head explode.

11. In 12 hours or less our basement walls will be poured aaaand Saige will have went on her very first carnival ride... it's gonna be a great Friday, I just know it.

12. Don't you just love Britney from Big Brother? Please tell me she didn't get the ol' heave ho? No don't, I have to watch it first.


Randalin @ Harvesting Kale said...

I seriously light up when I see your posts in my reader. I always get a good laugh. Except for number 2 - that one produced tears.

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that needs to know calf circumference in boots. I have one calf that is bigger than the other (WTF??), which can cause some serious issues in the boot department.

Thanks for the giggles. Have a great long weekend!

christine, just bella said...

1) so, sorry to hear about your puppy. I know how dogs can be part of the family, big hugs to you.

2) I'm seriously obsessed with Gabe's nerd party, such an awesome idea. I want to fly out and invite myself and Alice over ;)

3) looove White Linen, they shot my cousins wedding. Can't wait to see your photos.

4) I make a mean schnitzel. mmmm, schnitzel.

Olly's mama said...

You're so welcome! I enjoy your blog & I adore YOU! Hope y'alls hearts heal quickly...dogs are amazing gifts ;.)

Erinn T said...

Okay, first I am beyond honoured to be mentioned here. Thanks for the shout out new friend.

Second, I thoroughly enjoy your posts, however off topic you may wander. They make me smile and that's really the point of reading them, right?

Third, I so cannot wait to see those pictures from White Linen. So happy that you are doing this with your family too.


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