Friday, August 24, 2012

It's been awhile since I dumped a few of my favourite things into a blog post. Aside from this reno - which is basically on my mind 24/7 - here are 6 random things keeping my self-diagnosed O.C.D. in full force... {I suppose I should have added for it's 4th time}

1. I'm pretty sure I gasped when I first saw this outfit by GAP. I'm a total comfort-monger so soft, heather tees have a special place in my heart wardrobe, but I got to say this colour combination Indigo blue and grass green welcome to the top of my favourite hue list. I wouldn't cry if I looked like the model wearing it either.

2. Our new-ish SodaStream is the very definition of impulse buy. What can I say, the sales lady was good, too good. I don't even make pop with it, just soda water. Homemade carbonated H20 paired with pineapple juice and mason jars is my total drink du jour; first introduced by one of my healthy, organic, 'granola' friends {I have far too many of them for my white sugar liking}. But seriously her sparkling juice recipe sucked me right in and now I'm sucking my blissful bevy from a paper straw.

3. Photographers who spill secrets are my present day heroes. This month I've been hardcore stalking the posts of Canadian talents Photography Concentrate and {thanks to Michele} the ahh-mazing Aussie Sue Bryce who shares her behind-the-scenes tips & tricks - as well as some seriously stunning images.

4. Mr. Gabriel is turning 1 in exactly 1 month and we're celebrating his BIG day with an off da hook nerd party. Only the hippest of squares need RSVP as our littlest VIP parties like it's 2012 with his dairy-free desserts and geek glasses.

5. It's 30+ degrees outside and I'm indoors researching kids snowsuits. Why? Because I'm cheap I can't stomach paying full price for anything {including winter gear}. Most online retailers are clearing out last year's stock and that means great deals for us - like 75% off North Face snow pants great.

6. Mommy co-ops. Never heard of them? Neither had I {which is strange cause I live for bargains}. Anyways a fellow blogger introduced me to a "secret" Facebook co-op {it's by invite only} and the discounts are unbelievable. The group's 'purchase power' allows members to get brands like Toms, Lunchbots (see above), Melissa & Doug, Green Toys, etc. at 25-40% off! 

* is there anything I should be adding to my ever growing list?


E said...

STOP - I am OBSESSED with the theme for Gabe's first birthday. I mean, I'm not kidding, I just contemplated buying a plane ticket to bring my own little nerd to the big event --- who cares if I wasn't officially "invited." You are the COOLEST mom!!!

Kait said...

Bahaha, I love that you're obsessed with the coops!

And that gap outfit is to die for! My favourite.colours right there.

Anonymous said...

how would one go about getting an invite to such a coop? sounds dangerous...but delightful

Randalin @ Harvesting Kale said...

Whhhaaat? I need to be invited to a mommy co-op ASAP!

And you're not the only one looking at snowsuits. We've been stuffing Kale into snow gear at every sale we see, trying to find something that will fit him all year. How is this possible? How much will he grow??? Should I know this kind of thing??

brooke - white linen said...

mommy groups for discounts. i am in. do tell. :)

farras shop said...
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Mas Dokter said...
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