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Friday, September 14, 2012

If Quarterback Confessions hooked up with Cheerleader Obsessions at prom, their baby might look a little something like this... guess they should've used protection.

- I strongly dislike the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. There I said it. I'm pretty sure this statement revokes any blogger status I may have had {if my lack of posts hasn't done so already}, but I don't get the hype? Call me 12, but the salted caramel hot chocolate is not only cheaper but WAAAAY tastier. I try to be cool responsible by ordering it 1/2 sweet with nonfat milk and no whip... probably not fooling anyone - including my bathroom scale.
- remember my beautiful neighbour from the last confession on this post? the one that had a baby 3 days before I had Gabe? the one who looked runway ready seconds after birthing her son? Well her house is up for sale. We've maybe said 10 words to each other in the 9+ years I've been here and yet I'm sad, sad that Gabriel won't have a playmate right across the street anymore. This is further proof that I need to STOP planning ahead. I seriously had mommy fantasies about our boys growing up together, eating freezies on the front step, climbing cherry trees, throwing rocks at cars... I need therapy.

- while I'm a smidge on the sad side, I'm also secretly happy that I no longer have to witness gorgeous neighbourhood mom tending her lawn in the bitty shorts and gardening gloves. People who look hot doing manual labour make me sick feel worse about being a hot sweaty mess upon doing anything outdoors.

- while I've been making Trev run every purchase by me {aka the Budget Nazi} my feet went on an end of season shopping spree:
     gizeh birks, check. 
     strappy wedges, check. 
     riding boots, check. 

when I found separate deals for all 3 styles remaining on footwear 'want list', I went for it {the Nike slogan encouraging me on with every transaction}. One day I'd like to trade my UGG knockoffs for the real deal, but aside from that and maybe some leopard ballet flats, my shoe collection is darn near complete. 
1. 'gizeh' birkenstocks
2. havaianas flip flops
3. nude, if I could tan, wedges
4. leather moccasins
5. calf friendly, frye 'paige' riding boots
6. sanuk sidewalk surfers
7. metallic yoga mat flip flops
8. striped ballet flats

I also got some clearance Reefs for Trev-bob and some mommy co-op Botas for the kids; in the words of Rachel Zoe, "I die".

- speaking of Rach {of course I use her nickname} I've been using nap time to watch reruns of her, Brad and Tay Tay. Please tell me you watch the show? The Rachel Zoe Project? It's bananas, so bananas that I just might be teaching Saige to say, "that's bananas"... which is bananas in and of itself.

- Gabriel bit Hanna. hard. right on her itty 5 month old finger. Not cool. 

- I've been drafting my 30 before insert random number here list and it's laughable. I can barely follow through on the easiest of DIY Pinterest pins let alone transform our front yard into haunted house one Halloween. With that being said, I'm still doing it, stay tuned.

- unfortunately {or in our case fortunately} having another baby didn't make onto my 30 before ? shortlist and didn't make it on Trev's either so on October 12th my handsome hubby will be 'taking one for the team'.

** taking one for the team is code for 'vasectomy'.


Erinn T said...

Love those Frye boots! Great find :)

And love these confessions.....every single one of them, but especially the beautiful neighbour one. I have one I am slowly scoping out across our street....she just doesn't know what's coming for her ;)

Mikie Sato said...

Striped ballet flats <3

thettdiaries said...

You have playmate fantasies for your kids too?? See I knew I couldn't be alone. I have four and it seems the children I "think" / "dream" of them hanging with are not the ones they gravitate too. Oh well the munchkins they have picked are like Family now so I can't complain. I also have a neighbor issue not that she is attractive but she sure does attract my attention against my will. You can read my post about it at:
I really enjoyed your blog and I am your newest follower :)

The Geeks Wife said...

New Follower From RikRak - I'd love a follow back at

Randalin @ Harvesting Kale said...

Here's my confession: I haven't tried EITHER of those drinks from Starbucks. My hippie city is big on independent cafe's and not so much on Starbucks, so I have to drive way out of my way if I want something from the SB - which I never do. So while everyone is sipping their pumpkin spiced latte's and blogging about fall officially arriving, I'm drinking my fair-trade, organic coffee (black) and sweating it out in the 27 degree sunshine (where is fall????).

Megan10e said...

Took me way too long to figure out what you meant by "taking one for the team." LOL When you get your 30 before 834 finished, link it up here!

E said...

Oh how I LOVE you!!! Thanks for making me the quarterback. ;)

E said...

P.S. I wrote my 30 Before 30 list more than two years ago, and so far I have accomplished about 4 items. Awesome.

the rikrak studio said...

you're the funnest, sweetie. and your style always thrills me, love. thanks for being such an inspiring sweetie.

so glad you visited my blog-a-thon today, nicey!

so happy to have you.
have a great weekend,
k. @ rikrak

RadiantKristen said...

The Pumpkin Spice Latte is highly overrated. I wait all your for the Gingerbread Spice to come out. That's where it's at for me. And the red cups. Is there anything better than ANY drink in a Starbucks holiday cup?

It should be a crime to look cute while doing yard work.

Katrin said...

I have to admit that I have never tried pumpkin spice latte. I guess I am the only one. I like pumpkin but the salted stuff sounds delicious too.

lissa said...

I don't care for coffee so I have not tried the pumpkin latte, I'm guessing flavor coffee such as that aren't always well liked.

I'm new to your blog so there are things I don't know what you mean but I'm glad to have visited.

hope you have a great day.

Simone Iantorno said...

New follower! #299! Woo hoo! Adorable shoes too!

- Simone

christine, just bella said...

after some consideration I've decided we can still be bloggy friends despite the pumpkin spice latte thing. I may even try a salted caramel hot chocolate.

Alyx said...

PAHAHAH!!! For your sanity's sake, I'm glad that hot mom is moving out.

And the pumpkin spice latte just doesn't sound appealing at all. Like. eww. I'm a bad blogger, too, I guess!

Thanks for linking up!!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I can't stand the pumpkin spice latte. I used to think I was alone on this until I admitted it during my Friday Confessional and discovered there are a ton of us haters out there!

Dongdong Weng said...
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farras shop said...
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Mas Dokter said...
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