Friday, October 12, 2012

I've been procrastinating writing this post (hence the midweek confessions going live on a Friday). I gotta tell ya this week's bullet points make me sound legitimately crazy - cray cray if you will. Anyways I've decided to just bite the bullet {pun intended, if that's even a pun?} and publish my woes as there's already a healthy line up of even more humiliating tales waiting in the wings. 

- I find it both hysterical & sad that my confessions posts here are consistently my most viewed entries by like 100+ page views. Are my daily misfortunes really that entertaining? I'll take your spike in readership as my answer. To be honest I myself am a HUGE fan of un-sugarcoated honesty and many of my favourite blogs - Hope Squared, E, Myself & I, Hell on Heels - are the perfect combination of raw & real {and ha-larious}. Something about vulnerability is SO beautiful, I call it vulnerabeauty.

- Speaking of beauty, this is what I look like 6 days/week (pursed lips and all). I'm thinking of doing my own reality version of Instagram's #ootd {outfit of the day}.

- I dressed Gabe like my favourite homosexual sidekick and then showed the photos to the famous HGTV designer himself. Backstory: at Blend in Vancouver, I had shown Tommy a photo of Gabriel sporting his 'nerd party' glasses & bow tie and his exact words were, "you know you have to post that on my Facebook page right?" Umm your wish is my command Tommykins {see here}, only I took it one step further and Tommy provided the caption...

- Now that Tommy Smythe {and Heather Ross} think Saige is my moniker, I'm tempted to change my name. Had I (a) known anything about blogging when I first started this little venture; (b) believed that I would add a second baby to the mix or (c) dreamed Saige Wisdom the blog would be what she is today, I probably would've chosen something that didn't confuse me with my much-cooler-than-me daughter.

- Being a red head isn't as bad as my last post would make you believe.

- When Gabriel was 3 months old and I was holding his inconsolable tiny'ness in my arms at 2 o'clock in the morning, Trev & I made a 'NO more Knol babies' pact. The conversation went a bit like this:
me: "don't let me talk you into us having a third ok?"
Trev: "no arguments here."
So with that - and Trev's permission {as weak of a nod as it was} - I scheduled him a consultation with the penis doctor. I figure I had 2 v-backs, it's only fair that Mr. Knol get a v-sect. I was 100% onboard with this plan; up until the 'procedure' was penned into my day planner. The appointment is today folks and I'm... well... conflicted. Holy crap, I know. Rational Me is saying, "Sara you will not survive another baby, your marriage will not survive, the baby itself may not survive" but Irrational Me {which makes up for 80% of my personality} is saying, "why is your uterus so eager to put up the neon 'no vacancy' sign?"
I will never again experience the flutter of a first kick or  have the honour of naming our newest Knol; I'll never fall asleep with my infant sighing on my chest or witness the miracle of first steps. These realizations make me a bit - okay a lot - sad, but despite my last minute turmoil, I'm still encouraging Trev to go ahead with the day's snippage. I'm going to let him make good on his above promise, but if I happen to get preggers by a rogue sperm, then I guess it was meant to be...
I miss my baby belly.

- I've never watched an episode of "Modern Family"... or "Downtown Abbey" for that matter.

- the extent of my exercise regime lately is lifting Gabe and walking alongside Saige on her Strider bike {sometimes briskly, more often not}. I let my gym membership lapse. I don't care what you running enthusiasts and personal trainer wannabe's say, there's simply not enough time in the day to do everything I need/want to do - care for the kids, cook, clean, renovate, craft, blog, shop, read, sleep, eat, have friends, watch reality tv, etc. - clearly something had to give and getting fit was the first on my list.

- I seriously have like 10 more bullet points to share, but in the interest of full disclosure, all I want to do is snuggle up with Trev-bob and watch another 40 minutes of Dexter: Season 6 {did you catch my clever bolding?}

TGIF peeps! gonna link this bad boy up...
The Juice is Worth the Squeeze


Elaine - Visual Meringue said...

ha! I love your clever bolding. Well done. :). And I think your #OOTD pic is perfect. Way comfier than those fashionistas that don't have two little ones to run after. And what do they know anyway, do they have a mini-Tommy? I think not... Saige. (ya, so I know that isn't really your name but could not resist!)

Emily said...

I love everything about this post. And you know - you could always just change your blog name - though I personally think your daughter is pretty cool so you should be honoured to be mistaken for her. I hope you had a good snuggle up! xo

Casey said...

Your kid is super cute. And I did think your name was Saige at first too, but that's not a huge deal, I mean you have super cute kids. I also have never seen Modern Family or Downtown Abbey. Please don't take away my cool card.

Ashley said...

This week's episode of Modern Family was about the snippage. I know you say you don't watch it, but you should. Apart from Sofia Vergara's boobs all over the place, it's pretty awesome.

And make sure Your hubby goes to his follow-up. A friend has three little girls and after #3 Wes got snipped. Buuuuut he skipped his follow up appt and baby #4 is on the way - less than a year behind baby #3. holy schnikes.

Victoria @ The FAT Paint™ Company and ÉdinHome said...

Hey Saige... I mean Sara! :-/ Your #ootd reminds me of Flashdance. Yes, I just dated myself! Downton Abbey is pretty good stuff! I've never watched Modern Family either... can't bring myself to watch a "sitcom". Of course having said that, I've caught myself watching The Big Bang Theory. Okay... I have a thing for nerds and SciFi humour (Because I get it. How sad is that?!). I <3 Dexter, but only watched the first season. Need.To.Rent.All.Seasons! As for snipping... you described how I felt to a T!!
I'm looking forward to being a stat next week when I return to read your next confessional ;-)

michelle b @ every little thing inspired said...

Great post, funny girl!!
Hubby is totally booked for v-sect in Jan! Let's hope we don't have another christmas oopsie like last year...number 4 it would be! Gahhhh (that's the sound of me in a noose)
happy weekend!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

My most viewed post is one where I showed a picture of someone in a slutty snow white costume. Apparently "slutty halloween costumes" is a very popular google search.

I've also never watched Downton Abbey. Modern Family however is the shit. Based on your awesome sense of humor, I think you'd like.

Thank for linking up!

Sheila @sZinteriors said...

Onto a 2nd marriage I moved... Mr. First refused snippage - Wouldn't. Even. Consider. It! And bummers, Mr. Second already had :-( There was a reason I didn't want more kids the first go around, and a reason it would've been awesome this time around :-) But seriously, at this stage in our life we'd be insane to mess with a reversal, and never honestly thought about it earlier on! And now we know things have worked out as they should... We're loving this stage in our life and where life is at!

Nikkiana said...

It's funny, my confessions posts are some of my most viewed too... and I'm not sure why. Maybe people only want to read a few sentences about random parts of my life? I have no idea.

Alyx said...

Bahahahaha!!! "My Mini-Tommy!" I LOVE it!

And you have the cutest baby belly ever, but don't let irrational you win if you want rational you to. .. if that even makes sense. Lol basically, do what's best for the fam!

Thanks for linking up!

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Mas Dokter said...
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