random thursday: 1st celebrity crushes

Thursday, September 27, 2012

'Random' is my middle name so when I stumbled across this bloggess trifecta and their totally fun link-up I just knew I'd have to partake. This week's topic is terribly embarrassing and perhaps counts as a confessions post?

He's pretty much the only reason I tuned into 'My So Called Life' week after week; something about him made me want to plaster cut outs of his face all over my day planner in grade 9. He was like the 90's version of Twilight's Edward only with nicer eyes.

Oh how teenage me loved a pretty boy face and no boy was prettier than Mr. Freddie Prinze Jr. himself; with that flawless skin and perfectly plucked brow... I was swooning with envy. Let it be known that 'She's All That' was a strong contender for my #1 favourite movie in high school second only to the impossible tie between 'Pretty Woman' and 'Dirty Dancing'. 

Please tell me you remember Young & Modern magazine? I'm pretty sure I had a subscription for like 5 years straight and couldn't flip to the mortifying reader confessions fast enough - you know me and my love affair with humiliating stories {mine included}. Anyways Leo was definitely on my 'I heart him so much' list - Basketball Diaries, Romeo & Juliet, Titanic? I would have given anything to be his leading lady back in day... including my v-card.

I had such a girl crush on Keri Russel in high school it's not even funny. I pretty much wanted to be her - only 'pre-med NYU student Felicity Porter' her. Aside from our crazy hair we had absolutely nothing in common, but that didn't stop me from sketching her Golden Globe gown as my fantasy prom dress or sporting her curly top knot a decade before it became trendy and trying to replicate her dorm-chic style with every Le Chateau pay check.

P.S. - I was a loyal Team Ben fan.

P.S.S. - while I'm no longer taping posters of Jared, Freddie or Leo on my walls, my crush on Miss Russell remains {stronger than ever}.

is she seriously not SO cute?! {source}

even the inside of her house is adorbs {Elle Decor}


I'll have a girl crush on you too if you quickly throw me a VOTE

diaper bag dump.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

While I don't vlog {code name for video blogging}, I do blog and wanted to participate in E-ho and friends' what's in your bag? link up.

As I have yet to transfer all my purse belongings over to my new and currently nameless bag {see below}, I'm going to do a post on what's in my DIAPER bag.
Yes this photo was taken in the post office parking lot {that's how excited I was over her arrival}. Tell me, what does one call perfection? 

Hope Squared

** I apologize in advance for these disgusting, grainy, no good iPhone photos - I'm beyond caring. 

Anyways, if you turned my 'baby bag' upside down and proceeded to group the contents {like the type A that you are}, you'd end up with this visual...

1. THE "D" BAG: I'm not the biggest fan of diaper bags to begin with, but I sorta fell in love with this OiOi giraffe print hobo when knocked up with Saige. It's not too bulky, has a yummy burnt sienna interior and screams African safari well before screaming "baby on board".

2. BABY DISTRACTIONS: every month I try to swap out our entourage of toys... baby boredom ain't pretty, prevention is key. I recommend carting around toys from 4 distinct categories: a board book, something with wheels, something super annoying {preferably with lights & loud noises} and something your baby can attempt to destroy with their razor sharp chiclets teeth. 

3. CHANGE STATION: if your husband is anything like mine and refuses to carry around a diaper bag inspired by Lion King than the Skip Hop pronto is his answer. Along with diapers and wipes, I also throw in a roll of doggy poop bags that can be found in the Dollarama pet aisle {$1 for 5 rolls, holla!}.

4. MOMMY STUFF: wallet, sunnies {I'm so Rachel Zoe}, keys, gum, cell and chapstick... I usually have a mini-hand sanitizer stashed in the side pocket, but I think Miss Saige may have stolen borrowed it. 

5. SNACKS: sippy cup of water, can of formula, bottle + room temp alkaline water, box of raisins, snack cup full of cheerios and baby cookies. Yes I let my children eat in the vehicle and regret it every time I take a vacuum to the truck. And yes I eat the majority of Gabe's baby cookies... it's like a 5:1 ratio... mama's hungry.

6. MISC: I'm telling you the Aden & Anais swaddle blankets are worth every penny. I didn't believe the hype when Saige was itty, but I've since learned my lesson. I literally use these godsends for EVERYTHING - blankets, burp cloths, bottle proppers, tissues, towels, games of peek-a-boo - they.rock. A spare onesie and pair of Robeez are an absolute must and a bottle of baby pain reliever is now a baby bag staple. One of these days I'll get around to switching the sunhat and sunscreen for some mittens and a toque {maybe come Spring}.


Soooo that's what I lug around when out & about and sadly it never seems like enough. I'm curious, what's in your bag? or more importantly, what's your take on me vlogging? 

yay or nay?

excited faces AND a plea...

Monday, September 24, 2012

Okay since when did September become so crazy?! I was hoping that back-to-school month would translate into more blogging hours for me, but you know what they say about best-laid plans...

If only I could get all these mental blog posts into my beloved courier new and hit publish. 

Anyways like every human being on the planet, I'm busy with self-imposed obligations & expectations {and taped episodes of Rachel Zoe}. 

I'm really hoping to bring y'all up to speed on the renos, Gabe's birthday party, my latest obsessions, etc. long before driving down to IDSWest & BLEND 2012 on Friday to hang with my childhood besties and some ahh-mazing Canadian design bloggers {let the elbow rubbing commence}. 

this week on Instagram: apples don't fall far.

Speaking of Canadian bloggers, for the second year in a row I've been nominated for the Circle of Moms' Top 25 Canadian Mom Blog List which means I'm gonna be hustling you for votes everyday for the next 17 days - on your mark, get set, GO...

300 strong.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I think we've already established that I like you... like really like you, like more than Gerald Butler's abs like you.

The fact that I hit 300 followers last night is total INSANITY! In the words of Miss Marbles, "it's a helicopter full of fruit roll ups kinda awesome" (Jenna Marbles, 2012) and my mouth in perma agape.
I realize that some of you google friend connectors were bribed - a little giveaway never hurt anyone - and others of you came on your own freewill, but however you came to be part of my 300 club, welcome.

I never really thought I'd get triple digit cyber friends and therefore I'm somewhat unprepared for this merriest of milestones. No sweet camera bags to gift away, maybe at 400 I'll have my sh-tuff together.

BUT I did get a thinking, now that we're blogging besties, I need/want to get to know you better. SOOOO... 

why not tell me how I can find you? I want it all: your username on INSTAGRAM and PINTERESTyour TWITTER handle, your BLOG url, a link to your FACEBOOK fan page... even if you think I already have it, send it again. 

You can leave your social networking deets in the comment section below, forward them to me on facebook or twitter or email them to me at 

Unlike Gwen Stefani I AM your follow back girl.

P.S. - the first 5 GFC followers to send over their button code {via email} will see their blog/shop in my sidebar for the rest of this month and next.

Just my way of saying THANK YOU to my internet BFF's...
all 300 of you.

P.S.S. - If nobody does this I'll be really sad, just sayin'.

P.S.S.S. {I don't even think there is such a thing} - if you ever feel really sad watch this... Her momma is the ahh-mazing photographer behind our camping photo shoot. So much angst.

2 year old Izzy-Rae as Taylor Swift

confessions & obsessions.

Friday, September 14, 2012

If Quarterback Confessions hooked up with Cheerleader Obsessions at prom, their baby might look a little something like this... guess they should've used protection.

- I strongly dislike the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. There I said it. I'm pretty sure this statement revokes any blogger status I may have had {if my lack of posts hasn't done so already}, but I don't get the hype? Call me 12, but the salted caramel hot chocolate is not only cheaper but WAAAAY tastier. I try to be cool responsible by ordering it 1/2 sweet with nonfat milk and no whip... probably not fooling anyone - including my bathroom scale.
- remember my beautiful neighbour from the last confession on this post? the one that had a baby 3 days before I had Gabe? the one who looked runway ready seconds after birthing her son? Well her house is up for sale. We've maybe said 10 words to each other in the 9+ years I've been here and yet I'm sad, sad that Gabriel won't have a playmate right across the street anymore. This is further proof that I need to STOP planning ahead. I seriously had mommy fantasies about our boys growing up together, eating freezies on the front step, climbing cherry trees, throwing rocks at cars... I need therapy.

- while I'm a smidge on the sad side, I'm also secretly happy that I no longer have to witness gorgeous neighbourhood mom tending her lawn in the bitty shorts and gardening gloves. People who look hot doing manual labour make me sick feel worse about being a hot sweaty mess upon doing anything outdoors.

- while I've been making Trev run every purchase by me {aka the Budget Nazi} my feet went on an end of season shopping spree:
     gizeh birks, check. 
     strappy wedges, check. 
     riding boots, check. 

when I found separate deals for all 3 styles remaining on footwear 'want list', I went for it {the Nike slogan encouraging me on with every transaction}. One day I'd like to trade my UGG knockoffs for the real deal, but aside from that and maybe some leopard ballet flats, my shoe collection is darn near complete. 
1. 'gizeh' birkenstocks
2. havaianas flip flops
3. nude, if I could tan, wedges
4. leather moccasins
5. calf friendly, frye 'paige' riding boots
6. sanuk sidewalk surfers
7. metallic yoga mat flip flops
8. striped ballet flats

I also got some clearance Reefs for Trev-bob and some mommy co-op Botas for the kids; in the words of Rachel Zoe, "I die".

- speaking of Rach {of course I use her nickname} I've been using nap time to watch reruns of her, Brad and Tay Tay. Please tell me you watch the show? The Rachel Zoe Project? It's bananas, so bananas that I just might be teaching Saige to say, "that's bananas"... which is bananas in and of itself.

- Gabriel bit Hanna. hard. right on her itty 5 month old finger. Not cool. 

- I've been drafting my 30 before insert random number here list and it's laughable. I can barely follow through on the easiest of DIY Pinterest pins let alone transform our front yard into haunted house one Halloween. With that being said, I'm still doing it, stay tuned.

- unfortunately {or in our case fortunately} having another baby didn't make onto my 30 before ? shortlist and didn't make it on Trev's either so on October 12th my handsome hubby will be 'taking one for the team'.

** taking one for the team is code for 'vasectomy'.

nerd alert.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Gabe turns ONE in exactly 2 weeks and in the words of Saige, "I can't beweeve it!" 

Yes it's unbeweevable we both survived the last 351 days.

With so much going on and Gabe wanting for nothing, I had ZERO interest in hosting a party for his b-day. I mean I couldn't even use his special day as an excuse to eat ice cream cake thanks to his darn dairy allergy.

Anyways, I was contemplating borrowing stealing my girl Bri's library party idea for her girl Rilo UNTIL I pulled a pair of bitty suspenders out of Gabe's sock drawer {an H&M purchase long forgotten} and the right-side of my brain got a thinking. Those little pant holder uppers were all the inspiration I needed to transform this birthday book grab into a costume party for the nerdiest of nerds.

My instagram @saigewisdom friends have already seen some of these sneak peeks:
We've not-so-subtly hinted that guests bring a book for Gabe's library while family members were also given an empty penny roll to fill for Gabe's college fund.

Trev and I have our own RESP's {Registered Education Savings Plans} set up for the little Knol's, but my parents also have a grandkid account that they - along with my Baba and sisters - deposit into every Christmas and birthday. Most of my education was paid for by way of scholarships and grandparent contributions and let me tell you, having little to no student loans after 5+ years of school was a far better gift than any veterinarian Barbie or Club Monaco sweatshirt could ever be. Although 13 year old me longed for - and would have loved - a black Club Monaco sweatshirt with a giant circle logo.

Gabe was eerily content sporting his 'baby sunnies turned geek glasses' - a little foreshadowing perhaps? - and it was all I could do not to gobble him up on the spot. 
"I'll eat you up I love you so"

I'm keeping party decor & food to a minimum... mock cafeteria table, nerdy photo booth, a cleared bookshelf for gifts and some memorable 2011/2012 Gabe pics, a tiny dessert display and maybe some garlands strung about if I have the time & energy. 

Gabe's birthday weekend is the same weekend we have our mother/daughter photo shoot in Penticton AND the weekend I get to play photog assistant for Wedded Bliss!!! I can't believe Renee said "yes" - clearly she doesn't realize who & what she agreed to - muhaha!

P.S. - you're all invited.

P.S.S. - what book should I buy our little guest of honour?


update: see Gabe's NERD PARTY here

{ one click } pre-school preview.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

september seventh | 8:44 a.m.
'twisted sister'

The one hour orientation on Friday didn't actually count as Saiger's 1st day of school, this was more of a Tuesday dress rehearsal. I gotta hand it to the girl, she's really stepped up her posing...

laminate ain't lame yo.

Monday, September 3, 2012

follow @saigewisdom on instagram for insta-reno updates.
The boys and one rather grumpy pumper truck operator poured our foundation walls over the weekend - can I get a woot-woot! You have no idea how many random dog walkers called out, "are you putting in a pool?"... ummm no, but thanks for guessing. A pool is definitely on the casa wishlist, but we can only focus on - and afford - one thing at a time.

While Trev & Co were busy concreting it up, I was ankle deep in inexpensive laminate...
I'm not really sure how I'd describe my design aesthetic, but calls me a 'rustic revivalist'... 
That's pretty much me, my house and I to a 'T', but it doesn't matter what you call me us {rustic revival, urban country, earthy} just know that I love me a wide plank floor...
via Sara K {SaigeWisdom} pinterest board, home.
We don't have a lot of doctors and lawyers in our neighbourhood - if you know what I'm sayin' - but while the houses 'round these parts are small and in need of a bit of lipstick, our large yards and close proximity to everything cool kicks some serious a$$. 

With that being said, we have to be careful with how much money we sink into our 1950's post-war bungalow. There's a ceiling in terms of property values in the area and regardless of convenience or 1/4 acre lawns, no amount of spendy hardwood or granite will change the fact that we live in Harwood.

So yes, we're keeping with laminate {that's under $2.50/sq ft} AAAND the new floors have to play nice with the kitchen I designed waaay back in 2005 {when I was just a wittle baby of 22 years}.
So far the guy in the bottom right corner is our winner. Not only is he $1.79/sq ft, available {in stock}, but he measures over 9 inches. Sound like the perfect man floor to me... totally kidding!

here's his deets:

I know we've still got a loooong way to go before I'm on my knees laying laminate {that wasn't supposed to be a sexual innuendo, but I think it reads that way so let's go with it} BUT settling on design choices early in the reno game means I can keep an eye out for dealios. Example: a little birdie - named Kevin from the Rona contractor counter - told me that in stock flooring goes on sale every 3 months so I could be picking up this already well priced laminate for an additional 15-30% off!

Is it weird that that makes me insanely happy? What makes you happy? Emily Griffin novels? ME TOO!! there's a reason we're such good friends.
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