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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

When Dairyland asked if I could let my British Columbia peeps know that their 'Fresh is Never Far' Tour would be making a stop at the the P.N.E. (Pacific National Exhibition), I couldn't say "no".

I grew up on Dairyland; even milked a few Dairyland cows in my day thanks to those weekends spent at the Hooch-Antink's farm.

Yes it's no secret that I'm hopelessly obsessed with milk; as in I have a 4 litre jug of 1% in my fridge at all times. While this may not seem that excessive, consider this - Trev doesn't drink white milk (can't stand the smell or something - weirdo) and Gabriel has a cow's milk allergy; so that leaves Saige & I to drink 4000 mL of white goodness before the expiry date. Seeing how Saige weighs less than 30 lbs soaking wet, one could assume that I drink the bulk of the moo juice in our house.


My baby sister does all her shopping at Superstore and while I more than enjoy their Joe Fresh clothing line {coming to a J.C. Penny new you my American friends}, I just can't bring myself to grocery shop there for the following reasons:

{ 1 } you have to bag your own groceries... and the cashiers scan your items so fast you'd think David Beckham was waiting for them in the break room. I'm not sure who they're trying to impress with their ninja check-out speeds, but it sure in H-E-double hockey sticks ain't me. 

{ 2 } you have to pay for carts. I'm okay with being charged 5 cents for bags should I forget my cloth ones in the truck {and am too lazy to walk the 20 steps it would take to retrieve them}, but paying for carts?! I mean who carries change anymore, who? Especially when 3 1/2 year olds with piggy banks are running around the show? More often than not I get to pack around a baby and an overfloweth basket {with a none-to-pleased look on my face}.

{ 3 } they don't carry Dairyland products.

I'm dead serious about the last one. The milk connoisseur that I am can totally taste the difference. I actually did a quick search to see just how many posts contain the word "milk" and got pack 8 pages of excruciating entries including this excerpt from my 38 week bumpdate:

** clearly Dairyland did their research before contacting me about a shout out (and no I wasn't paid to write this, this is just me paying it forward and giving props to my favourite brand of cow products).


If you're in Vancouver at the P.N.E. on Saturday, August 18th drop by the Dairyland van between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. and get your free sample of Dairyland chocolate milk!


Anonymous said...

I am so with you on the speedy scans and paying for carts. However! One time in the westbank superstore, I went and asked a cashier to change a $20 so I could get a cart and they went and gave me a free one with a funky plastic key thingie. So... Might be worth a try ;)
Keep up the posts! I love em :) Liv

christine, just bella said...

Ok, I'm not really a huge milk drinker (except when I was preggo, I pretty much ate my weight in cereal) but I HATE grocery shopping at Superstore!! ohmygosh, it's the worst! This is a regular rant from me, haha. The odd time I'm perusing the Joe section I'll just pop over since I'm already there and every time I get angry! I can never find anything and for some reason the people who shop in Edmonton are just crazy. Maybe it's cause they're all mad like me that they're shopping at Superstore. They're lucky they have Joe ;)

phew, thanks for the rant. and ya, go Dairyland!

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