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Monday, October 29, 2012

It's no secret that I'm crazy about photography and wish on stars {nightly} that I get better at taking {and editing} photos of my kiddos pronto.

Well... to prepare for tomorrow's BIG giveaway {yup I'm breaking the rules and starting my month of GIFTaways a few days early} I thought I'd share these insider tips the National Association of Professional Photographers (NAPCP) snuck into my inbox. 

If your kids are anything like mine {anti-camera, wiggle worms} getting the perfect any frame-worthy shot can be daunting, exhausting, traumatic and darn right impossible. That's why I leave it to the professionals...

But now that I have a few professional tricks of my own, I may just give photographing my kids another shot {pun intended}:


1. Get on their level: Lay or sit down on the floor to capture the perfect picture. Not only will you be able to see the world from their vantage point, but you’ll also have better perspective and angles when shooting.

2. Lighting is key: Most parents think that having great lighting can be replaced with a camera’s flash, but the flash can actually make children appear washed out. Instead, utilize indirect, natural lighting by shooting near a window in the house or under the shade of a tree.

3. Never stop shooting: For every good shot, there are typically about 8-10 bad ones, but that’s the beauty of having a digital camera! Change the setting to continuous shooting mode to capture lots of shots in the midst of action. Even most standard point-and-shoot cameras have some sort of “sport mode” that can accomplish this task.

4. Get to know your camera: Consult your camera’s manual or look up the settings online so that you can take full advantage of all of its different settings. Three key ones to experiment and get comfortable with are the aperture setting, the shutter speed and the ISO setting.

5. Consider black and white: Black and white photos are not only timeless and classic, but they can also easily cover up the redness and blotchiness on newborns and babies. Adjusting the black and white settings is usually easiest to do after the photo session in photoshop or picasa.

6. Make it fun for them: Kids love to play with their parents, so turn a photo session into play time! Play games, tell jokes and sing songs with them – pretty soon, they’ll forget that you’re taking pictures.

7. Get up close and personal: Get close or zoom in to capture all of the small details that make your child unique.

8. Pay attention to the background: Before you start shooting, make sure that any unwanted or distracting items, like a vacuum cleaner or piles of clothes, are out of the way and out of the shot.

9. Bring your camera everywhere: You never know when inspiration will strike. Camera phones make it easier to capture the everyday moments with your children – they can take decent pictures, but don’t always print well because of their low resolution.

10. Show off their personality: Standard portrait photos are parent favorites, but don’t hesitate to shoot pictures of them in their natural settings and behaviors. Their quirky and adorable habits today can usually create the best photos that you’ll treasure years later.

I'm super guilty of not following through with #9 {hence all my lame iPhone photos with instagram filters}. 

Using a comprehensive directory, the National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP) connects parents searching for child photographers with professional members in their area. It's the NAPCP's mission to promote and support the artistry and integrity of their industry - kinda like a Better Business Bureau for professional child photographers ONLY BETTER.
For more information check out their website or visit them on Twitter and Facebook.


Michelle said...

Great tips!

Danielle Hardy said...

This is honestly something that I need to print out and take with me. everywhere. I LOVE photography and I LOVE those pictures of your fam jam. Thanks for the tips :)

Declan Hervey said...

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